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Laaptu.com complaints

Laaptu.com recharge not receive

Rmansari on 31 July 2013

10 RS Recharge not receive but RS 10 deducted from wallet in laaptu.com

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Laaptu recharge amount claimed not fulflled

Sofy Tharayil on 11 July 2013

I won Rs.10, today(11.7.2013)laaptu.com..but the claimed amunt has not en recharged on my number

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laaptu mobile reacharge not sucessful

Utsav Kumar on 30 March 2013

My self utsav. I have created an account on ww.laaptu.com one weeks ago. when i reacherge my Mobile with this site then thee balance cuts & then message shows shows hurray your mobile is reacharge...[Read full complaint]

Laaptu recharge not received

Sushilseervi on 21 March 2013

i recharge 10 rupees form my wallet laaptu the amount is cut from my wallet but recharge is not received yet

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Royal travels complaints ( royalbus.In)

Senthil Kumar on 15 December 2012

Royal travels is charging double the fare during festival period from tirunelveli to banglore usual charge is 730 inr but during festival period it is 1400 inr check their website [Read full complaint]

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