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Reserve Bank Of India complaints

Fake e-mail from for Payment

Mukulkumar Gupta on 19 August 2014

This type of emails coming to me regularly Pl inform me the originality of the same For India's Central Bank Regional Office Reserve Bank of India Foreign Exchange Department Central Office Buildi...[Read full complaint]

RBI fraud email

Sufyan Khan on 18 August 2014

I am diposit 0000 rupees in three sbi a/c but a win mail in my email and say doposit money plz help me

[Read full complaint]

I got a fake new email from rbi

Rashid Jainuddin Mulani on 16 August 2014

I got email about winning prize to deposit a custom duty amount

[Read full complaint]

Fake winning price complaint

Raghav Jaiswal on 16 August 2014

hello sir/madam i receieve some mails for winning prize from foreign or 12th aug i recieve rbi notification mail for winning prize as below : RESERVE BANK OF INDIA OFFICIAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION. R...[Read full complaint]

False winning lottery amount

Shubham Rastogi on 12 August 2014

I have received a mail from @libero.it on 06th Aug. 2014 regarding winning a lotery amount worth rs. ,000 GBP. All I have to do to send my deta...[Read full complaint]

Fraud winning fund for RBI

Snehal Sorte on 12 August 2014

Dear sir (TRUE OR FALSE THIS STATEMENT) I am Snehal B. Sorte (my two mail id is hake @gmail.com snehal_mba@yahoo.com) 1) I am already Deposit 00/-[Read full complaint]

Rbi officer not allowed me to enter in the examination hall

Rajani Rajani on 06 August 2014

SIR, I was not allowed to appear for RBI GRADE 'B' OFFICER'S exam which was held on 3rd of august 2014 at NSIT BIHTA CAMPUS, PATNA by the RBI Officer( A.M. SIKDAR,Patna) who was there on the duty....[Read full complaint]

RBI Fake E mail

Mounesh Badiger on 04 August 2014

India's Central Bank Regional Director: Shri Chandan Sinha Reserve Bank of India regional office, Foreign Remittance Department. New Delhi: 110 001, India, 6,Sansad Marg. * Payment file: RBI6754IN...[Read full complaint]

Receive the email from rbi for money transfer

Gopal Ora on 01 August 2014

R/sir/mam, i received email from RBI foreign exchange department 6, sansad marg new delhi that i win the lottery price 500000.00GBP and one toyato car. they collect all information related to me t...[Read full complaint]

Reserve bank mail to claim your winning amount is real or not?

Ganpat Mane on 01 August 2014

The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department Reserve bank of India has decided to bring to your attention, that you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of outstanding debts...[Read full complaint]

Reserve bank of india official payment notification

Badal Subba on 28 July 2014

This letter email mentioned below was sent in my email ID. Is this email true or false? Customer services, [Read full complaint]

RBI Mail check it right or wrong?

Mohd Salman on 26 July 2014

Tue, 27/May/2014 - 10:26 by DD Kasana From Office of the Reserve Bank Of India 6,Sansand Marg,(R.B.I) Building.PB NO 123. New Delhi: Financial Regulation and Financial Inclusion Working Together o...[Read full complaint]

Fake mails using RBI name

Prithvi Sharma on 26 July 2014

Dear Sir, I have already send u a complaint for the fake mails by using RBI name.. daily i have received these mails for claiming the prize amount which i win in lottery according to them. please ...[Read full complaint]

About payment to RBI for foreign exchange

Sunil Upadhyay on 25 July 2014

106 GROSVENOR SQUARE NEW DELHI W1A 1AE INDIA. Customer services, Our ref: Rbi/Acct/Q/2014... official notification of Rbi send me a email in my email... they told me to exchange your money to indi...[Read full complaint]

RBI winning cash mail

Arbinddubey Dubey on 19 July 2014

Customer services, www.rbi.org THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD ...[Read full complaint]

Received an e-mail by customerservice@rbi.ind.in

Sanojkumar Singh on 18 July 2014

Reserve Bank Of India, Foreign Exchange & Currency Management Department, Reserve Bank Regional Office, No, 6 Sansad Marg, Janti-path, New Delhi. 110001-India. Payment file: RBI/Ben/14. Payment Am...[Read full complaint]

Regarding Winning mail

Rajesh Sharma on 17 July 2014

I have Received mail as Under RESERVE BANK OF INDIA OFFICIAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION. Reserve Bank Of India # 17 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 021, INDIA Customer serv...[Read full complaint]

Fraud call in the name of RBI ask about ATM

Pankai Patil on 17 July 2014

They ask me abut ATM....that no was +91 7543 885 945 ....plz do something..

[Read full complaint]

This email right or wrong tell me true ?

Arun Kumar Singh on 16 July 2014

this is that e-mail please tell me what can i do for this-------- From Office of the Reserve Bank Of India 6, Sans and Marg, (R.B.I) Building.PB NO 123. New Delhi: Financial Regulation and Financi...[Read full complaint]

About RBI payment notification email

Sonal Autade on 11 July 2014

below email is true or fake RESERVE BANK OF INDIA DCM (FRCM) No.18943/.26.05.04B/2014 Department of Currency Management, 6 Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001, India Financial Regulation and Financial I...[Read full complaint]

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