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Failure recharge complaint of paytm

Dipti Rani Panda on 07 November 2012

I tried to pay my reliance post paid bill of rs 570 on 012. Paytm deducted my money from my account and stored in my paytm cash. When I tried to get my money back I found...[Read full complaint]

Paytm failure of recharge

Rahul on 07 November 2012

I had a failure of recharge with my number 8985421614(bsnl) few days back . I have done transaction with my axis bank internet banking. As there is a failure of recharge the money which was debite...[Read full complaint]

Failure recharge to videocon2dh by paytm

Jesudason Pushparajan on 07 November 2012

Respected sir, on2nd.Sep.2012 I recharged my videocon2dh. Due to net problem the recharge failed. Until now the recharge amount rs.159/-DID not transfared to my bank account. Kindly sent back the ...[Read full complaint]

Paytm not refunded money in bank also not replying any tickets

Deep Saha on 06 November 2012

I had requested rs 253 and rs 55 withdraw in bank but I haven't received it in bank account , its been 23 days but still I haven't got any money .. older tickets in paytm where I requested withdra...[Read full complaint]

Money not refunded in bank account after failure recharge in paytm

Swadesh Kumar Moharana on 06 November 2012

I had recharged my vodafone no. 1125 through paytm.Com on 5th oct order no.51291416 an amount of 155.Rechage failed then cash gone to paytm cash.Then I selected bank refu...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge is not confirm but amount have been deducted from my account

Pushkal Varma on 06 November 2012

On 7th-nov I recharged my mobile 1040 with rs-100 but after completion of my transaction my mobile no does not recharge and my amount was deducted from my account to payt...[Read full complaint]

Mobile online recharge in paytm

Mukesh Kumar Rawal on 06 November 2012

I try to be recharge online through website www.Paytm.Com. I DID not get the recharge i...[Read full complaint]

Paytm is cheat

Purusotam Kumar on 06 November 2012

I haven't got any balance on 06/11/2012 recharge status is number is 7590 rs.111 order no.55128320 number is 7087 rs. 35 and 18, order no is [Read full complaint]

Online recharge failure in Paytm

Anmol Nidhi on 06 November 2012

Hi, I tried to do online recharge on 06 nov 2012 for 300 inr for tata sky dish recharge tata sky ID is 1049546011.My debit card is charged for this but recharge was not successful. 06 nov 2012 pos...[Read full complaint]

Recharge transaction failed in Paytm

Rem on 05 November 2012

I have recharged my mobile no 2764 with rs.110 on 012. But the transaction got failed according to [Read full complaint]

Mobile recharge via paytm

Kabisankar Mishra on 05 November 2012

Dear sir please take an urgent steps against my failure transaction as detailed below: I have done an online mobile recharge in paytm web portal vide order number: 889, o...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl mobile recharge through Paytm

Madan Laxman Halde on 05 November 2012

I have recharged my bsnl no. 7300 online through paytm on 05/11/2012 at 12.45pm. This website send me a massage that my recharge had been success fuul and my they give me...[Read full complaint]

Recharge not done by Paytm

Manoj Bhatia on 04 November 2012

I have make a recharge of rs 120 from paytm.Com but because of technical problem recharge has been not done and amount has been deducted from my account. Order no 0810 da...[Read full complaint]

Recharge unsuccesful in paytm

Nagireddy Tarun Reddy on 04 November 2012

Dear paytm admin, this is tharun ,I tried doing recharge on my airtel num:9032520832(ported) in the morning.Once I haven't noticed operator was selected as tata docomo and recharge was unsuccessfu...[Read full complaint]

Recharge not done in paytm

Mustaq Ahmed on 03 November 2012

My self recharge the amount of rs.100 on 2012 in paytm.Com for mobile no 7276 (idea) but recharge not happened and my money also not return back...[Read full complaint]

Reacharge not successful by Paytm

Neeraj Kumar on 03 November 2012

Dear sir, I recharged my number 3868 to 250 rupees.I got confirmation but I didnt get balance.My order number is 878. My complain number is 1004...[Read full complaint]

Paytm deducted amount from my bank account and DID not completed the order

Sanam Suri on 03 November 2012

I made a bill payment of my landline through this site. Rs.5000 were deducted but when I checked with my landline provider they said they have not yet received the payment then when I checked it w...[Read full complaint]

Complaint against paytm

Shirley Winnie Rowena on 02 November 2012

I had a paytm cash balance of rs.107 in my account. I as using uninor after which the network is bashed I was not able to login with that number and charge for a refund. I got no reply except from...[Read full complaint]

Failure of my recharge in Paytm but money deducted from my account

Bhupendra Sharma on 02 November 2012

On 31/10/2012 I am recharging my dth of rs 310. "I pay online with my card,but after deducting my money from card they will show that recharge is failure. My transaction no. Is 230517608159..so I ...[Read full complaint]

Not received sun direct from paytm.Com

Deepak Kanti Bose on 02 November 2012

Sir made a bill payment through patm but bill payment was unsuccessful . The transaction was dated 04 oct 2012 .No refund is yet made to my account transfer to 637.

[Read full complaint]
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