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MSEB too much power failure

Vipul Nayak on 06 May 2015

At nallasopara east too much power failure problem no one is attending our compalin, no single person at ready to hear us, they can't do anything simply always replied this way please solve the pr...[Read full complaint]

Getting high amount electicity Bills in Every month

Manoj Badase on 05 May 2015

I have registered Meter check compaint to Dehuroad MSEB Sudivision on 16th April 015, Was getting high amount elecricity bills in every month. Also paid 150 Rs meter chec...[Read full complaint]

MSEB excess bill amount

Ashish Salunkhe on 28 April 2015

April month MSEB bill for only 149 unit consumed is 900.its too much billing amount.

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Power cut from last 26 hours

Raj Kulkarni on 22 April 2015

Power cut from last 26 hours...very poor response from MSEB. Location: Adarsh Nagar, kiwale, pune.

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1 mahina hovunsudha paise parat milale nahi

Vaibhav Satao on 17 April 2015

Me 6march 2015 la atm claim Karun sudha Ata paryant mazya account madhe paise credit Zale nahi .

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Exploitation of consumers by MSEB authorized contractors

Rushikesh Dattatray Dikule on 15 April 2015

I have recently bought a resale flat. Hence I wanted to change the name of the old consumer to replace it with my name since I am the legal owner of the flat now. As per the procedure described on...[Read full complaint]

Over load sheding electricity near about 10 -12 hour

Purushottam Lokhande on 10 April 2015

Dear sir, I humbly request you that ,please do some fast action against servent of MSEB under (Jawla region)because the citizens of Jawla .tah arni .District - Yavatmal. are suffering too much loa...[Read full complaint]

Lose contact from mseb pole

Nareshchandra L Nandwanshi on 08 April 2015

Due to lose contact power supply was not properly works ........so please carefully attend the complaint.....

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MSEB Meter reading irregular leading to high bill.

Shubhash Shankar Gurav on 31 March 2015

My actual meter reading on 27th March,2015 was 4320 kWH.However when I saw the bill for the period of 15th Feb - 15th March,it had current reading as 4360 kWH.I expected the bill to be around 600 ...[Read full complaint]

Incorrect MSEB bill

Anand Dixit on 31 March 2015

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I had received wrong bill for the month of Feb 2015 from MSEB. They have randomly put the meter reading and charged the amount. Please note below the detail as...[Read full complaint]

MSEB excess bill amount

Shashikant Yashwant Ghosalkar on 29 March 2015

Sub = mseb charge excess bill amount rs 3330 rs this is one month my home bill but it is not possible for me to have use so much of electricity I am shocked plz give me h...[Read full complaint]

MSEB No New Connection Provide

Nilesh Gaikwad on 28 March 2015

मी महाराष्ट्र राज्य विद्युत वितरण कंपनीत नवीन कनेक्शन साठी अर्ज केला परंतु अद्याप पावेतो मला विद्युत कनेक्शन दिलेले नाही

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MSEB Excess bill added from month

Pankaj Patil on 26 March 2015

I had already online paid last month (JAN-2015) electricity bill on 18.JAN.15 of Rs.240 but this month bill again added last month amount. Requesting you to correct my electricity bill amount for ...[Read full complaint]

Misbehave of MSEB office employees

Sagar Shinde on 24 March 2015

The mseb employees discount my home electricity meter without informed me. When I'm going at mseb office for enquiry then the can't response on my issue and now from last 4 days I don't have elect...[Read full complaint]

Power connection - disconnected

Krishna Tailor on 18 March 2015

We paid bill of amount 940 rs on 1st March (though due date was 28th Feb)..it should hardly make any difference. Just 1 day delay from the scheduled date. Our power connection was available until ...[Read full complaint]

MSEB electricity bill

Tanya Bhalla on 08 March 2015

We have received a bill of rs.25000₹ for a one month we only have electricity at our flat though we are student's b have only cfl's n fridge silver twin deck wakad Pune

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For MSEB Bills

Girish Nair on 07 March 2015

In the month of January I was reported by MSEB meter reading person about my meter being faulty and I need to contact the MSEB office. Accordingly I gave a written complaint on 17-Jan-2015 but the...[Read full complaint]

MSEB online bill payment not yet credited

Kashinath B Mashalkar on 06 March 2015

Dear sir, i have paid monthly bill for the month of december 2014.(my bill always paid before due date) period frm 20/11/2014 to 2014 of rs 30/-...[Read full complaint]

Against maharashtra electrical supply board

Ritesh Patil on 04 March 2015

Dear sir, my father is farmer he take connection for farming purpose and operator the motor as per specifications mention his connection on allocated Distribution point but all other those are not...[Read full complaint]

Mseb employees not attend our complaint

Cafe Coffee Day on 02 March 2015

sir u r company employees seal on the meter, I request the office pls come and broke the seal but they gave stupid excuses, my maintenance person continuesly request but they didn't come, pls take...[Read full complaint]

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