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Paytm recharge for Rs255 not received

Vijayan.t.r on 10 September 2012

,I have not yet received rupees 55/- To my net recharge through paytm cash from indian bank pay tm order number 0362 on saturday [Read full complaint]

Recharge successfully done but talktime not came via paytm

Sudhakar Reddy K on 10 September 2012

Recharge successfully done but talktime not came via paytm Please update the status of patm online recharge amount

[Read full complaint]

Paytm some recharge unsuccessful

Pusapati Amarnath Reddy on 10 September 2012

I do the mobile recharges through net banking by using paytm site. But some recharges were success and some recharges were not success I don't know the reason why its happened like this. I lossed ...[Read full complaint]

No refund of money from paytm.Com

Niteesh Changra on 10 September 2012

---- Forwarded message ---- from: niteesh changra to: paytm care sent: monday, 10 september 012, 14:52, subject: fw: [...[Read full complaint]

Refund of money from Paytm

Rachu S Koti on 10 September 2012

My online recharge to bsnl prepaid mobile no is 903, vide order no : 590, has been failed one time on dtd. 8/9/2012 but rs. 2...[Read full complaint]

Avenues India, Paytm recharge failure for Reliance big tv

Priyanka Jain on 10 September 2012

On date: 17thaug2012, I tried to recharge my reliance big tv(card-no:200594058081) with rs.200 (first time) and then rs50(second recharge)through internet banking via paymt site(www.Paymt.Com) but...[Read full complaint]

Paytm balance deduction without recharge

Bhrigu Nijhawan on 10 September 2012

Sir yesterday at 11.40pm I had recharged my tata sky with ID 6880 by us website but the recharge was unsucessful and subsequently my balance deducted.I had mailedv u my d...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge for vodafone not happened

Ajita Kumar Mohanty on 09 September 2012

Hi, I have recharge my mobile no ( 263) vodafone orissa on 9-09-2012 through paytm.Com but I have not received recharge amount yet. Same has beeen deducted from my saving...[Read full complaint]

About airtel dth recharge from paytm

Ashish Srivastav on 09 September 2012

I have recharged my airtel dth account(3010649158) with rs.310 the same amount is deducted from my bank account but my dth account is recharged so help me to refunding my amount as soon possible I...[Read full complaint]

My paytm transation failure

Subrat Kumar Ghadai on 09 September 2012

I make recharge of 205. First time it was not done. For which I make twice. But when I see the details, I saw the amount was deduct form my account twice. For which I am also send a complain mail ...[Read full complaint]

Amount deducted by paytm for rejected transaction and no recharge done

Javed Ashraf on 08 September 2012

Today(9-9-12) I tried to recharge my docomo with 246 rs through paytm's official app for android.It showed me that transaction was rejected by bank. I tried 2nd time n got a blank page doing nothi...[Read full complaint]

Paytm non returning of my recharge amount

Mayank Madhur on 08 September 2012

I DID recharge of rs 44 on my number from paytm but transaction got failed and balance was deducted from my account.I recharged on 18th august and till today also I havn't got my amount back

[Read full complaint]

Paytm deducted money without recharge

Abhishek Sarkar on 07 September 2012

I have recharged through paytm to my reliance gsm no:9681809429 using paytm cash of amount of rs:15 on 31st august.But after the successful transaction a message came from reliance that "process <...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge failure and balance deducted

Kriti Luthra on 06 September 2012

I got my phone recharged through paytm.Com on. My balance from a/C got deducted and transaction was failed. Eventhen no refund was granted to me

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Credit card fraud by paytm

Desh Bhushan Jain on 06 September 2012

On september 05, 2012; 17:04:34 hrs a internet transaction took place on paytm website through my credit card ending with 0023 amounting to inr 4000 without my consent and hence is a part of a cre...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge failure and cash not get back

Mahesh Sonawane on 06 September 2012

Please notice that after added paytm cash it not shown in my cash and my previous amount also not refunded to bank account

[Read full complaint]

Paytm online recharge of tata sky dish

Dharmender Manrai on 06 September 2012

I am dharmender manrai, tried today morning three different times to recharge my tata sky dish with three different transactions for rs 500 each (total of rs 500) debited...[Read full complaint]

Refund pending from Paytm

Sahil Dhankhar on 05 September 2012

I tried to recharge my tata photon + with paytm. 255 rupees got deducted from my account but recharge DID not happen. I mailed there customer care about the same care@paytm.Com, but no one replyin...[Read full complaint]

Balance refund from paytm

Sumit Dubey on 05 September 2012

I havn't got my rs 30 balance recharge on my aircel no. 8486 and my account have not refund my balance yet. I want my account balance or mine mobile balance of rs. 30 bac...[Read full complaint]

No refund of money from paytm

Binapani Behera on 05 September 2012

On 4th september 2012...I tried to recharge amount of 55 on my bsnl no..but that was failed and the order status was under processing.I thought that would be recharged later.But that was unsuccesf...[Read full complaint]

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