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Paytm Order not shipped yet after a week

Narendran on 29 August 2015

I have placed order for Beyerdynamic headphone Rs-5400/- on 24 Aug 12 am, Paytm received & acknowledge my payment, Provided me a estimated delivery date 3 Sep, but still after 6 days I have not re...[Read full complaint]

I bought sandwich maker from paytm order

Mukesh N on 28 August 2015

on 2015 i received the sandwich maker orbit elda. which was order from PAYTM site . product was defected because it was not baking food properlly i was apply to return th...[Read full complaint]

Paytm wrong number recharge

Mohit Verma on 27 August 2015

I do wrong number recharge.. I want refund my amounts

[Read full complaint]

Paytm refund my amount

Santosh Singh on 26 August 2015

I recharged from paytm .. .I done my payment by my card payment deduction mail received to me by bank ...but till now no recharge refund my amount please

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Paytm offer amount not given

Sanjiv Sharma on 26 August 2015

I have purchased phone with offer of 400 per month from Paytm . only got 800 but rest not been trasferred to my wallet. mail sent to customer service in June no response. mail sent to Grievance of...[Read full complaint]

Paytm Charged amount more than MRP

Gopal Krishna Garg on 25 August 2015

R/Sir, This is w.r.t. the order no. 2666 for Valtellina Pollycotton Circle Design Single Bedsheet and Valtellina Pollycotton Geometric Design Single Bedsheet. I have alre...[Read full complaint]

Paytm.com no money refund

Vipul Kanzariya on 25 August 2015

hi my paytm order ORDER NO. 5034 CC Transaction No 2230 but cant not recive my money from paytm.. this order to refund procees but many day to g...[Read full complaint]

Paytm recharge pending

Mukesh Kumar on 25 August 2015

sir i recharge my airtel no. by drbit card through paytm. the amount was done. but no recharge yet.this happen today.now i dont know that recharge will done or not. my order no is [Read full complaint]

Paytm 199 recharge problem

Vishwanatha on 25 August 2015

Hdfc credit card debited rs199 on paytm but paytm not recharge to my no 3017 pls refund me the amount

[Read full complaint]

Airtel paytm billdesk online fraud

Narendra Sharma on 24 August 2015

Sir, today means in Monday morning at 5 am I received a msg that five thousand rupees had been debited through my account. Then i complained to my bank. They found that the amount is paid by airte...[Read full complaint]

Order failed but money deducted

Arupkumar Mukherjee on 22 August 2015

On .15, I tried to do special recharge through PAYTM online vide order no. 7598 but the order was failed. However, Rs 41/- was deducted. Then ag...[Read full complaint]

Paytm payment return

Raju Dubey on 22 August 2015

Dear Sir, wrong fund trf. in mobile no- 8768 order no-#1174954050 . kindly revert this amount to bank account of canara bank amount is Rs150. date-22.08.2015 time-10.20am...[Read full complaint]

Paytm refund cash

Surendra Nishad on 22 August 2015

paytm order no.#1170708543 19/8/2015 7:29pm not cash recived but recharge amount cut my account (paytm ID 447)

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After 24hrs vodafone payment not done

Sachin Kadam on 21 August 2015

Vodafone bill payment still not done by paytm. Rs.800 has been deducted from bank already but my payment has still not done after 24hrs. payment time is 2015 on 5.08pm. e...[Read full complaint]

Paytm send duplicate power bank

Jaidev Singh Khurana on 20 August 2015

Dear Team , i had taken Power bank purchase from PAYTM side but i have received duplicate power bank pls take necessary action against same & solve my complain. Jaidev Singh Khurana mobile Num [Read full complaint]

Paytm online transaction failure

Vikash Dara on 19 August 2015

conI did a online transaction on 15 aug 2015 from my icici account via net banking (account no. 0717 ) to paytm for buying one led tv which reference id is [Read full complaint]

Paytm Account Blocked

Jyotirmoy Adhikari on 19 August 2015

I create a paytm account 3 month ago. I add Rs. 00/- in my paytm wallet. But since 01/08/15 , my account has been blocked for login. I request again and again to unblock ...[Read full complaint]

Foe paytm balance

Vivek Balasaheb Kawde on 19 August 2015

sir someone stolen my paytm balance and done many transitions on this 162. Plz help me

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Paytm non recharge of mobile

Sujit Majumdar on 19 August 2015

Sir, I had recharge on 14 aug' 2015 to my Airtel connection (Transaction Ref No. IG0ANJLVC6 for Rs. 203 on 4.31 O - clock) and another recharge on 19 Aug' 2015 to my same...[Read full complaint]

Recharge don't done through paytm

Kapil M Katara on 19 August 2015

i have done a recharge of 300rs through paytm for my aircel no and since 1 day its saying that opertor is down..

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