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Reserve Bank Of India complaints

रिझर्व बँकने नवीन एक रुपयाची नोट चलनात आणली आहे

Hemant Lumaji Kubal on 19 November 2016

रिझर्व बँकने नवीन एक रुपयाची नोट चलनात आणली आहे. स्टेट बँक ऑफ इंडियाकडून वितरीत केल्या आहेत. परंतु एसटी वाहक एक रुपयाची नोट घेत नाहीत. त्यामुळे सुटे पैशांची टंचाई होत आहे. सर्व एसटी आगारांना एक रु...[Read full complaint]

Fund amount not transfared by RBI Agent.

Udai Pratap Singh on 13 November 2015

RBI Agent taken deposit amount on account of insurance bonus for transfer of my fund. But fund not transfered till date in my account. I have today seen this complaint site. I requested to help me...[Read full complaint]

Regarding The RBI Pending Fund

C.d Srinivasan on 17 September 2015

Regarding the RBI Pending Transfer or Notification. You all are hereby requested to contact RBI - CGM via: @gmail.com Thank You

[Read full complaint]

Call in rbi name

Yogeshchandra Chandra on 04 September 2015

Dear sir Muze is no. Se 8868 aaj 04-09_2015 time 12:39pm par eak call aayi Jo kha raha tha ki aapka 12cror ruppee nokia conect people Se inam nikla h. Jiske liye muze [Read full complaint]

Fake mail from rbi bank

Rajwinder Kaur on 14 April 2015

MICROSOFT YAHOO GOOGLE LOTTERY PROMOTION North London Business Park (NLBP) Oakleigh Road South, London, N11 1NP United Kingdom. We happily announce to you the result of the Microsoft, Yahoo and Go...[Read full complaint]

Fake call from RBI and misbehaviour

Gargi Dey on 23 February 2015

Dear Sir, My name is Gargi Dey and today 23rd February at around 6.12 PM while I was with my husband in a mall, I received a call from the number 4542 on my mobile phone....[Read full complaint]

RBI official payment notification .

Vibhay Khare on 29 January 2015

I am receiving these kind of Lottery winning amount from RBI every 2-3 days time. And they are demanding to share some of my personal details and A/ c details as well they were also asking about f...[Read full complaint]

Cheating by mail

Rohith on 22 January 2015

From Office of the Reserve Bank Of India 6,Sansand Marg, (R.B.I) Building.PB NO 123. New Delhi: Financial Regulation and Financial Inclusion Working Together or at Cross-purposes: Our ref: Cbn/Ohg...[Read full complaint]

Cheating emails used with RBI emblum.

Ramachandran . K on 11 January 2015

So many e`mails have received from various dates in my personal e`mail which contents huge amount awarded .These all e`mails are coming from the rbi compansationdpt@outlook.com,otherwise the RBI g...[Read full complaint]

Plz respond true and false?

Pankaj Kumar on 09 January 2015

Reserve bank of india. Central office, jeevan bharathi building, connaught place, new delhi foreign remittance department deposited of your fund to rbi for transfer to your account our ref: 0xfind...[Read full complaint]

Misleading mails using rbi name

Zafar Yusuf Kidwai on 02 January 2015

madam/sir, i have recd amail regerding the fund transfer. the name of mr raghu is being used. the full content of mail is given here-- RBI seal RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, S...[Read full complaint]

Lottery mail from rbi

S K Jha on 26 December 2014

i am geeting this msg and i am confused who is sending me this mail plz confirm me is it true or its fake. Reserve Bank of India regional office, Foreign Remittance Department. 6, Sansad Marg 110 ...[Read full complaint]

This mail is true of fake?

Ramswarup Tiwari on 24 December 2014

Respected Sir, I have received an E- Mail from Reserve Bank Of India Regardin funds . Please guide me what is right what is Wrong. Description given below- RBI.003873.11 RESERVE BANK OF INDIA DCM(...[Read full complaint]

This mail is true or false?

Arun Babu on 16 December 2014

Reserve Bank Of India # 17 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 021, INDIA Customer services, Payment file: RBI-DEL/id1033/14. Payment amount: 3 CROERS,5 LAKHS IN INDIA RU...[Read full complaint]

For RBI E-Banking Services

Rahuldutt Pandey on 15 December 2014

Dear sir, i have received an email from rbi e-banking services an online transit account to transfer my bank account from foreign remittance deptt of rbi is this genuine are not and the contact pe...[Read full complaint]

I have a money prize 500,000.00 GBP

Hari Shanker on 10 December 2014

From the transfer department reserve bank of india regional director: mr, abishek verma reserve bank of india regional office, delhi, dr: steven gray, foreign transfer manager, foreign exchange de...[Read full complaint]

Fake rbi call

Utkarsh Anand on 20 November 2014

Today I received a call..person on d other side stated himself as a RBI Mumbai personnel, was demanding details of my debit card so that he could renew. And said that if I didn't provide him the d...[Read full complaint]

Online banking in RBI?

Pittala Anil on 19 November 2014

Sir i got a mail id that i've a online banking account in reserve bank of india. What's my question is is their any online banking account their in rbi sir

[Read full complaint]

RBI official payment notification mail complain

Dnyanesh Kharat on 16 November 2014

The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that i were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of outstanding debts incurred by the British Government ...[Read full complaint]

Fake mail from cheat by rbi

Digambar Sunani on 15 November 2014

My respected sir/madam my complain is same to u but i alreadz invest my money 0000 rupees plz plz help me that how can i get my invested money my contact number [Read full complaint]

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