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Electricity bill very high

Sonal Dubey on 02 November 2015

Hi, my name is Sonal Dubey, I stay at a rental flat on the name of Mr Prakash khetale, his consumer no is 8731 and meter no 309, I stay at this ...[Read full complaint]

Electric high amount in bills

Sushma Singh on 02 November 2015

We had complained about the wrong bills to the office it was about 1690 but no action was taken by the those people they don't even bother to cone and check still we kept quite then we decided to ...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Wrong electricity bill

Rajkumar Kadam on 29 October 2015

Since July 15, the meter DISPLAY was bad and the reading was not displayed, so your contractor did not take readings and we got negative bills for that month, Later in august we got another negati...[Read full complaint]

Mseb more electricity bill

Pitale on 23 October 2015

The earlier I was getting normal bill but now within 30 days I am getting more bill. Our consumption are less to use. Could you please help us to logged a complaint for faulty meter. actual photo ...[Read full complaint]

MSEB - Exhorbitant Other charges in bill

Gowree Venkatachalam on 20 October 2015

My consumer number is 6009 and ward is 614. I find that inspite of the fact that the consumption charge for previous month (aug) and this month ...[Read full complaint]

Excessive electricity bill

Durgesh Awate on 20 October 2015

for 3-4 months they dont take readings properlly and after that they charged large amount of units consumed in just one month.they have given random no. of units for those 3-4 months because of wh...[Read full complaint]

Non cooparation from mseb virar sant nagar office

Ganesh Parab on 15 October 2015

This is inform you that I had registered complaint for faulty meter in 6 oct 15 no one comes for visit for more then 8 days ,ever after getting replacement of meter still my bills is showing as fa...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Delay In Meter Checking

Sachin Dongre on 11 October 2015

This is inform you that I had registered complaint for faulty meter in July no one comes for visit for more then 2 months ,ever after getting replacement of meter still my bills is showing as faul...[Read full complaint]

Excess Bill seen from last 1year by MSEB

Rajendra P Bhat on 05 October 2015

Dear Team For the above mentioned Consumer number i found the Unit consumption is showing wide range for example August 2015 bill unit was 303 and Sept 2015 bill unit has come 397. How come it can...[Read full complaint]

Receiving excess bill from MSEB since last years

Vahid Shaikh on 03 October 2015

Since last two years I received excessive light bills for Consumer No.198020302822 and 322. There are only three members in our family. I myself and my wife left the hous...[Read full complaint]

MSEB high bill

Akash Shah on 03 October 2015

Dear Sir, Due to some fault in electicity meter, it is running very fast and last month I got a bill of amount 5096 rps. I have registered a complain at Maharastra state electricity takarak kendra...[Read full complaint]

MSEB high billing

Sunita Hanumant Desai on 01 October 2015

Sub : HIGH billing in June-2015 To September-2015 month. Respected Sir, I undersigned Sunita Hanumant Desai customer of MSEB Consumer number-001880022900. I am having flat at Location - Virar East...[Read full complaint]

No one is looking into service request raised online

Nalini Kadam on 25 September 2015

Hi Team, Here wish to highlight that it has been more than a year I am getting high electricity bill. which has been highlighted several times via written complaint in MSEB office itself as well o...[Read full complaint]

Mseb no service

Dr Suhas on 24 September 2015

Im doctor from kharadi pune Posting these comments on thursday 24/9/15 On saturday 19/9/15 electricity was cut off and i complained on same day.. the responsibles visited me on next day evening.. ...[Read full complaint]

No light in my house two day

Shyam Chandere on 19 September 2015

Two day i was called mseb members (baner) they not response me my house nko light no drinking water but. Any one not hear mseb members

[Read full complaint]

Request to the cut tree which are comes under 33 KV electric line

S P Shende on 19 September 2015

Hello, I am near pepsi company saoner MIDC, there are trees behind my home which came under the contact of 33 KV electric pole line and there is very great chance to break the live electric wire d...[Read full complaint]

Not taking proper meter reading

Ayyub Thakur on 16 September 2015

To Date: 16th Sep 2015 The Sub Divisional Engineer. M.S.E.B , Mumbra Div Ref: Consumer No: 714, Name:HALIMA ABDUL HAMID THAKUR Reg: Excess billing(Faulty) from dated 01/0...[Read full complaint]

MSEB excess light bill

Pawan Tiwari on 16 September 2015

MSEB Ulhasnagar consumer name: Rambharosa Tiwari Consumer number: 9422 AZAD NAGAR ULHASNAGAR 1002 we are facing issue to resolve my over exec Bi...[Read full complaint]

MSEB faulty meter

Mahesh Ashok Banda on 11 September 2015

I am resident of panvel with MSEB elctricity connection which is showing Faulty remark from last four months, i have paid last four bills for same nos of units i.e 123 but the amount was different...[Read full complaint]

Mseb no service

Umesh N Kore on 11 September 2015

Continously light connetion cutting its mejor issu.........

[Read full complaint]
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