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Upgrade my paytm account

Pravin Kumar Singh on 14 November 2014

मेरे paytm account से recharge नही हो रहा है , Recharge करने पर upgrade your account massage आ रहा है , मेरे paytm wallet मे Rs.137 है , So plz help me!!

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Payment of tata docomo in paytm

Ashwani on 13 November 2014

i have paid my tata docomo postpaid bill 544. Through paytm by cr card but tata docomo says he have not recived any payment till date. Paytm send a mail bill paid successfully on 9oct.i have sent ...[Read full complaint]

Amount of 100 debited from bank account by paytm

Aniket Kamble on 13 November 2014

I tried to add 100 rupees(50 rupees twice) to my paytm wallet using my sbi master debit card on 13/11/2014 the same amount is debited from my bank account even though my paytm wallet is not update...[Read full complaint]

Paytm order item not delivery

Ghanshyam Pathak on 13 November 2014

Dear sir , my order no. 1574 05 nov '14 9:13 am 1 item order total rs 499 double bed ac blanket buy 1 get 1 free,price :rs 499 qty :1 sold by :decorvilla shipped rs 499 h...[Read full complaint]

PAYTM online Recharge Fakeness

Aman Jain on 13 November 2014

I Recharged my mobile through online PAYTM recharge service. the Deducted my 298 Rupee. they said that they will return my money on my bank account. but nothing is back in my account. farziwada ke...[Read full complaint]

Paytm deliver less product

Ketan Thakkar on 12 November 2014

Dear sir I have purchase two jeans wide order no. 870. But contain one jeans in parcel. Please check it and send remaining quantity one jeans as earliest possible. Regard...[Read full complaint]

For Airtel Mobile Recharge in Paytm

Sachin Patel on 12 November 2014

Respected Sir/Madam, I recharged my airtel no. 7451 with 33 INR for tariff plan as given by airtel company, I used online payment method to recharge my mobile no. via pay...[Read full complaint]

Refund of failed transaction in Paytm

Mittal Patel on 12 November 2014

I had done one recharge on 24/10/14 ,but it failed due to some problem.... Now this failed transaction cash back is not added in my paytm cash or in my credit card from which I made this recharge....[Read full complaint]

Paytm please refund amount

Akhilesh Bedarkar on 12 November 2014

मेने Paytm से एक साड़ी खरीदी थी पर जब मुझे वो मिली तो देख कर मुझे वो पसंद नहीं आई तो मेने उसी दिन वापस करें के लिए उनसे संपर्क करा और पर मुझे अभी तक कोई भी उचित समाधान नहीं मिला है में लगातार उनसे ...[Read full complaint]

Electricity bill payment via PayTM is unsuccessful

Rajeshkumar Sahoo on 11 November 2014

I am escalating the issue I am facing for my bill payment through PayTM site for BESCOM electricity bill payment. I have done the payment on 24th Oct for the amount INR 893. My order number was [Read full complaint]

Paytm debit Amount in a Wrong way

Gopal Sharma on 11 November 2014

I recharged my number 1 time but they show re charge was failed....but my amount is deducted......Rs20.00 Debited to Ac XX6640 on 11-NOV 08:44-PCD:4301112311: PAYTM97998 thts a correct detail..and...[Read full complaint]

Paytm not delivered my product and also not refunded money

Roopesh L R on 11 November 2014

Hyundai 1600 mAh Power Bank (White) from your Paytm order # 6066 has been shipped via Blue Dart with the tracking # 69188199290.but bluedart tel...[Read full complaint]

Didn't receive refund from PAYTM

Ankita Singh on 10 November 2014

I ordered a recharge of Airtel number 6697 with order no. 054. It was queue for 3 days then I requested refund, which a sms says has been done b...[Read full complaint]

Paytm not refund my amount of rs 350/

Amarjyoti on 09 November 2014

R/sir on dtd 21-10-2014 pay my airtel bill through paytm which Transaction receipt Order no: #627820494. but my amount went to paytm cash wallet. on 28-10-2014 i clicked on paytm link "refund to <...[Read full complaint]

Fraud call on behalf of sbi card

Sharad Bhatt on 08 November 2014

dear sir/madam on 4th of nov14 one call come and said calling on behalf of sbi card and said your redeem points are 0785 which is expire and your amount Rs.9996/- this am...[Read full complaint]

PayTM: Received a wrong product & Now no response from them

Yash Mavani on 07 November 2014

Respected Sir, With Reference to my Paytm Order No:608172175, I Have Ordered 'Zovi Navy With Dual Top Line Casual Shoes (Size-9)' The Order was accepted ob 30th Sep-2104 & was shipped on 1-Oct-201...[Read full complaint]

Paytm wrongly recharged

Shaik Tajuddin on 06 November 2014

Dear sir, I wrongly recharged to this number 8159 through paytm mobile app, transaction no. 870. I would like to recover amount of rs.110 from a...[Read full complaint]

Paytm delivering false products

Javed Qureshi on 05 November 2014

I have ordered ordered a sewing machine of shoppers52 from paytm of rs 1099 from patm order no 466. (dated 13/10/2014 time 5.46 pm) Paytm.com took a advance payment for t...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge failed but amount is not refund

Jeet Kumar on 05 November 2014

sir i recharge on 30th September 2014 on a bsnl no. recharge amount rs.107, i have already rs.10 in my paytm cash wallet, so i am using on my sbi debit card with rs. 97. recharge is field and at n...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge unsuccessful and my balance deducted

Anowar Gazi on 05 November 2014

paytm recharge un succesfull but my balence deducted Rs-50 date 30 october my order number is #637636889 and #637738566 my recharge mobail number is releanceGSM 4131 but ...[Read full complaint]

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