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Timesjobs.com complaints

Times job fraud

Ajay Vasant Pawar on 20 May 2015

i receved 1 call from times job they offer me bank job in axis bank. They told me first pay to 2000rs. m not pay but they told me that we conduct 1st telephonic interview than personal interview t...[Read full complaint]

Timesjob.com Fake job services

Dhanaji Suravase on 24 April 2015

On. 31/03/2015 I have purchased the timejobs product from Mr. Mo. javed who says that it is there guarantee to that they will provide the gulf jobs. So, I have purchased services of worth [Read full complaint]

Times job service not provide me good service and job

Vikee Patel on 20 April 2015

Hello pls help me one day i received call from timesjobservice.com they say me i have job for u and they say to deposit amount 2000 for registration after that they call me for telephonic intervie...[Read full complaint]

Cancelled order and want Refund

Mahesh Sharma on 16 April 2015

On Dt. 4.14 I have order 2 services from times job. but when I receive verification call from the times job, I made a request to cancel the services. many times i have co...[Read full complaint]

TimesJobs Fraud.

Manoj Detroja on 11 April 2015

Demand more money and not Provide Service. Times jobs executive has been calling me since last month and I have subscribe for gulf countries service, Then its not providing Service as per my profi...[Read full complaint]

Timesjobs cheated Rs 16000.00 by step ahaed process

Javed Ansari on 11 March 2015

cheated Rs 0.00 by step ahaed process I have purchase four item through on line from timesjobs-step ahead process.. My job portal order no- 1503...[Read full complaint]

Timesjobs.com frauds case

Suraj Khotele on 07 March 2015

Dear, I got call from timesjobs.com. Where they have told me that I will get job in 3-04 days and for that I need to submit Rs 00/- final amount...[Read full complaint]

Times Job Scam

Naveen Kumar on 06 March 2015

Hi, Three year back I have payed 3000 to TImesjobs for my CV editing and forwarding this for overseas but still i have not received any single call from overseas and didn't find any mail or calls ...[Read full complaint]

Need to Get back my money from timesjobs

Ashish Solanki on 11 February 2015

Dear, I got call from timesjobs.com. Where they have told me that I will get job at abroad in 20 days and for that I need to submit Rs 4200 final amount. I have paid that amount on 10/02/2015 and ...[Read full complaint]

Times job registration

Nandu Kayande on 10 February 2015

they called me ans said if want to get more chances of jobs you have to register and pay the amount of 600. i did that. now they are saying you have to pay again 5000 rs ...[Read full complaint]

Times Jobs Reg fraud service

Mukesh Mg on 07 February 2015

Sir, I have purchased the a list of below services provided by Step Ahead (Times Job) and have not received any services by Times Job. Even after I register compaint to the @tim...[Read full complaint]

Times jobs cheated me

Mukund Khargal on 12 January 2015

टाइम्स जॉब ने मुझे धोका दिया . मुझे कंपनी फोन आया जिसने कहा की टाइम्स जॉब की सुविधा के लिए 00/- अदा करो. सुविधा से आपको फ़ायदा ना मिलने पर रुपये वापस कर दिया जाएगा. मैने ...[Read full complaint]

Times Jobs Fraud

Jayesh Kabutarwala on 11 January 2015

I bought this stepAhead service called "Resume Zapper India" for Rs. 00/- on Dt. .14, when I received a call from their executive (or sales pers...[Read full complaint]

StepAhead a fraud

Asim Rout on 06 January 2015

I bought this one stepAhead fraud services for Rs. 00/- today on 6th Jan via order number 591. At the outset the lady confirmed me that once I p...[Read full complaint]

Amount demanded by Timesjobs Executives

Raghuraman Krishnamurthy on 31 December 2014

I got a call on 2014 from TimesJobs Executive stating that my Resume has been short-listed and advised me to pay Rs.1,600 for registering in TimesJobs Portal for getting ...[Read full complaint]

Against timejobs

Mudasir Amin Sheikh on 25 December 2014

I check on internet jobs where I see times job I register myself and provide all given requirements and also send my CV later within a week I get a call from times job they said we see your docume...[Read full complaint]

Timesjobs no services after payment of 4974 on 16th april 201

Vilas Bhujbal on 12 December 2014

I got a call from Timesjobs in the month of April 013. I got 15 calls in 3 days and were claiming that ,you just pay this amount ,we are not going to run away , we are TI...[Read full complaint]

Timesjobs.com/Step Ahead is making false promises

Suhas Sharma on 23 November 2014

Timesjobs.com is making FALSE PROMISES to its customers. 5th Nov'2014 I had received call from timesjobs.com (my number is registered as DO NOT DISTURB but I still got a call) explaining me about ...[Read full complaint]

Unwanted Phone calls from TIMES JOB

Anshu Jain on 12 November 2014

Today at 3;31PM i have recieved call from Times Job number(+ 0409 ) on my Number ( 0247 ) asking to take paid service of Times Jobs. I have ask ...[Read full complaint]

Cheating step ahed times jobs portal agent SA13

Chaitanya Deshmane on 04 November 2014

I received a call from times jobs executive saying that we are providing premium service regarding job opportunities in India and abroad as well. Are you looking for a job. if yes we will provide ...[Read full complaint]

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