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Very Poor Service by MSEB, Kharghar

Afi on 18 March 2014

We have a commercial establishment in Sector 7, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai where MSEB supplies electricity. From last 1 year we have been noticing that almost twice a month the power is cut off for ent...[Read full complaint]

Higher Electricity Bill

Pravin Gavekar on 16 March 2014

I have complaint against MSEB shil division, Dist Thane.My Consumer No. is 576, & Billing Unit is 643. I am staying in diva & i am facing higher...[Read full complaint]

Corrupt MSEB officers

Haresh Seth on 15 March 2014

Dear Sir / M'am, I am not just hurted but also scared to file any complaints against MSEB ulhasnagar 3 Hira Ghat Division as they are waiting for revenge once they get a chance on against the cons...[Read full complaint]

MSEB electricity bill mistake

Jaydeep Roy on 09 March 2014

I paid mseb feb month electricity bill on 2nd march 2014 through online payment mode. Last date was 7th march 014. Still the mseb person cut my connection & took the mete...[Read full complaint]

Higher electricity bill

Kaluram Dattatray Murkute on 01 March 2014

I have complaint against MSEB- Aundh division Our office electricity bill for month January is Rs. 30/- instead last 5 to 6 month is around Rs.40000/- our consumption rem...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Cheats To Consumer By Fake Meter Reading

Deepak Kakade on 20 February 2014

Power supply was off between 1 Feb 2014 To 15 Feb 2014,It Switched On On 16 Feb 2014,How Can I Get Bill For Electricity I Haven't Used,I Should Have Got Rs.300-350 Bill,Instead I Got Rs.610 Bill,N...[Read full complaint]

False Electricity Bill

Ravikant Mittal on 04 February 2014

In bill of January 2014 month, some 60/- has been added as Adjustments. I called customer care multiple times but no one responds to the query. consumer number : [Read full complaint]

Name Change- Electricity Bill is pending

Sanjay Bharne on 03 February 2014

On 12th Dec 2013 , I have submitted the application for Name Change and provided all list of documents along with application form (A1 U Form,AG latest bill recipt,phot,100 Rs stamp paper,tax rece...[Read full complaint]

Rude behavior of wireman and using abuse langauge

Vilaskumar Jaiswal on 03 February 2014

i am customer mseb for some emergency reasons we out of town for 1 month in that time some mseb wireman cut our connection without any notice for outstanding bill of 330, and we pay the bill and g...[Read full complaint]

MSEB use direct line without intimation

Ismile Chand Shaikh on 17 January 2014

There are some mseb officer get supported them to use direct line in bulding no 02 dharmveer nagar bsup project you have to quick action to both of them the flat no 708 is direct line when that wi...[Read full complaint]

Unnecessary extra bill and complaint not attended

Mahendrakumar Sonawane on 12 January 2014

Its been from last 1year paying higher amout of bill.. Have lodged complaint and submit it with MR. chaudhari ( sahayyak Abiyanta) MIDC dombivali office. He had given commitment for chking meter t...[Read full complaint]

MSEB bill and office staff

Mahesh Jakkal on 09 January 2014

mai mahesh jakkal, solapur se...mseb bill mere wife ke naam hai..fatima apt. humne 5/6 bar mseb mai complent ki hai ki hame wrong bill aaraha hai...aur hamara meter band hai...lekin mseb office ke...[Read full complaint]

MSEB High Meter reading

Shubhangi Shelar on 09 January 2014

Hi Shubhangi Shelar here had MSEB connection on the name of Mr Arun W Shelar consumer no - 114, @ unit bu - 4600 khadki sub -dn My electricity bill is pending since from ...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Low Voltage

Pratik Pahade on 07 January 2014

on 7/1/2014 there was low voltage in my locality and when i called mseb they were not recieving calls this happen everytime and when they recieeve my call and i told him about the voltage problem ...[Read full complaint]

Excessive electricity Billing

Jayesh Kshirsagar on 04 January 2014

I have always paid all my electricity bills on time, still to my surprise I received bill of Rs 00/- for the month Dec 12 in the year 014. My ac...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Bill Gives high bill Direct 5000/- in this Month

Hemant Bhoir on 30 December 2013

HI, I Am From DIVA( 400612).MSEB Bill Gives high bill Direct 00/- in this Month DEC-2013. In Every MONTH gives high bill and they are not taken meter reading. So What I c...[Read full complaint]

When i call gtl mseb kendra there was no responce

Alesh Gawai on 19 December 2013

issue is when electricity was gon,Then i call 0116 Mukundwadi,Santoshi mata nagar,Aurangabad gtl mseb kendra at 12:24am 19/12/2013 there was no responce,and when he recev...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Excess bill

Deepak Gholap on 09 December 2013

I am Deepak Gholap staying at Nashik road - 4, Pawan housing socity ,Near KJ Mehata school. For month on Nov 13- received MSEB power bill of Rs. 1010 . My average montly bill is Rs. 400 . On bill ...[Read full complaint]

MSEB jacking up electricity bills from past few months

Rajeev Bagla on 01 December 2013

MSEB has been jacking up the electricity bill silently from past few months. I realized that, firstly, units are being jacked up where as we are making a diligent effort to cut down on electricity...[Read full complaint]

Error in MSEB Electricity Bill for the Month of oct

Sayaji Rane on 27 November 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I have received an Incorrect Bill for the Month of OCT-2013 & Nov-2013 I had made an Advance Online Payment of Rs.9620/- on 26-May-13 @ 08:39 Pm My Consumer No. is [Read full complaint]

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