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Online recharge pending in paytm

Gopal Kumar on 09 December 2012

Sir, I have recharge my prepaid mobile no.9978832608 on dated 2012 by online through [Read full complaint]

Paytm failed recharge of vodafone number

Krishan Kumar on 09 December 2012

Sir. Plz refund for failed recharge of order no.( 027, 299) in my(union bank of india) account of rs.18 for vodafone prepaid number [Read full complaint]

Money not refunded in bank by paytm

Priyanka on 09 December 2012

I had re charged prepaid bsnl phone no 8172 from paytm.Com bt I was not recharged and money was deducted from my sbi bank account. On my paytm profile it showed that mone...[Read full complaint]

Recharge not done in paytm

Priyanka on 09 December 2012

I had re charged my tata sky ID no 1003365713....on 6 dec12 order no 59387239...of 500 rs.....but it was not recharged.....I recharged again on 7dec...that recharge was done so my 500 rs is neithe...[Read full complaint]

Paytm cheating with customer or fraud.

Vinod Tiwari on 08 December 2012

Today recharged my mobile with rs.30 and message showed that your recharge has been successful but I DID not get the balance. So I talked to my service provider. There as everything fine. I do not...[Read full complaint]

Complaint about recharging of sun dth in paytm

V Guru Prasad on 08 December 2012

Dear sirs, I wanted to recharge my sun dth connection through credit card I am holding the credit card issued by andhra bank which is not in the list of banks given in sun dth website for credit c...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl prepaid recharge online failed but amount deducted from account by paytm

G. Sundaramoorthy on 08 December 2012

My online recharge to bsnl prepaid mobile is failed on 07/12/12 at11.59 am. Order no {59574559} but rs 280/ Is deducted from my savings account. Please take necessary action to credit the amount t...[Read full complaint]

Rechage not done and money deducted in paytm

Subho on 07 December 2012

Irecharged rs 68 aircel on 6th dec 2012 . But I have not received it yet but money has deductud and your website says recharge done . Aircel mobile. Just resolve the matter with your site immediat...[Read full complaint]

Amount deduct but airtel digital tv not recharged in paytm

Shashikant on 07 December 2012

Please sir. I recharged our airtel digital tv 330) and does not recharge but my sb a/C is deducted rs.180 and heartly requst you please refund my amount.

[Read full complaint]

Failure mobile recharge in Paytm

Roopesh on 07 December 2012

Recharge bsnl no 3487 rs300 as on 6/12/12 through net banking. Amount debited from bank but mob not charged..

[Read full complaint]

Recharge amount not reversed by paytm

Dushyant Yadav on 06 December 2012

I made a payment using paytm on 25-aug-2012 for my mts datacard, which got failed but the amount is not yet credited in my account till now. I checked with mts customer care, as per them that tran...[Read full complaint]

Airtel topup was not done & amount deducted from my bank accounts

D Srinivasa Rao on 05 December 2012

Sub:-airtel topup through paytm - tried 2 times - amount debited but topup credit not came to my mobile. 1)on 2012 through karur vysya bank I tried to get top up by way p...[Read full complaint]

Payment issue in paytm

N.ramakrishnamoorthi on 05 December 2012

I have recharged my mobile 3831 through paytm. The money was deducted from my account but my mobile was not toped up. I lost total rs. 50/- In t...[Read full complaint]

For recharge in paytm

Subhash Kumar on 04 December 2012

I have recharged rs.148/- Mob. No. Is 7856 on dtd.04/12/12 through paytm online recharged my order no. Is 9568 through ICICI bank debit card tra...[Read full complaint]

Loss of amount Rs 100 in paytm for recharge

Vvss Prasad on 04 December 2012

I have recharged my mobile 9175 through paytm. The money was deducted from my account but my mobile was not toped up. I lost rs. 00/- In this co...[Read full complaint]

Mobile phone not recharge in Paytm

Saurabh Desarda on 04 December 2012

I recharged mt phone with an amount at rs.11 the amount was never credited to my phone but it was deducted from my bank account.

[Read full complaint]

Paytm online mobile recharge not successful

Amit Patil on 03 December 2012

I was online mobile recharged by paytm on date 04/12/2012,but I didn't received recharged,and my money already transacted by my account.

[Read full complaint]

Recharge was not successful from Paytm

Chanchal Gupta on 03 December 2012

Sir, I recharge from paytm.Com the balance is cut from my pnb account,but the recharge amount is not send to my mobile no.7566629369,the recharge amount is rs.30

[Read full complaint]

Not paid amount in our paytm

Kishor Ch.bhoi on 02 December 2012

Sir, some time top up recharge mobile recharge unsuccessful rs.10 order no.58516465,58516056,58515894,58476978,58391502, rs.50 order no.58345085,58336564 rs.30 order no.57888851 meany problem not ...[Read full complaint]

Reahcrge not successful in Paytm

Hemanth on 02 December 2012

I have recharged an airtel number with 999(full talktime) I DID get a success message about the transaction.But the amount is not funded into the airtel account.The credited talktime was rs.0 show...[Read full complaint]

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