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Paytm recharge not received

Amit Singh Negi on 23 October 2014

I just recharged by reliance gsm 9091 by Rs 125 but haven't received the recharge but email msg shows its Sucessful....please refund money

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Paytm recharge not happened

Dipanjan Dey on 22 October 2014

Sir i am rech 30rs.order 629860214.but the number is not recharge.but my a/c money is deducted.so as soon as moy money is returned.

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Paytm recharge problem

Sandip Lamture on 22 October 2014

paytm order id629684650 4804 airtel recharge 88 not succes to refund balance pleaze

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Vodafone no recharge by paytm

Sharnjit Singh on 22 October 2014

I have recharge my VOAFONE by paytm. My recharge amount is rs 248. Without recharging my mobile money has been cut from my account. Please send my recharge amount soon.

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Paytm wallet cash not add

Sandip Lamture on 21 October 2014

paytm order no 7348 rs 300 state bank tra. id no 1685

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Paytm fraud staff

Yuvi Sharma on 20 October 2014

sir main aapko pay.tm software ki sachayi btane ja raha hu .. mere frnd ne pay tm par new account bnaya.... or apne atm card ki sab detail bhr di agle din os ko es no se 3609[Read full complaint]

Paytm deduct my money and shipment not delivered

Chandra Pratap on 20 October 2014

I have ordered a product on Oct 10th,2014 through paytm.The expected date of delivery for my product was on or between Oct 19th,2014 but still i didn't get my order product. It seems like paytm is...[Read full complaint]

Paytm- Mobile topup site not refund recharge money

Anil Tarale on 18 October 2014

Transaction id -mtp16097255 date- 9-16 11:31:12 idea cell 5061 i tried to recharge this mobile but recharge has been failed and from bank rs.104...[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of refund from Paytm

Dheeraj Gupta on 18 October 2014

My order Id is 4161 I ordered a nokia handset as well as samsung mobile amounting upto rs 8500 Both the piece were defective so i had to raise a...[Read full complaint]

Paytm delivered wrong product

Amit Kataria on 17 October 2014

Hi i ordered a dezine - watch, order id 189. I had placed order for white colour watch, but i recieved black colour, now when i am sending them mails, i am not getting an...[Read full complaint]

Twice deducion by PAYTM.

Dinesh Mishra on 17 October 2014

Respected Sir, Paytm by ID number-560 017 669 for Rs 51/- rupees deducted by my SBI Account Number-11,385,462,284 on July 30, 2014 at 1705 hrs. after few second message h...[Read full complaint]

Paytm Deduct money and not shipped my order

Vinay Kumar on 17 October 2014

I have ordered a product on Oct 11th,2014 through paytm.The expected date of delivery for my product was on or between Oct 14th,2014 but still i didn't get my order product. It seems like paytm is...[Read full complaint]

Paytm delivered product not as per product description

Divyang Chavhan on 17 October 2014

Dear Sir I have purchased Sony MDR - EXLP Headphones form paytm,order no-614778804. But the product I got isn't as per product description provided on paytm website . It doesn't have volume and ca...[Read full complaint]

Paytm Order not recieved

Anurag Gupta on 16 October 2014

I purchase a prestige cooker from paytm.com(order id 490) of worth rs. 940 on 09/10/2014 and they said that order will ship on 11/10/2014 and receive on 15/10/2014 but ti...[Read full complaint]

Paytm Fraud

Premkumar on 16 October 2014

Hi, Order Number: 0737 I ordered one product in Paytm at 09 October 014. The date of delivery is 15 October 014, Still...[Read full complaint]

Paytm cheats

Babul Kumar on 16 October 2014

i tried to my reachage mts mblaze8459226357 reachage not sucessful but paytm dectued by blance

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Paytm refund money

Divyanshu Trivedi on 15 October 2014

Recharge is failed 2 time 1st time 100rs.& 108rs. No msg receive my no msg oder no.plz refund my mony

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Ubislate tab nahi chal raha hai

Anand Kr Singh on 15 October 2014

maine 9th oct,2014 ko ubslate7c+ tab online purchase kiya per two days chalne ke baad tab on nahi ho raha hai maine kai baar complaint kiya par bolte hai mera technical ka aadmi phone kar lega par...[Read full complaint]

Paytm not responding and order pending

Roshan Sharma on 15 October 2014

on 8 October 2014 i booked Bajaj majesty JMG through paytm order no 594. But item not shipped yet. I sent mail regarding this to @paytm.com but...[Read full complaint]

Transaction done my bank but not receive cash

Ratnadeep Ramesh Ranjane on 15 October 2014

Cash not receive to paytham voilet to they bank transaction thrrow

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