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Passport Dispatch complaints

Passport delay in dispatch

Jaspreet Singh on 12 July 2014

dear sir, I applied for my passport on 12th may , but now even after one month i do not get it. My file number is ja3067841563414. I want to know reasons behind it and it is my humble request to c...[Read full complaint]

About passport dispatch

Pooja Megilamane on 11 July 2014

respected sir/madame; my file no is BN3067614666914 and dob is 29/04/1992,from past 25 working days the status of my application "Police Report has been submitted by SP Office, District Bellary a ...[Read full complaint]

For Passport printing and dispatch

Awni Kirti Patni on 07 July 2014

Due to expiry I have applied for re-issuance of my passport on 17th April 2014 at the PSK Andheri. On 17th May 2014 it said that my police files are clear and my passport has gone for printing and...[Read full complaint]

Dispatch of passport

Piyush Kumar Amritlal on 27 June 2014

Respected Sir/Madam, Kindly request above name of my Nephew in below description, File Number BP1077754449014 Date of Birth 09/04/2003 Given Name KARMESH Surname MEDTIYA Type of Application Normal...[Read full complaint]

Passport status is not dispatched from last 10 days

Yogeshkumar Pandey on 23 April 2014

Hi, I see the status of my passport application has not changed from past 10 days. Here are the corresponding details : File Number BN2067562305114 Date of Birth 06/08/1989 Given Name YOGESH KUMAR...[Read full complaint]

After the passport get print how many days it takes to dispatch

Mdtaha Tahsildar on 14 April 2014

hello sir my name is taha im from belgaum and my file number is BN3067494552514 and the status showing that ur passport is printed when it is dispatch u will receive an sms it is showing from last...[Read full complaint]

Passport not dispatched

Abdur Rahman on 09 April 2014

Sir i chek online. my passport is printed but not dispatch

[Read full complaint]

Not dispatched my passport

Yugul Kishor on 03 April 2014

I applied the passport and passport print 25 march 14 and passport nat dispatch the time of generally preparing passport is 45 days in passport seva , but my passport is not dispatch in this limit...[Read full complaint]

Delay in passport dispatch

Anil Satale on 30 December 2013

hi this is anil satale. i applied for passport over three months ago in thane passport seva office. and i followed all the rules as per their requirements. police verification has been done on the...[Read full complaint]

Delay in passport dispatch

Pushker Singh Bohara on 26 August 2013

Respected sir/madam i applied for passport as on 6th february and hardly police verification cleared on 17th july but still my passport has not been dispatch why its taking a longer i trying to ca...[Read full complaint]

Undelivered return passport is not redispatched even after 25 days of application

Ajit Jain on 24 August 2013

My passport was returned undelivered , on !st of aug I went passport ofice bhopal and gave a written application to re dispatch my passport at my permanent address. On 17th Aug I again visited to ...[Read full complaint]

Passport not dispatch to me?

Rashid Sharfuddin Shaikh on 23 July 2013

Respected sir/madam, I had applied for a fresh passport on 012. My physical police verification was also cleared and report was submitted to sp office of mumbai.right now...[Read full complaint]

Passport not dispatched after 7month of submission

Mukesh Kumar Panigrahi on 06 May 2013

I have submitted my application of passport on 1st Nov 2012 in Bhubaneswar and also police verification was completed in 1st week of Jan 2013 under my thane in Bhanjangar, Odisha.....But till now ...[Read full complaint]

Delay of dispatching the passport

Sibasankar Padhy on 15 April 2013

sir,, I am siba sankar padhy having passport file no: BH1061539207512 ,,applied on 5-sep-2012,, till now i didnt receive the passport.. each and every very verification has been finished,,and i vi...[Read full complaint]

My passport not dispatched

Vinod Kumar Singh on 30 March 2013

my file no. LK4060542480012 my name Vinod kumar singhand date of birth 23/07/1983 my home obra d. sonebhadra(U.P.) police sation Obra i am apply my passport date 05/09/2012 in varansi mypolice ver...[Read full complaint]

No passport dispatch

Tanmay Pal on 25 March 2013

My brother passport file no-ca2061631542112,name -tushar maity,d.O.B-22/12/1981, please dispatch the passport urgently,police report submitted,

[Read full complaint]

Passport dispatch complain

Rehan on 20 March 2013

My status shows ," Your Passport has been printed and You would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched.,,,,,how much time will it take?

[Read full complaint]

Passport not dispatched yet

Vashishth Pandey on 16 March 2013

I applied for a fresh passport on 22/02/2012 but i am yet to receive my passport. its been over a year. my file no. is dL3060312411112 and my date of birth is 982. please...[Read full complaint]

Passport Dispatch issue

Neeraj Nischal on 06 March 2013

Police Verification Report for your passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office. After Police Verification Report is found clear, passport will be dispatched. You would receiv...[Read full complaint]

How long passport will take to dispatch after printing is done?

Bujjio on 23 January 2013

Hello rpo, I have submitted my passport on dec 011, now jan 2013 the status is passport has been printed and you will receive an email/Sms once the passport dispatch. Ple...[Read full complaint]

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