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Duped by Someone posing himself from paytm

Parmar Hasmukh Purushottambhai on 23 December 2012

As my mobile was not recharged of rs 100 on 15th december,I had submitted complaint 3-4 days back stating that though amount debited from my bank account but physically not recharged on my mobile ...[Read full complaint]

Recharge through paytm unsuccessful

Parmar Hasmukh Purushottambhai on 21 December 2012

I had recharged my vodaphone mobile number 9483 through online mode on 15h december on a website [Read full complaint]

Paytm online recharge failed but amount was deducted from bank account

Swati Tiwari on 20 December 2012

I had recharged my bsnl mobile number 3003 through online mode on 18th december on a website [Read full complaint]

Online recharge of prepaid mobile failed in paytm

Gopal Dass on 20 December 2012

I had recharged my bsnl mobile no.9418893255 vide order no.62042443 dated 2012 through credit card no.4197880000535567. But I have not received any type of balance in my ...[Read full complaint]

Mobile recharge in paytm

K.vasu on 20 December 2012

Sir I am vasu 12days blow I recharge my mobile recharge online through to paytm, but no recharge, my amount removed

[Read full complaint]

Recharge failed but amout deducted in paytm

Ajit Mohanty on 19 December 2012

My mobile no is:9777381257. I have recharged my mobile of rs.20 by help of online paytm.Com service on 012. My balance has been deducted by recharge not done yet. Bank na...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge failed but amount deducted

Suvankar Deb on 19 December 2012

I tried to recharge my airtel no. 834, with 60/– At 10:00pm on19/12/2012,but recharge failed still amount has been deducted from my sbi account

[Read full complaint]

Paytm cheated me

Ravi Nadpara on 19 December 2012

I recently recharged one of my friend's mobile number 6542 with paytm.Com ... order number 8376 and recharge date 10 december 2012 . When I saw ...[Read full complaint]

Recharge complaint against paytm

Surendra Yadav on 19 December 2012

Dear sir, I have tried to recharge my vodafone prepaid mobile number 4126 thrice for rs 351 each time by paytm website on 10 dec 12 and even money was deducted from my IC...[Read full complaint]

Online recharge failure at: paytm.Com

Payal Mandhyan on 19 December 2012

I had recharged rs. 100 but the transaction failed and I opted to refund my money back to my account. The money has not been returned till now. They told me as a reply to my email that it would ta...[Read full complaint]

Failed online recharge of tata sky dth connection

Dr Himani on 19 December 2012

Dear sir I tried to recharge my tata sky dth connection no. 1696 through online banking using debit card of ICICI bank. Although the amount was deducted from my account (...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl prepaid recharge online failed but amount deducted from account by paytm

Krupa on 18 December 2012

My online recharge to bsnl prepaid mobile is failed on 18/12/12 rs 400/ Is deducted from my savings account ICICI bank . Please take necessary action to credit the amount to my account.

[Read full complaint]

Paytm failed payment cash

Akhil K R on 18 December 2012

I recharged my paytm cash rs 200 moneylost from my account, but my paytm is not recharged.So please refund money to my account, or my paytm account thanks

[Read full complaint]

Sun tv recharge amount was un successful in paytm

Vikrama Kanthan. G on 18 December 2012

On 2012 I have recharged for my sun tv dth amount of rs. 55/- Through my internet banking and the same was not successful. Even after lapse of 1...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge complaint

Sahil on 18 December 2012

I recharged two times in bsnl talk time group...bank transaction succeed but it still shows on failed...balance detected and if I' checking my order status it's it showing failed.....they trolled ...[Read full complaint]

Recharge failure in paytm

Ramarajan on 18 December 2012

I had recharged 200 for airtel digitel tv but not recharge airtel account then reduced my iob account 200 so pls refundable 200 in the iob a/C 1363

[Read full complaint]

Please return / Refund my balance on my saving account

Yogendrasinh on 18 December 2012

Dear sir I have recharge rs. 96 (my mobile no. 085) videcleocon gujarat circle on date : 18th december 2012 thruough paytm.Com but I have not received amount yet same it ...[Read full complaint]

Mobile reacharge from paytm

Shrikant Nehete on 17 December 2012

My online recharge to bsnl prepaid mobile is failed two time on dt. 16/12/2012 but rs. 16/- Is deducted from my saving account.

[Read full complaint]

Transaction failed but bank payment successful in paytm

Jinal Shah on 16 December 2012

Hi, the above is the screenshot showing a successful bank transaction of my order no. 6137 on paytm but the same amount of recharge is not credited to my mobile number [Read full complaint]

Cash disappeared from paytm account

Sebin Thampi on 16 December 2012

I have added rs 500 to my paytm account on 15/12/12.Then I tried for a recharge of rs 37 which was not successful. Later I got an email stating that the recharge was not successfull and the amount...[Read full complaint]

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