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Recharge failed for BSNL from paytm

Arvind Singh on 25 October 2013

I had recharged my BSNL mobile:9424874785 from Paytm.com on 16th October of Rs.78. I got the Recharge confirmation from Paytm but didn't received any recharge on my number. When I contacted BSNL c...[Read full complaint]

Refund Pending recharge amout from paytm

Manoj K on 24 October 2013

I tried to recharge my Reliance Digital TV with paytm. Rs.500 rupees got deducted from my account but recharge did't happen. I mailed there customer care about the same care@paytm.Com, but no one ...[Read full complaint]

Deduction of 250 by paytm

Amit Kumar Yadav on 24 October 2013

I was trying to recharge my vodafone.number 5955 by my Sbi netbanking. it showed me deduction of 250 but didn't recharge yet..

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Balance deducted from bank a/c but not recharged

Pranati Swain on 23 October 2013

Today on 23/12/2011 two times i tried to recharge my phone no. 9809 from this [Read full complaint]

Paytm site reduction of banck balance

Gurnam Singh on 23 October 2013

i am adding balance on paytm site by net banking on date 22/10/2013 at 10;27 my addition of balance is cancelled it shows me pending but 150 rs deducted from my cbi a/c but i did not get my money ...[Read full complaint]

Paytm amount deducted from account but no recharge

Manu S on 23 October 2013

I tried to recharge my no 8448 through paytm of rs 9... But i didn't get recharge.... I got a notification from my bank that rs449has deducted f...[Read full complaint]

Recharge failed in PAYTM. But my cash is not back.

Jyoti Bhusan Nayak on 22 October 2013

DEAR SIR, I was recharged on 11th september with my SBI net banking.But recharged failed and my cash is not backed in my account.

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Paytm non refund of failed online transaction

Alankrita Debroy on 22 October 2013

Vide paytm order no. 338, an amount of rs 00/- is deducted on09.10.13. From my bank account,but till date the money could not be traced,neither ...[Read full complaint]

Paytm refund payment

Vishnu Mundhra on 18 October 2013

transaction failed payment not refund my account , your order no. is 264, 0784

[Read full complaint]

Paytm not successfully recharge on bsnl number

Bhaumik A Priyadarshi on 18 October 2013

Recharge for BSNL Mobile 8970 of Rs.135 was successful .Your Order no. is 693. Queries? We're at care@paytm.com. paytm deduct m9ney from my acco...[Read full complaint]

Paytm.com is not being trustful

Meruva Dineshlnrao on 18 October 2013

Hi, I made a recharge of amount RS: 222 to my vodafone number of karnataka, unfortunately due to some technical issue the recharge was not successful and i got a mail from paytm stating that they ...[Read full complaint]

Order was declined by Idea. Amount added to Paytm Cash.

Sunil Dashrath Bura on 09 October 2013

Your order was declined by Idea. The amount has been added to your Paytm Cash. please refund my amount 148rupees my order idea no. 0059

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Vodafone recharge not successful

Abhishek Singh on 09 October 2013

Yesterday near 5.30 pm i prosses a recharge of Rs. 140 by paytm , this particular amount deduct from my account but still i didn't receive talk time.

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Do not use service of paytm

Sahil on 08 October 2013

Debit money from can't but recharge is done¬ refund losses money big psytm

[Read full complaint]

Paytm refund for failed Recharge बईमानी

Brajesh Nandan Madhurya on 07 October 2013

4th oct 2013 को aircel no. 9620 पर 13 रूपये का रिचार्ज कराया, जो फेल हो गया और paytm कैस में राशि जमा हो गया. मैंने अकाउंट में ट्रान्सफर के लिए आग्रह किया। वह भी फेल हो ग...[Read full complaint]

Recharge not done in uninor from Paytm

Deep on 07 October 2013

Recharge not done but the amount has been deducted from my account.

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Balance cut in paytm

Deepak Kumar on 06 October 2013

sir please my balance cut my sbi bank 05-Oct-2013 (05-Oct-2013) TO TRANSFER INB Paytm Mobile Solution Pvt 256894420IGM6766358 TRANSFER TO 3240 PAYTM MOBILE SOLUTIONS [Read full complaint]

Need refund from Paytm

Satinder Pal Singh on 06 October 2013

Hi i am satinder i tried to payy postpaid airtel bill for three tomes it got cancalled. My no is8800332639. Please refund my money to my bank account asap. Thanx order no 4789[Read full complaint]

Aircel balance not credited after successful recharge

Deepak Kumar on 02 October 2013

i have done recharge with rupee 69 from paytm.com and it was shown that recharge is successful but i did not get any recharge on my mobile no(8679027545).As per Aircel official web site, it shows ...[Read full complaint]

98 rs deducted from central bank account by paytm

Anil Kumar on 26 September 2013

while i am recharging on my bsnl no.7589138127. with amount of rs. 98 the on 24.sep.2013 by paytm site recharge is unsuccessful shown by site but 98 rs. is deducted from my cental bank account my ...[Read full complaint]

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