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Purchase Product at paytm site

Raju Pujari on 29 October 2014

0009 this Is My Order. i will Order Brutsch Classy Stylish Formal Shoes (Size-8) Black And Without lase But Paytm Send me Broun Colour And With Lase Shoes. Pls My Order C...[Read full complaint]

For dish tv online recharge in paytm

Dindayal Bareth on 29 October 2014

ORDER NO.636732887 Rs. 2028 OCT '14 8:19 PM Recharge of Dish TV DTH 9801

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Purchase Product at Paytm

Raju Pujari on 29 October 2014

0009 this Is My Order. i will Order Brutsch Classy Stylish Formal Shoes (Size-8) Black And Without lase But Paytm Send me Broun Colour And With Lase Shoes.

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Paytm deduction without recharging airtel mobile

Ghanshyam Pathak on 29 October 2014

Mobile No. 7879 has been recharged through Paytm worth Rs.209/- vide ORDER NO. 9338 27 OCT '14 10:54 AM 1 ITEM ORDER TOTAL Rs 209. Accordingly a...[Read full complaint]

Paytm Recharge pending

Shovan Mondal on 28 October 2014

MY PAYMENT DETAILS: Payment of Rs. 55 is received by Paytm! Indusind Bank DC Transaction No 9913 Indusind Bank saving a/c-100030494717. ORDER NO. 3305<...[Read full complaint]

Deduction with recharging my airtel mobile

Ghanshyam Pathak on 28 October 2014

Mobile No. 7879 has been recharged on 27/10/2014 at 11:03 hrs. with a sum of Rs.209/- only through Paytm vide Order no: #635089338. Same amount has been deducted from my ...[Read full complaint]

Haven't get recharge although 90 Rs deducted.

Bharat Rabari on 27 October 2014

On 22 Oct 2014 I used paytm for recharging my Airtel card for amount Rs 90 having order number 4634 in paytm with my hdfc debit card.my 90 Rs were deducted and mail showe...[Read full complaint]

Paytm deduct money but recharge not successful

Neeraj Kunar on 27 October 2014

Hi, I have recharge through PAYTM android application on 23 Oct of 249 rupees. It is showing successful on paytm application but actually recharge is not successful. Paytm order no. [Read full complaint]

Tata docomo bill payment thru paytm not submitted

Sudhir Kute on 27 October 2014

Dear sir I had paid the my tatatdocomo postpaid bill of of nos 0112 of rs 0.00 ref no 0020 and 0339...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge not successful but balance deducted

Raj Palsaxena on 27 October 2014

I have made 2 orders no 2528 & 9559 on dated 22/10/14 recharge of postpaid airtel no 0922 rs 100 each by my paytm acco...[Read full complaint]

Against paytm recharge

Vipin Saxena on 26 October 2014

my tata do co mo mo.n.8604882435 no richarg but my account balence deduction rs.50 please jelp me

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Paytm shows recharge but actually not happened

Arindam Patra on 26 October 2014

Sir... Recharge details Order number-626972653 Phone number-8900619266 Recharge amount-30 Date- October 2014 Time-4:4 pm order number 7079 rs 50...[Read full complaint]

Paytm non payment my mobile bill

Manoj Ojha on 26 October 2014

I made a payment on 21-10-14 through Paytm to my reliance mobile bil payment rs.685 it effect on my credit card but payment wasn't made til the date. I mailed them many times to their email ID and...[Read full complaint]

PAYTM don't do recharge but deduct money

Sachin Gupta on 25 October 2014

I had placed 5 order of each 50Rs & only 100Rs bill paid in my Number.. .rest 150rs they don't pay the bill they cheat me .. ORDER NO. 0473 21 OCT '14 11:39 PM 1 ITEM ORD...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge issue and irresponsibility

Raviprasad Mr on 23 October 2014

I recharged my data card through Paytm yesterday at 8:30 PM. Paytm confirmed that the recharge is successful, got the money deduction message from bank as well. But, airtel didn't receive the rech...[Read full complaint]

PayTM - Horrible Service

Rohit Barpanda on 23 October 2014

PayTM has one of the worst service possible and the people working there just don't care. This is the third time this is happening to me. I recharged the phone. Money was deducted from account and...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge not received

Amit Singh Negi on 23 October 2014

I just recharged by reliance gsm 9091 by Rs 125 but haven't received the recharge but email msg shows its Sucessful....please refund money

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Paytm recharge not happened

Dipanjan Dey on 22 October 2014

Sir i am rech 30rs.order 629860214.but the number is not recharge.but my a/c money is deducted.so as soon as moy money is returned.

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Paytm recharge problem

Sandip Lamture on 22 October 2014

paytm order id629684650 4804 airtel recharge 88 not succes to refund balance pleaze

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Vodafone no recharge by paytm

Sharnjit Singh on 22 October 2014

I have recharge my VOAFONE by paytm. My recharge amount is rs 248. Without recharging my mobile money has been cut from my account. Please send my recharge amount soon.

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