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SBI Credit Card complaints

Payment done, after deactivating auto pay.

Romit Kaushik on 08 January 2017

hi, i was using sbi credit card for all my bills. i have registered some bills for auto payment but in the month of oct. i deregister my vodafone no. 9000 for the payment...[Read full complaint]

SBI credit card not received yet

Sunita Verma on 29 December 2016

I was outstation. I received a call form messenger or card deliver. Now messenger is not picking up the phone and your customer care number always showing hold and busy line. How to resolve my pro...[Read full complaint]

Sbi credit card issue

Anil Kumar on 29 December 2016

New Sbi Credit card issue....many time i'm contact to sbi car. Bt no any response from sbi .

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SBI Credit Card Bill

Deepak Kumar on 21 December 2016

I have surrendered my SBI credit card ending with 0480 six month later. I have now received a bill of 574 for annual charges of card. Now how i solve this issue

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SBI Credit Card - Unauthorised Membership fee and its panalty

Amit Usrethe on 06 October 2016

Sir, me and my colleague has applied for SBI CC at the same time through the agent who visited our office. Other member has got it life time free subscribed but after 1 or 2 year I was charged mem...[Read full complaint]

Mental harassment from SBI credit card

Ajaynder Singh on 18 September 2016

Last year I asked SBI credit card call center to deactivate my card after paying all my duea and was confirmed the same, but they are still billing me with yearly charges and adding interest on it...[Read full complaint]

Noc of SBI credit card

Deepak Khismatrao on 29 August 2016

I had cleared the complete outstanding amount on my SBI credit card (zero balance) and raised the request for closer of credit card, issue for NOC and update the CIBIL report. And they gave me the...[Read full complaint]

SBI credit card not received

Atul Mishra on 27 August 2016

credit card not received but bill is already announced

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SBI Credir Card Unautorised transaction

Honey Bhandari on 22 August 2016

Rs 1599 was deducted from from card without taking consent on dated 2016

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Charge sbi credit card

Manish Verma on 22 August 2016

My credit card no 0095 extra charge add please cheak

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Unnecessary charges on SBI credit card

Amit Gupta on 17 August 2016

Dear Sir/Mam, I am facing so much problem in SBI credit card no. 2410 .I already raised many complaint regarding for July statement and your team are not supportable even...[Read full complaint]

Transaction of Rs.1950.00 on Credit Card

Ismail Qazi on 14 August 2016

Dear Sir I have received a SMS from SBI Card on 12/08/2016 at 6.43 PM regarding Transaction of Rs.1950.00 on Credit Card No.4377486574884969 at Equity Master Agora Res. Please note that I have not...[Read full complaint]

Don't go for SBI Cards!

Sriram Gopalakrishnan on 23 July 2016

My SBI credit card was stolen (this was the pre pin days in 012) and I got an sms for an amount of 65k being swiped off a GRT Jewelry shop. I immediately complained to SB...[Read full complaint]

Annual fee waiver with service tax

Alpesh Patil on 15 July 2016

As discuss with customer care if I upgrade card visa to platinium you are afford one time charge was rs. 3000 and next year you get annual fee is upto 500 only. I was register complain in customer...[Read full complaint]

Renewal of SBI Credit Card

Rasamay Mazumder on 13 July 2016

My credit card No. 3753 validity expired on 015. Please arrange to renew it. Regards

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SBI credit card Fraud Transaction

Brajeshkumar Shandilya on 17 June 2016

on 14 June 2016 Rs. 0.00 and Rs. 0.00 was deducted from my credit card account No. 4726 4268 9746 7603 and the same was credited in name of Visa...[Read full complaint]

Misuse of SBI Credit Card

Chitra Sharma on 16 June 2016

I have received a call mobile number 1328 from a Lady asking that she had called from SBI Credit Card Division and ask me that I am not using my reward points SBI card ha...[Read full complaint]

Credit card not issued by the department.

Yashwant Kumar Singh on 06 June 2016

my sbi credit is blocked by the sbi department. i have many times complain through mail and personally talking to shri anupam who is taking this matter from patiala. but till date neither new card...[Read full complaint]

SBI credit card no transaction details

Pukhraj Taparia on 02 June 2016

Dear Sir, Pls. find the following details. I have mail to sbi card team on 22/08/15 regarding for my first dispute transaction (dt. 05/07/15 rs. .86) as per i have no any...[Read full complaint]

Duplicate Transaction Displayed in Transaction history

Sandeep Shetane on 30 May 2016

SBI the biggest fraud in the industry I had Used my credit card in ATM because i needed the money AND used this only once. But this was printed twice in my transaction history. Had immediately rai...[Read full complaint]

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