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Power Cut by MSEB

Vishal Manohar Pisat on 25 April 2014

Respected Sir/Madam, This is regards to the electricity cut we are facing every day and night for more than a week. Even I am writing this letter the electricity keeps coming and going. Throughout...[Read full complaint]

MSEB daily disconnect light

Ajay Shivcharan Gupta on 25 April 2014

Dear sir I want to complaint against mseb they usually disconnect the supply during night after 1am. If this happens one or other day we can understand but they r taking it normally.since last one...[Read full complaint]

No electricity from last 23 hours

Minny Gupta on 24 April 2014

There is no electricity since 19:45 of 23rd April 2014.i.e.almost 23 hours. We are calling since then to the MSEB number provided(020-26824079) but no one is attending our call. We are feeling so ...[Read full complaint]

Excessive MSEB Electricity Bill

Nilesh Narayan Dalvi on 21 April 2014

Billing Unit - 4728 / Gadkari S/DN Consumer No. 9754 Meter No. 6095 01/LT I Res 1 phase sanctioned load - 1.5 kw since last 7-8 months, we are g...[Read full complaint]

Excess Light bill

Pathak on 14 April 2014

I have complaint against MSEB (PUNE) ,I have my last month bill amount is 900. and suddenly in this month I received bill of amount 6600 which is very very high because we have not consume that mu...[Read full complaint]

Higher electricity billls from mseb

Vavhal on 11 April 2014

Mseb was sending me higher amount bills , while the electric meter was faulty. Even after changing the meter bills are higher. No change in bill amounts at all.still getting higher bills.

[Read full complaint]

Wrong name on Electricity bill

Sunil Kumar on 07 April 2014

In my all documents name is SUNIL KUMAR but MSEB has written Sunil Kumar Rai , Rai is my sir name but in my document not mentioned sir name . I need only SUNIL KUMAR in MSEB Electricity bill. I re...[Read full complaint]

Non refund of money by MSEB

Mangesh Bhad on 05 April 2014

We have taken connection in NON DDF scheme, whereby customer spend at intial level for taking the electrical connection and afterwords, MSEB refund all the amount spend on infrastructure by custom...[Read full complaint]

Jyada bill by MSEB

Vishwajeet Singh on 02 April 2014

From past few months i.e. from Sept 013, I am continuously getting high bill. I have complaint about this to my nearest MSEB office, they said to pay me my bill and they ...[Read full complaint]

Line disconnection by MSEB

S U on 31 March 2014

MSEB people came and disconnected the line. And then took Rs 100 fine for re-connection, although the bill amount was less than Security deposit.

[Read full complaint]

Light bill jada aane ke karan

Amit Devanand Panjwani on 28 March 2014

janevari ka bill rs.380 tha jo bharne k bad feb ka bill rs.11500 aaya jis meter no. alagtha or ab tak jo bill diya gaya hai uska metar no. alag hai mseb office gay to uno ne meri bat nai suni o bi...[Read full complaint]

Very Poor Service by MSEB, Kharghar

Afi on 18 March 2014

We have a commercial establishment in Sector 7, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai where MSEB supplies electricity. From last 1 year we have been noticing that almost twice a month the power is cut off for ent...[Read full complaint]

Higher Electricity Bill

Pravin Gavekar on 16 March 2014

I have complaint against MSEB shil division, Dist Thane.My Consumer No. is 576, & Billing Unit is 643. I am staying in diva & i am facing higher...[Read full complaint]

Corrupt MSEB officers

Haresh Seth on 15 March 2014

Dear Sir / M'am, I am not just hurted but also scared to file any complaints against MSEB ulhasnagar 3 Hira Ghat Division as they are waiting for revenge once they get a chance on against the cons...[Read full complaint]

MSEB electricity bill mistake

Jaydeep Roy on 09 March 2014

I paid mseb feb month electricity bill on 2nd march 2014 through online payment mode. Last date was 7th march 014. Still the mseb person cut my connection & took the mete...[Read full complaint]

Higher electricity bill

Kaluram Dattatray Murkute on 01 March 2014

I have complaint against MSEB- Aundh division Our office electricity bill for month January is Rs. 30/- instead last 5 to 6 month is around Rs.40000/- our consumption rem...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Cheats To Consumer By Fake Meter Reading

Deepak Kakade on 20 February 2014

Power supply was off between 1 Feb 2014 To 15 Feb 2014,It Switched On On 16 Feb 2014,How Can I Get Bill For Electricity I Haven't Used,I Should Have Got Rs.300-350 Bill,Instead I Got Rs.610 Bill,N...[Read full complaint]

False Electricity Bill

Ravikant Mittal on 04 February 2014

In bill of January 2014 month, some 60/- has been added as Adjustments. I called customer care multiple times but no one responds to the query. consumer number : [Read full complaint]

Name Change- Electricity Bill is pending

Sanjay Bharne on 03 February 2014

On 12th Dec 2013 , I have submitted the application for Name Change and provided all list of documents along with application form (A1 U Form,AG latest bill recipt,phot,100 Rs stamp paper,tax rece...[Read full complaint]

Rude behavior of wireman and using abuse langauge

Vilaskumar Jaiswal on 03 February 2014

i am customer mseb for some emergency reasons we out of town for 1 month in that time some mseb wireman cut our connection without any notice for outstanding bill of 330, and we pay the bill and g...[Read full complaint]

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