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Amount Not refunded bY Pay TM nor send product.

Kanchan Tiwari on 04 July 2015

Dear Sir I have order Mamy Poko Pants Diapers- 52 Pcs (Size- L) through PAY Tm On 2015 but and they didn't deliver my order. I have mailed them many times and they kept o...[Read full complaint]

My electricity bill paid through paytm is not paid

Farhin Siddiqui on 03 July 2015

I paid my electricity bill to dgvcl using PayTM but my payment us not done.my next months bill came den I came to know my payment is remaining. My PayTM order no is. 437....[Read full complaint]

Waiting for operator confirmation

Richa Rai on 03 July 2015

WAITING FOR OPERATOR CONFIRMATION is the status every time when I am trying to recharge from this website. Amount gets deducted but recharge is not done.

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Recharge not done by PayTM after deduction of my money

Sayantan Sarkar on 03 July 2015

I have recharged of amount Rs.561 to my bsnl number on today. Paytm has deducted my money as successful transaction but recharge not done. While asking my operator they denied for any successful r...[Read full complaint]

Paytm : Sent used Product

Vipul Kalra on 03 July 2015

I bought a Hand Blender from Paytm . They delievered it 2 days late, after promised delivery date . I paid for the order & later on when I opened it, it was Used product . Even strains of vegetabl...[Read full complaint]

Payment made but giving message Payment failed

Prarthna Sahu on 02 July 2015

I made a purchase through paytm site online. I paid through ICICI Net banking, my balance of Rs. 239 deducted from my Bank account but on paytm I got the message Payment failed. Now I'm not sure f...[Read full complaint]

Faulty Tata Swatch Smart water purifier received

Suraj Bajaj on 01 July 2015

i have received a leaking water purifier of Tata Swatch from Paytm- online shopping site. i have raised the return request for the product but the paytm people are asking me to courier the same on...[Read full complaint]

Paytm delivered a tile instead of an htc smartphone

Ishu Gupta on 01 July 2015

Order 3703 received tile and marble instead of mobile. I dont only want refund. I also want action against seller 4 such torture. no reply is coming from paytm's side i w...[Read full complaint]

Partially received my paytm order

Vismay Kansara on 30 June 2015

Hie I have ordered 2 sets of puma socks six Pcs set for rupees 99/- So in total I should received 12 pairs of socks. But I have only received 6pairs. Then j mailed PayTM ...[Read full complaint]

Complaint against money deduction by paytm

Swadesh Pandey on 30 June 2015

0 Paytm से मैंने सामान मंगाया था लेकिन उसने इसे नहीं पहुँचाया। और इसका money PayTM Wallet में रख लिया जब मैंने refund अपने बैंक के अकाउंट में करने को बोला तो इन्होंने पहले तो परेशां किया और 1 महीन...[Read full complaint]

Paytm-Not shipping the product

Abdulsameer Shaikh on 30 June 2015

I started using Paytm from 1 month as it promoting cashback offer and due to this I ordered lots many item out of which 2 products 7139 & 633) w...[Read full complaint]

My Money is blocked in Paytm Account

Sagar Rupareliya on 30 June 2015

Sir, I am having 277 rs. in my Paytm wallet. One day , when i tried to log in to my Paytm account. it showed an error that my account is temporarily blocked. it has been ten days since then and no...[Read full complaint]

Paytm is cheating the consumers

Dheeraj Gulati on 30 June 2015

sir, i actually had 6200 rs in my paytm wallet .one day i was not able to login to my account.i thought that might be some technical error at that time when i tried to login next day. i was gettin...[Read full complaint]

paytm cancelled the order and increased the price

Sovan Mukherjee on 30 June 2015

Hi, Paytm are dragging this issue for 10 days now. I placed this order which they have cancelled two items. After 1st time cancellation i sent them a mail and and responded that "We're sorry that ...[Read full complaint]

Bad experience of paytm app

Om Kadam on 30 June 2015

Hello, As per Paytm OFFER (50rs cash back on 100rs for all users,2times u can use the promo code FREE100) , i have paid my postpaid bill +100 = 200 Rs through paytm on 29...[Read full complaint]

To return paytm product

Ankita Chourasia on 29 June 2015

I have ordered a saree from paytm. But when I received it I found completely change of material what I have read in product description.now I want to return it.and want my money back.

[Read full complaint]

Paytm delivered a broken item

Mohit Agarwal on 29 June 2015

my order no: 674, Paytm is selling broken item, I received broken tempered glass [Read full complaint]

Pending 3000 cash back from samsung or paytm

Shaveta Dadwal on 29 June 2015

Dear sir I Have purchased samsung galaxy A7 from M/S PRASHER TELECOM,Mall road,Near shimla Pahari chowk,Hoshiarpur on dt .15. My main issue is this that samsung offer 300...[Read full complaint]

Loss of money in paytm

Gautam Rawat on 29 June 2015

My mobile no is 690, on dated 015, using my atm card I tried to recharge my no of RS 699 but I didn't get the recharge instead my bank account w...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge not done

Rajnish Patel on 27 June 2015

I am recharge my mobile number throw pytm but recharge not done and dabitet money in my acount so plz. Help me

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