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Passport Delay complaints

Pass-Port not received

Patel Manishkumar on 21 May 2015

I've applied for renewal of my passport on dt.27/08/14 and my file no.is AH2078017340414 and also i've also paid Rs/-5000 case penalty for my overstayed at abroad. But still today I've not receive...[Read full complaint]

Delay in passport

Nikhil Inani on 19 May 2015

Sir, I have applied for the passport on feb27,2015 and my police verification was also completed on 2march,2015, but i have not recieved my passport yet. My file no is HY3068328640915. I request y...[Read full complaint]

Delay to re-issue my passport

Patel Manishkumar Manharbhai on 13 May 2015

I have applied for re-issue of my passport on dt.27-08-2014 and file no is AH2078017340414 at RPO Ahemedabad and I have also paid penalty Rs. 00/- on dt. 18-12-2014 for o...[Read full complaint]

New passport delay

Dharmendra Kumar Singh on 03 May 2015

I was apply for new passport from patna on 26 March and on 15 April passport documents comes at local thana -rupespur thana and verified by thana incharge this documents is passed to sp office -pa...[Read full complaint]

Delay in Passport Dispatch

Manjula Jivraj Vadera on 30 April 2015

Dear Sir, I had applied for my aunt's passport as per the detailes mentioned above. Initially, appoinment was taken for PSK-Vadodara, then they people sent us to Regional Passport office, Ahmedaba...[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of Passport

Hemlata Jain on 22 April 2015

Dear Sir, I applied for renewal of passport after expiry for my mother who is 68 years old vide application no. SU1077561642614 DATED 014. After that visited passport off...[Read full complaint]

Delay of my passport

Romakohli Kohli on 19 April 2015

Hello sir I am roma kohli residing in agra. I have applied for the lost passport in february and now its about 2 months above my passport is not issued to me.I checked daily on ur websete and trac...[Read full complaint]

Delay in Passport issuance over 1 year

Priyanka Basak on 06 April 2015

Respected Sir/Madam, I like to inform you that I have applied for my passport on 8/12/2013 and appeared for passport application appointment on 014. After my marriage on ...[Read full complaint]

Passport not receive

Anand Chaurasia on 04 April 2015

My passport not received dispatched on 01/04/2015.an and chaurasia DEORIA Sadat.

[Read full complaint]

Delay in Renewal for my daughter's Passport

Hardik Shah on 03 April 2015

Dear Sir, This is reference to application of my daughter’s passport renewal. , File Number: AH1078535111815 I am staying in Doha, Qatar country. My wife and daughter are staying in Vadodara, Guja...[Read full complaint]

Reissuing of passport is pending from 2013

Meera Bahadur on 02 April 2015

I have submitted my application on 26/08/2013 and currently my status shows that "passport application is under review at regional passport office",,kindly help in this and give me a solutio

[Read full complaint]

Passport 8 month late

Vinod Pawar on 24 March 2015

long time my passport not availlable me.so plese urgently verifcation police station

[Read full complaint]

Delay in Passport Receiving

Saurabhkumar Das on 21 March 2015

"My self Saurabh Kumar Das, I lived at Kandi ,Murshidabad, On 11th Feb 2015 i was went to D.I.B office Beharampore , Murshidabad West Bengal, I was submitted my all documents for Police Verificat ...[Read full complaint]

Passport not received since last 16 months

Patel Vaibhav on 20 March 2015

Respected sir/madam I have applied for passport of my daughter Ananya vaibhav Patel age 6yrs on 19/11/2013 file no.TH1067376940613 . All the required documents were submitted but till today l have...[Read full complaint]

My passport not come

Rahul Agarwal on 19 March 2015

My file no GZ 7814 my passport not come For three months my date of passport is 22/12/2014 Or Jo aap ka help line no hai wo koi utha nahi hai its no Is [Read full complaint]

I have not received my passport till today

Bindesh Patel on 19 March 2015

i have send passport on date 16/05/2014 for date of birth and place of birth change. if i inquire on your website and from that.i understand that it is laying in D.S.P. Office,Gandhinagar.I inquir...[Read full complaint]

Physical verification done but still passport pending

Abdul Qayoom on 19 March 2015

Physical verification is done under file number SG1078353831014 but it is still showing pending status.

[Read full complaint]

Undue delay in renewal of passport in due course

Jitendra Shah on 13 March 2015

Jitendra P. Shah File No.:-AH1078261732014 Dear Sir/Madam, Sub:- Re-issue of passport in due course. I have applied for renewal of my passport on 1st December 014. As per...[Read full complaint]

Misplacement of my passport Application and delay in Issuing Passport

Irfan Yusuf Jamadar on 13 March 2015

I have submitted my document for fresh passport on 05/05/2014.Police verification was done on 014. On the same month passport form and documents were submitted to Pune pa...[Read full complaint]

Regarding: Reasons for the passport delay

Kumud Ojha on 11 March 2015

Hi, I am writing to you on the behalf of my brother. He had applied for the passport on 19/06/2014 .His File Number : IDL3067858914014 & his DOB is 992. It's already been...[Read full complaint]

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