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115 rs missing from the account

Nathaniel Ladha on 04 December 2016

First in my account there were 640rs And a transferred a 500 rs from paytm to my account. And Msg came 500 rs successful credited. But amount is 1025rs. Total 115rs missing this is not fair. Pls l...[Read full complaint]

Didn't get my money back for failed transactions

Ramanlal Bora on 04 December 2016

I was paying the bill of electricity from paytm but it get failed for the two time and in third try it get successful even that paytm dedicated my money from my account for that failed transaction...[Read full complaint]

Paytm has failed to transfer the money back to source account

Ganesh Chavan on 04 December 2016

Hi, The paytm has failed to transfer money back to source , which was raised as dispute with paytm. The transaction id 1877 of amount 1250 and txid 708...[Read full complaint]

Money issue in paytm

Anurag on 04 December 2016

My paytm paid money is still pending and money has been deducted from my account.paytm customer care is not responding and it has been 4 days since my money is deducted .I am facing problem in pay...[Read full complaint]

Online transactions getting failed

Manoj Mahajan on 04 December 2016

tried to mobile recharge, to transfer money to paytm wallet, tried to pay premium of mu bharti axa policy. I have feeded all details correctly then also it is showing your card details are not ava...[Read full complaint]

Double charge by paytm

Atul Singh on 04 December 2016

maine doctor ki fess pay karne ke liye paytm se 4000 rupees transfer kiye but OTP dalne ke baad process cancelled dekha diya .. maine phir se paytm se paise transfer kiye aur ho gaya. but mera pai...[Read full complaint]

Money does not added in my paytm account

Ashu Sarpate on 04 December 2016

I have been added rs 506 in my paytm account. The money is debited from my bank account but not added to paytm account. This problem is since 29th nov. And my transition time is 12.54.55pm.

[Read full complaint]

Paytm transaction pending

Yukti Gadia on 03 December 2016

A transaction has been pending since past 2 days and no reply has been received even after complaning on @paytm.com

[Read full complaint]

Paytm's delay in refund

Gagan Bapna on 03 December 2016

Hi! I had ordered for “E450 Thinkpad Lenovo” Laptop, Order No. 170, on 16-Nov-2016 at 22:04 hours from Paytm for INR ,579 and made the payment o...[Read full complaint]

Paytm wallet amount credit

Brijesh Sisodia on 02 December 2016

paytm has not credited refund amount from little with transaction id 8385 to my wallet in spite of several requests made by me. the refund from little was made on 24th no...[Read full complaint]

Payment failed in Paytm

Satpal Mahar on 02 December 2016

Payment failed but money I paid Rs 1590 through paytm for electricity bill. On 30/11/2016 After some transaction shows failed but amount got deducted from my account. Now more than 3day passed no ...[Read full complaint]

Transaction not success on paytm

Manjeet on 02 December 2016

My transaction ID is 8110 is not success, but rupees debited and not return, my mob no. 3249

[Read full complaint]

Payment failed but money

Pravin Adsul on 30 November 2016

I paid Rs 850 through paytm for electricity bill. After some transaction shows failed but amount got deducted from my account. Now more than week passed no refund done by paytm.

[Read full complaint]

Fraud by Patym

Lokesh Vaishnav on 30 November 2016

Dear sir, mene 17 November ko apne paytm account M Apne atm card se 2500 Ka recharge kiya thaa fr 2500 rs ko mere cousin k account m transfer kiya thaa mere cousin ka Ac no 5016...[Read full complaint]

Paytm account blocked

Prince Choudhary on 28 November 2016

Mere account blocked ho gaya ha my register no. 3949

[Read full complaint]

Patym account Money Deducted but its isne transfer in my account.

Lokesh Vaishnav on 28 November 2016

dear sir, At 17 November i had added 2500 in my patym wallet its wallet order id is.. 1533 and bank Txn id is 3969 Than i had transferred this a...[Read full complaint]

Amt deducted from my acct for Delhi jal board but paytm is showing it's failed

Rakhi Bhatnagar on 25 November 2016

I paid my delhi jal board bill today as on 25 Nov 2016 at 1.03 am amount is deducted from the airport and paytm is showing ur transaction is failed wht abt my amt which i...[Read full complaint]

Paytm Order #2242121201

Ashu Tosh on 25 November 2016

सर मेरे 200रुपए paytm बोलट से बैंक अकाउंट ब्रिटन करे थे जो 19 तारीख को करे थे मैंने और अभी तक मेरे paytm वॉलेट से तो ₹200 कट गए पर बैंक अकाउंट में अभी तक नहीं पहुंचे सर बताइए यह पैसे मेरे कहां है ...[Read full complaint]

Money not add in paytm and debited my account

Jitender Singh on 24 November 2016

Dear sir My name is jitender singh and My ac no is 0064 i transfer money in my paytm Ac from my bank ac but i m Not receave money and debited 4000 rupes In my ac And i go...[Read full complaint]

Shopping at Paytm - Horrendous Customer Support- pathetic experience

Sundara Iyer on 19 November 2016

1) App / Website: Living in the stone ages. Only 1 Delivery address possible that too in the profile. Address does not even get pulled up for confirmation during placing of order. 2) Customer Serv...[Read full complaint]

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