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Timesjobs cheated me

Pawan Kumar on 12 September 2016

16 july2016 ur team membar abhisek anita chhaya gaurav all r they cheated me they told me i will arrange interviewfor u but they rascl after getting mony didnt reply me 8108[Read full complaint]

Stephead Timesjob fraud Placement agency

Sandesh Gaikwad on 13 May 2016

Sir I am Serving Soldier From Indian Army. I received a call from Times jobs site in the February month end for their premium services under which I would get benefits related to job and the amoun...[Read full complaint]

Fraud way transaction from my account

Shivendra Deepankar on 21 January 2016

in my SBI passbook following details are appear: 27/11/2011 POS 1738 CCAVENUES SBIPG 3150 Rs. 27/11/2011 POS 2300 CCAVENUES SBIPG 3150 Rs. 27/11...[Read full complaint]

Fraud Job Opportunities by Online Job Portal - Timesjobs.com

Sachin Malvi on 02 January 2016

Hello team , I'm a victim of this online job portal named Times Job they charged 4000 from me to just create my resume and mean while they said they will provide the inte...[Read full complaint]

Cheating timesjobs

Mohammed Faisal Jamal Siddiqui on 27 October 2015

last month of sep 2015 i join in timesjobs oneday i cal receive he iam calling to timesjobs he offerd a job in nestle saudia arabia jeddah i given intervew phone call i salected senior production ...[Read full complaint]

Fake interview emails by Times Jobs Step Ahead service

Aftab Kotwal on 20 October 2015

Hello team , I'm a victim of this online job portal named Times Job they charged 3000 from me to just create my resume and mean while they said they will provide the interview calls but till date ...[Read full complaint]

Refund not given by timesjobs

Akhilesh Singh on 06 October 2015

Before Few months i have taken online Job searching package and paid amount aprox 000+ and my order number is 307, As Customer exe cheated with ...[Read full complaint]

Timesjobs fraud company

Ritika Mehta on 10 September 2015

i got a call from timesjob in august that they have a job opening in udaipur, in national event management, bcz when previously they called the location was not udaipur so i refused so next time t...[Read full complaint]

Fraud call from times job

Ganesh Shelke on 27 August 2015

I have received call from times job.they assure me they will give me best job.our fees 1625 and this is final fee.I have paid payment online then again told pay 5500rs fee and this is last charges...[Read full complaint]

TimesJobs Fraud

Deepika Mohanan on 17 August 2015

I got a call from timejobs stating to take services.They convinced me that they will provide me with the calls.I paid 1450 for the services.1783987,1783162,1783159,178150...[Read full complaint]

Timesjob Fraud

Kishan Kumar Jaiswal on 15 July 2015

I got a call from Timesjob.com regarding recruitment in reputated companies they said that they'll forward my resume to several companies after i got registered with their one of the service viz.,...[Read full complaint]

Fraud and delayed service in giving job .

Anureet Das on 29 June 2015

I was contacted by subhankit of timesjob on Jan 21 stating thay your profile is selected in tata motors and then the transfer was call made to dk malhotra saying times job.Then saying a interview ...[Read full complaint]

Fake Advertisements to deceive the employees from Stepahead-Times.job.com.

Parul Kansal on 24 June 2015

Hi, this is the mail regarding the Fake Advertisements to deceive the employees from Stepahead-Times.job.com. This is to bring into the kind notice of all of you that Stepahead-Times.job.com, call...[Read full complaint]

Times Jobs Fraud Company

Sf on 15 June 2015

I have been called by representative of time jobs and asked to pay 1600 Rs for getting good opportunities. Later they said to pay another 600 Rs for resume highlight. So accordingly I paid 2200 Rs...[Read full complaint]

Fraud by times job

Jagadeesh Prakash on 08 June 2015

I got a call from times job regarding a excellent job openings in some good MNC companies. Initially they told me that it is a life time package and no extrat money need to be paid after that and ...[Read full complaint]

Cheated by Times Job.com

Jitesh C Pau on 28 May 2015

My Order Id : 5805 & 5773 - JITESH C PAU This is my complaint against your company Timesjobs.com that dispite of paying and hiring you as job re...[Read full complaint]

Times job fraud

Ajay Vasant Pawar on 20 May 2015

i receved 1 call from times job they offer me bank job in axis bank. They told me first pay to 2000rs. m not pay but they told me that we conduct 1st telephonic interview than personal interview t...[Read full complaint]

Timesjob.com Fake job services

Dhanaji Suravase on 24 April 2015

On. 31/03/2015 I have purchased the timejobs product from Mr. Mo. javed who says that it is there guarantee to that they will provide the gulf jobs. So, I have purchased services of worth [Read full complaint]

Times job service not provide me good service and job

Vikee Patel on 20 April 2015

Hello pls help me one day i received call from timesjobservice.com they say me i have job for u and they say to deposit amount 2000 for registration after that they call me for telephonic intervie...[Read full complaint]

Cancelled order and want Refund

Mahesh Sharma on 16 April 2015

On Dt. 4.14 I have order 2 services from times job. but when I receive verification call from the times job, I made a request to cancel the services. many times i have co...[Read full complaint]

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