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Paytm online recharge failure,please refund the amount

Perachi Selvan on 17 October 2012

Dear sir, this is my mobile no 7978 date 17/10/12 time 8.24p.M and amount deducted in my account and order number was received in my mobile no:52723942.So I am requesting...[Read full complaint]

Failure of recharge from Paytm

Harish Nunia on 17 October 2012

I have done a recharge of 151 rupees from my paytm account on mobile no 6783 on 17oct12 and I have not got my money back

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Paytm recharged failed

Chandan Singh Kashyap on 16 October 2012

Dear sir, I recharged my reliance gsm mob no. 5273 3 times with rs. 31 on 012. And 1 time with rs. 31 on 16-10-2012 by this bay I have lost my t...[Read full complaint]

Paytm online recharge unsuccesful and balance deducted

Saurabh Khoja on 16 October 2012

Date order no. Details amount 17-oct-12 2942 reliance gsm prepaid number 4968 rs.69 I had done online recharge from the site http:/Www.Paytm.Com...[Read full complaint]

Airtel Dth recharge in paytm failed

Md Abdul Awal on 16 October 2012

Dear sir, I arrange recharge of dth (airtel) bearing bc no. 8336 for rs. 00/- On 15th oct 2012 by credit card (sbi)but sorry to say that neither...[Read full complaint]

Refund money for failed recharge in paytm

Kavita on 16 October 2012

Maine 10oct 2012 ko paytm pe apna bill pay kiya tha.Jb process kiya to failed likh aaya.Maine 3time kiya lekin ushme bhi process fail aaya.Jisme order no tha 51890234,51890053,51889745.Bill mere p...[Read full complaint]

Failure of reliance netconnect recharge transaction rs.255/- in paytm

Sapna Dhanade on 16 October 2012

I have attempted to recharge reliance netconnect prepaid a/C no.9373379478 online for rs.255/- Through site [Read full complaint]

Paytm transaction failure

Satish on 15 October 2012

On 14-10-2012 am about to recharge my reliance num for rs.60/-While doing transaction got failed but amount got deducted from my bank account for paytm 6874 but still I D...[Read full complaint]

Loss of money with paytm site

Sandeep Thumu on 15 October 2012

I have done the reliance data card with an amount of 153 but it does not got recharged and money got deducted ...kindly do the favour in the same .Paytmcash means 15-oct-12 8965...[Read full complaint]

Non recharge of dth (airtel) from Paytm

A A Khan on 15 October 2012

I arranged recharge airtel dth VC no. 6864 on 13 oct 2012 through credit card (sbi) thouth amount was deducted from my account but no recharge was done. (A a khan)

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Paytm recharge complaint

Yogesh Sarin on 15 October 2012

Hi, I tried to re-charge my phone today morning on paytm website via internet banking. The amount of rs.500 is debited from my account. However the re-charge is no done on the mobile.

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Paytm not able to log in my account

Dnyaneshwar Jadhav on 14 October 2012

Hi, I have sent 3 times reminders regarding not able to change my password,but paytm is not able to resolve my issue as early and they not even provided there customer care number only they have e...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge complaint

Amit Singh on 13 October 2012

Dear sir my name is amit singh my recharge was not successful but my amount deducted rs. 150 so please refund my balance my order n is 8386 thanks

[Read full complaint]

Recharge photon+postpaid from paytm

Prakash Kumar Sinha on 13 October 2012

I have recharge of my sun direct of rupee 1000 by your paytm now no any amount has been deposite in my account..

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Fake recharge from Paytm

Gaurav Kumar on 13 October 2012

When I M recharging on my mobile of amount 110 then only showing bt recharge not my no ?????? order no is 8282

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Amount deducted but the recharge unsuccessful in paytm

Jyothi on 13 October 2012

On 11-10-2012 I got my airtel num recharged for rs.50/-amount got deducted from my bank account for order no 2972 but still I DID not get my mobile recharged.I also sent ...[Read full complaint]

Recharge failure from Paytm

Gowdu Chandrayya on 13 October 2012

I recharge on 0.12 my mobile through sbi bank net banking , website is paytm.Com, my money is deducted from my account but recharge not done,I was recharged 3times but ag...[Read full complaint]

Paytm complaint for failed recharge

Mukesh Kumar on 13 October 2012

I recharge through paytm , but recharge not done. I send request to customer care but no response comes , kindly reply .

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Paytm deduction of money from my bank balance without any reason

Bidyarani Kongbrailatpam on 12 October 2012

I have registered my account in paytm website on aug for doing online recharge for my mobile. During the process they asked my bank account in details for the transaction of money. I trusted their...[Read full complaint]

Cheated by paytm

Manohar Rathod on 12 October 2012

I recharged my mobile on 11-sep-12 for rs 111 it was deducted twice from my bank account as one is successful and another is unsuccessful. I was asking paytm people to refund then they asked for a...[Read full complaint]

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