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High voltage from MSEB

Ashish Desai on 11 June 2013

I am facing a problem of high voltage in my house since last 6 months. Earlier there was a problem of low voltage. I have registered many complaints with MSEB but that have failed to respond. Thei...[Read full complaint]

Mseb Electricity/power cut

Dayashankar on 09 June 2013

I' m staying in Navapada area and whole this week we are facing power cut issue at any time. Not only in day time but in night too due to which we are suffering a lot. Since presently environment ...[Read full complaint]

No electricity since 9.30 - 5.30

Rahul Malkampate on 04 June 2013

Hi if any one is listining, this is really pathetic and hopeless service provided by mesb. There was no electricity in our complex since 9.30 am till 5.30 pm on last friday and 31may13 and 04jun13...[Read full complaint]

MSEB bill address has incorrect pincode

Amitkumar Sinha on 30 May 2013

Hi, I have submitted an application to make correction in the Pincode on my MSEB bill on 013. It was told that in April bill it will be corrected but it is still not done...[Read full complaint]

Too much power cut by MSEDCL

Devesh Jain on 29 May 2013

Hi sir, My self Devesh jain. Am stay at virar east, thane, area pin code is 03.. there is many issue regarding MSEB board.. there is so much power cut problem at any time...[Read full complaint]

Mseb excess Electricity Bill

Mrunali Bhatkar on 27 May 2013

My consumer number is 4045 and i received my bill almost 10 days late. Also when i received my bill i was charged 6K, usually my bill in the last two years has never cros...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Excess Billing

Sakar Chaubey on 20 May 2013

Hi, I stay in Kalpataru Estate-Phase-2, Flat 4B-1002 in Pimple Gurav Pune on rent. The MSEB Bill for the past 3-4 months has always exceeded 1K mark. Since April 28th I was on vacation and came ba...[Read full complaint]

Poor supply of electricity and bad behaviour of mseb all employes

Vaibhav on 15 May 2013

my village GANJEGAON having a single phase DP . the condition of that DP is very very bad. we allready complaint much more time in mseb office. but any senior employe cant help us or visit that pe...[Read full complaint]

Non periodic loadshedding exceeding 8 hour

Niraj Thombre on 07 May 2013

Our village "vitala" post.chuncholi tal.dhamangaon dist amravati. Poor Population of our village facing huge problem of loadshading. There is no any fixed time and duration of loadshading. B

[Read full complaint]

Late Reading of Meter

Sachin Gore on 04 May 2013

I wish to bring to your notice that the metre bill reader arrives at my place after 35 days in every month. Owing to this the average 30 days mark of below 300 is crossed and I am duped by the Mse...[Read full complaint]

MSEB billing complain

Jikriya Ibrahim Majgaonakar on 30 April 2013

As ana avg consumption of unit not more than 100 units for last 3 years, Bill for Dec 2012 came ,000 without any reason. contacted online hepldesk giving references of la...[Read full complaint]

Regarding MSEB meter is giving wrong Reading

Sanjay Jha on 27 April 2013

I am living in pune vishrantwadi, My meter no :170016929053 and Billing Unit : 602. It gives the wrong reading. I have already complaint it to concern person. But they di...[Read full complaint]

Mseb excess billing since years

Sunil Jha on 25 April 2013

Sir I have been victim of excessive billing since years.I have given written complaints in pasts to ulhasnagar mseb office but they did not gave me receipt any time despite many requests.sir they ...[Read full complaint]

Higher meter reading with respect to connected load 2 uses

Ramashankar Kushwaha on 22 April 2013

Electricity reading showing faulty reading from MAY 012. Address- Flat Number 305 K/2 OSTWAL EMPIRE TAL PALGHAR D THANE/AT SARAVALI-401501

[Read full complaint]

Owner's MESB electricity meter issue

Manoj Jadhav on 19 April 2013

Hi, We live in pashan Pune on rent basis, its 2bhk flat, we have paid 15000rs as deposit to owner. We didn't get electricity bills since last year to till date, and now owner has file a complaint ...[Read full complaint]

Initial MSEB connection charges.

Dr. Vikrant Mahajan on 11 April 2013

Please let me know as to why do the MSEB charges are so high in pune when it comes to initial MSEB connection?

[Read full complaint]

MSEB purposeful non transfer of meter

Choursiya Shrikant Ganesh on 10 April 2013

Since 4 months even after submitting relevant documents and paying meter transfer fees , the meter name is still not transferred . When i enquired at the office at dwarka in nashik city, the manag...[Read full complaint]

Frequent power failure in dombivli west, ganesh nagar

Mahesh Muthe on 29 March 2013

No power supply. Frequent cut off. This is very bad experience. No one to answer whats the problem.

[Read full complaint]

The Electricity bill is coming too much

Shenaz Iqbal Noorani on 21 March 2013

I Shenaz iqbal Noorani my electricity bill is coming too much but at my home i have 2 fan 2 tube light T.V and fridge and after this my bill is coming too much of every month of single reading [Read full complaint]

Ambernath mseb not helping

Bhushan Devidas Thakur on 19 March 2013

Hi this is bhushan devidas thakur i live in ambernath east thane dist. since last two year we did see a huge increse in the number of our electricity bill for a month i used to get around 2000?- a...[Read full complaint]

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