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Reliance Energy complaints

Wrongly Converted one metre From.two

Ritesh Shah on 21 April 2016

We have two rooms that is rooom No 3 & 20. Before reliance he take over Goverment Electricity we having 2 meter. They have convert one meter from two. without prier permission. Due to which per un...[Read full complaint]

Electric Bill without meter reading for more than a year

Tushar Poojary on 10 March 2016

My tennants complained that they have been getting heavy electric bills, when i looked into the matter i founded out that the the heavy bills for 2015 was charged on approximation because the mete...[Read full complaint]

Ketkipada electric problems

Maya on 06 March 2016

I am from ketkipada and I want to complain about the incidents going in ketkipada since years. The problem that reliance is facing and the people of letkipada also. Why reliance is making their ow...[Read full complaint]

Reliance Energy Extra bill

Amita Goyal on 05 December 2015

I have registered complaint with reliance energy for exrta electricity bill. My complaint number is 071. Its almost a month and there is no revert till date. My bill is a...[Read full complaint]

Stealing Reliance Electricity by Account No. 150283173

Vikram Patel on 07 August 2015

Complain for Account No: 173. Consumers Name: Ratilal Ravji Sarvaiya. Dear Sir/Madam, This is to bring to your notice that the above mentioned Account No. [Read full complaint]

Reliance energy Excess billing

Dhaval Amlani on 22 July 2015

Dear sir, excess units billed to me from march 2015 onward in my account no.100353196. I have been billed 300 + units in april 2015 which is unjustified. Before that i only used [Read full complaint]

Temporary Cable Removal and filling whole

Zamanatali Shaikh on 11 July 2015

Dear Sir, I Zamanat Ali Shaikh, my reliance energy account no.100236824, Reliance Technicians came on 19th june in our building and searching fault and they did one whole in front of my door but t...[Read full complaint]

Street lights not working

Samir on 16 June 2015

There are very few street light pole on 4th Kasturba road ,Borivali-East , Mumbai 0066 and some of them are not working and others are been blocked by trees . There is no...[Read full complaint]

Refuse to give New electricity meter connection

Deepak Bhabhuti Yadav on 06 June 2015

I had applied for new electricity meter connection in reliance energy tilak nagar division on 31/10/2014 but no reply comes from concerned department. When I trying to contact with the concerned d...[Read full complaint]

Reliance energy- return amount the credit card

Priti Lala Pawar on 10 April 2015

Relience energy bill payment my Ac num 8058 my bill is 1430rs and I m pay is credit card 1350rs by mistake li pls help I want return to my card 1350 and after solution I ...[Read full complaint]

Change of name in the reliance energy bill

Anilramchandra Fondekar on 24 January 2015

I have submitted the application for change of name for my reliance energy bill along with the documents 1)applicarion form 2)NOC from housing society 3) sale deed of the said flat 4) ID proof of ...[Read full complaint]

Electric connection and reading related problem

Smita Kerkar on 01 January 2015

In our reliance meters of electric connections in and reading is something the matter so close connection to electric when the load is higher, and when the rate is more than the bill in the month,...[Read full complaint]

Reliance energy power supply failure

Kishor More on 04 November 2014

It is almost habitual to cut power supply whole colney without any intimation for every week for 1 to 2 hrs pls notify that What kind of service provider is company, if consumer fail to pay bill o...[Read full complaint]

Complaint Against Reliance Energy

Mrs. Sayeeda Akram Shaikh on 22 October 2014

From: Comoros Shipping Services [mailto:css@comorosshipping.com] Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 4:02 PM To: @relianceada.com Subject: SECOND REMINDER : URGENT COMPLAINT...[Read full complaint]

Ubislate tab nahi chal raha hai

Anand Kr Singh on 15 October 2014

maine 9th oct,2014 ko ubslate7c+ tab online purchase kiya per two days chalne ke baad tab on nahi ho raha hai maine kai baar complaint kiya par bolte hai mera technical ka aadmi phone kar lega par...[Read full complaint]

Reliance Energy imposing false charges on consumers

Alka Agarwal on 23 July 2014

Seven years back reliance energy replaced our meter with electronic meter, meter reader was taking reading regularly, several times we called their technician for short circuit and all, one day a ...[Read full complaint]

Reliance energy electrcity bill

Anand Kumar on 03 July 2014

Dear all i am using reliance utilities.I am facing a lot of trouble to pay bill because of there is no mean of bill. I got unwanted bill graph after all we have no use utilities. I have give compl...[Read full complaint]

Reliance energy high bill every month

Rajbir Luthra on 23 June 2014

i have reliance energy electricity connection for last 3 months by bill have been jumping from 4000 a month to 4500 month where , it is horoor to see electric bill every ...[Read full complaint]

Reliance power poor electricity

Krishnakumar Bharti on 08 September 2013

dear sir i m inform you my problem is electric power supply i lover clas people & Fabrication Small Workshop in pratapgardh plz Clear the eshu

[Read full complaint]

Reliance - High Bill No reply from CS.Head@relianceada.com

Mansur Abdul on 02 August 2013

My electricity bill with same appliances for over 3 years has been in the range of 1200 Rs, i have recently moved to a new house from last 3-4 months and suddenly the may month bill was for 2806 w...[Read full complaint]

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