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Passport Delay complaints

Delay in dispatch of passport

Juili Bhosekar on 22 July 2014

Hi, i have applied for passport on 29 may 14 in normal scheme in Pune RPO. My police verification report has been submitted and action for passport printing is initiated however i have not receive...[Read full complaint]

Passport delayed

Thankachan Padinjare Muttathil Simon on 21 July 2014

Sir my passport was issued on 014. My file no is Lk4067513547614. Now its months over but i have not received my passport yet. On enquiry its given that my file is under ...[Read full complaint]

From March 14 submit off the paper yet not got the passport

Kewal Kewal on 20 July 2014

My application Reference No 140000590866,Type -normal application submitted on 16-01-2014 Date of birth 15-9-1990 Appointment on 03-03-2014.Police verification finshed in the month of may14 last,y...[Read full complaint]

Delay in passport

Firoz Ali on 20 July 2014

Sir I had applied for passport on 1/4/14.My file no. is .JA2067676757814 .Further during the process i had been asked a clarification and I had submitted that well in time then i got an e.mail tha...[Read full complaint]

Delay in recieving passport

Debadatta Khuntia on 19 July 2014

Hiii..sir.. i am Debadatta khuntia and my file no. is BH1062662127314.I applied for passport on 06/05/2014.Also it is printed.But till today i have not got my passport and it is vry important for ...[Read full complaint]

Delay in passport arrival

Paramveer Sekhon on 19 July 2014

I have not received my passport which was speed post by bareilly passport office. I m running out of time as I have to apply for abroad. I kindly request u to solve my complain.Dispatched passport...[Read full complaint]

Delay after action for passport printing initiated

Aashish Jain on 17 July 2014

Sir, I have applied for reissue of my passport on 22 may 014. After many rounds in the office since last 10 days the status is "report submitted from SP office vidisha, a...[Read full complaint]

Passport delay

Vigneshwaran on 17 July 2014

My file number is MD1067684580114,I applied passport on 19/05/2014 .me and my frnd applied on same date sir he received passport but for me pending sir,i lost my interview on 17/07/2014.it my life...[Read full complaint]

Delay in receiving Passport

Fauster on 17 July 2014

My name is Fauster Thomas . my file no. is BO1067773080814 .and i have applied for my passport on 15th May 2014 . my police verification was completed . and the same status was also updated on the...[Read full complaint]

Not found passport

Sandeep Kumar on 16 July 2014

Sir, i have completed verified my passport verification but i passport not received.

[Read full complaint]

Delay in passport

Rutu Trivedi on 16 July 2014

I had applied for reissue my passport on 4... I have still not received my passport nor have got any police verification... I have an urgency to visit jakarta as my husba...[Read full complaint]

For passport delay

Ranju Jacob on 16 July 2014

dear sir, I applied for my passport on 27th may . but do not get until 45 days.my file no.co4077704285114 . I want to know reasons behind it and my humble request to check what the problem is. [Read full complaint]

Passport is not coming

Manpreet Kaur on 15 July 2014

i hv applied my passport in 29 may ..45 days are over bt my passport is not coming..if i call passport office they ask them they hv no passports to printing..and i ask hi...[Read full complaint]

Delay in issuing Passport

Shweta Changlani on 14 July 2014

I've applied for passport under normal scheme at PSK Jaipur on 014. Police verification done on 05/06/2014 and status updated on 014. " Police r...[Read full complaint]

Passport delay

Ravneet Kaur on 13 July 2014

Hi sir I am big problem I just applied my fresh passport in 09/05/2014 and within 10 days police verification done but sit haven't get my passport . And when I track my application it's show same ...[Read full complaint]

Passport delay in dispatch

Jaspreet Singh on 12 July 2014

dear sir, I applied for my passport on 12th may , but now even after one month i do not get it. My file number is ja3067841563414. I want to know reasons behind it and it is my humble request to c...[Read full complaint]

Delay for passport dispatch

Shamanazneen Shamanazneen on 12 July 2014

Im shama ..im applied passport application on 9/05 014. . BN4067710327114 THIS is file no. ..I got sms for 18/06/2014 police verification are co...[Read full complaint]

Passport not received after 1 month of Police verification

Jayshri Vijay Patil on 09 July 2014

I have applied for passport at thane office and the current status is below: "Police report has been submitted by your respective Police Office and is under processing at Regional Passport Office ...[Read full complaint]

Passport delay, everday same reason from calicut

Richard Dsouza on 09 July 2014

L am calling from one month to calicut, for my passport query, everyday the saying same reason booklet short booklet short, why they not taking an necessary actoin for this, why are you giving tor...[Read full complaint]

Non-receipt of Renewed Passport

Yogendra Goenka on 08 July 2014

File No.CA01W1001679712. Application made for 3rd time renewal submitted on 012. Till date have not received Passport. On checking online status, I am getting a window ci...[Read full complaint]

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