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Airtel Dth recharge not done in paytm

Md Abdul Awal on 17 November 2012

Dear sir I have recharge 200 airtel digital tv ID no-3008882703,date 28/Sept/2012,but recharge not don.But debited my account(debit card)and to day no transaction and no refund my account.Please s...[Read full complaint]

Paytm.Com is a fraud company

Biswajit on 17 November 2012

Don't use paytm.Com anymore. They are fraud. I have an account with paytm with balance 600. They have deactivated my account. I have tried to contact them several times b...[Read full complaint]

Issue of mobile recharge in Paytm

Amit Rathod on 17 November 2012

Respected, today I have recharged my mobile of rs 500 through paytm.Com and payment mode is debited.Even I received confirmation sms that it showing done of recharge but when I checked my balance ...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge not done even after 2 days of successful payment

Rupesh Gupta on 17 November 2012

Paytm is regularly duping customers online by not recharging the services (mobile & dth) even after giving successful recharge message after payment. Order # 5597 of payt...[Read full complaint]

Mtnl dolphin payment in Paytm

Meenakshi on 17 November 2012

I have dolphin postpaid connection, which is suspended though bill payment date due is 012, but they have suspended outgoing facility without even informing. Now I had pa...[Read full complaint]

Failure online recharge for docomo

Chintala Shireesha on 16 November 2012

I recharged 2 times but balance reduced in my account but I am not getting any balance in mobile. I got message 2 times from paytm I.E., Sorry your tata docomo recharge was unsuccessful. Rs. 75 re...[Read full complaint]

Online recharge. Neither recharge succesfull noq amount transferred to my account.

Swaraj Karwal on 16 November 2012

Complaint: yesterday I recharged my reliance no. 4845 with rs 125 topup via paytm.Com website using debit card. I got payment receipt but amount data has not credited in ...[Read full complaint]

Refund from paytm.Com

Nayan Vasaniya on 16 November 2012

On 15tn november, I used paytm.Com for mobile recharge of rs. 7+20 but I didnt get balance and they got money from my debit card...they didnot give me refund of my money....[Read full complaint]

Money lost in paytm recharge

Anupam Bharti on 16 November 2012

I recharged my idea netsetter prepaid with rs 250 and it says success but my recharge is not done and I also didnt got any paytm cash refund also ...I also sent an complain but got no reply ..my o...[Read full complaint]

Recharge failure from paytm.Com

R L Narayanan on 15 November 2012

Sir I have recharged my mobile through paytm.Com of rs 0.00 on 9 nov 11 till to date not refunded to my credit card account.But pay tm.Com has send an message as refunded...[Read full complaint]

Rechage failed in paytm

V.siva on 15 November 2012

My online recharge to aircel prepaid mobile is failed a time on dt-14/11/2012 but rs 60/- Is deducted from my saving account

[Read full complaint]

Cash drawn from net banking but not recharged properly in Paytm

Harikumar S on 15 November 2012

At the time of online recharge through paytm.Com, the money was drawn from account. But the recharge was not done properly. Please do the futher proceedings for the cash refund or proper recharge....[Read full complaint]

Bsnl prepaid recharge failed in paytm

Ezhil on 15 November 2012

My online recharge to bsnl prepaid mobile is failed on date 16/11/2012 but rs. 29/- Is deducted from my saving account

[Read full complaint]

Money debited but not recharged by Paytm

Narendra Kumar on 15 November 2012

I recharge my mobile 7861 with 15 rs. Which order no. Is 5318 but recharge not done and money is debited from my account so please process my re...[Read full complaint]

Paytm online recharge unsuccessful

Saurabh Khoja on 15 November 2012

I had done online recharge from the site http:/Www.Paytm.Com/ Four times,but I got the payment failure and recharge was unsuccessful then.After that I didn't get my balance back neither in my pnb ...[Read full complaint]

Paytm not recharge in my mobile no. Rs.100/-

Maibam Romen Singh on 15 November 2012

Sir yesterday I have rechrge rs.100/- In my mobille no.9435760631 through paytm.Com.The above is not amount recharge in the above my mobile no. Please kindly recharge rs.100/- In the above mobile ...[Read full complaint]

Paytm not refunding money even after giving refund request number in ticket also deleting new tickets.

Deep Saha on 15 November 2012

I had a previous problem in paytm total of rs 253 + 55 = rs 308 after opening a post here in grahakseva , they refunded rs 200 by paytm cash , and also given me refund reference number [Read full complaint]

Paytm deducted my balance in my saving account.

Sanwar Lal on 15 November 2012

My online recharge to airtel prepaid mobile is failed on date 15-11-2012 but rs.50 is dedicated from my saving account.

[Read full complaint]

Paytm.Com recharge failure

Ganesh Vishwanath Saurashtra on 15 November 2012

Dear sir,dt 03/11/2012 I M etop up rs 30/-Pay tm.Com my online hdfc netbaning a/C .Hdfc bank frwrd this alert msg me... dear customer, we are writing because you may have erroneously received an e...[Read full complaint]

Maine dish tv recharge kiya tha lekin vo nahi huva

Ingale Sachin Balasaheb on 15 November 2012

Hello paytm.Maine dish tv recharge kiya tha mera account mese rs 500 debit huva hai.Lekin reacherga nahi huva mera sbi (ref.Number hai ige0654371 for online transaction)please mare rs500 mera acco...[Read full complaint]

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