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Kolkata Municipal Corporation complaints

KMC No water supply

Rajeshkumar Singh on 29 March 2016

I am not getting water supply from four days. My address is 16, Swinhoe Lane, Ballygunge Railway Siding, Kolkata-42.

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Water supply problem, illegal water tapping through your line

Sujit Mutsuddi on 09 December 2015

I am a resident of 78 ward of 15B shah Aman Lane Flat No C-1(First floor) Kolkata-700023 of KMC area . where we are suffering from acute water scarcity problem since 6(Six Month) due to illegal wa...[Read full complaint]

Against Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Ward #106

Samir Nandi on 16 March 2015

I am staying in 338, Purbachal Road North. It is a continuous water scarcity in this area. This is happening for last several years. Could anybody help us in solving this issue. Thanks & Regards, ...[Read full complaint]

Urinating & litter near my house

Nikhil Gupta on 05 December 2014

In front street of my home at 46/4 ballygung place , kolkata - 0019 lot of people are urinating daily and this is causing discomfort to all females in our residence build...[Read full complaint]

Illigal construction of wall blocking pree-existing windows

Joydeep Shome on 27 November 2014

To DG Building II KMC – Kolkata CC: Honourable CM – West Bengal CC: Commissioner of Police – Kolkata CC: Mayor in Council – Kolkata CC: WB Human Rights Commission – Kolkata Dear Sir, Good evening,...[Read full complaint]

KMC no drainage system

Adrineel Banerjee on 26 September 2014

No drainage supply in 109 ward water logging for 3_4 month s

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Overflow drainage complain

Binod Prasad on 17 June 2014

respected sir, i am facing drainage filled overflow problem since 4 months. i written complaint but no action was taken.please l ook after this issue. thanking you

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Health issue due to garbage dumping place in front of residential gate

Mdshaukatali Siddiquei on 27 May 2014

From:"md_saukatali@yahoo.co.in" To:"islamjmc@yahoo.co.in" CC:"PCE_c@kmcgov.in" Date:Sat, 24 May, 2014 at 4:29 PM Subject:Request for removing the garbage dumping place

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Footpath not repaired for 2 months after VSNL repairs

Anonymous on 29 April 2014

VSNL had carried out underground cabling all along Sarat Chatterjee Avenue and Abdul Rasul Avenue around 2 months back. Till date the same has not been repaired by KMC/VSNL. Due to this there is a...[Read full complaint]

No water supply

Md Ansar on 30 March 2014

Dear Sir, It is bring to your notice that we have made a complaint to the Asstt. Engineers water supply department, section ‘J’ P-65, Dr. Sundari Mohan Avenue, Kolkata-700014. On [Read full complaint]

Absence of a garbage bin in our locality

Sangeeta Sood on 29 October 2013

I am a resident of 9 Lake Range , Kolkata 0026 which comes under ward 87 of KMC .Due to the absence of a garbage bin in my locality the front of my garage gate has become...[Read full complaint]

Load of garbage hip in lohopool

Shamshad Khan on 30 September 2013

a huge load of garbage is lying in 3B Rifle Range Road..kolkata 17 near the garbage bin...its huge in amount scattered all over the road...we are facing terrible traffic jam...please remove it as ...[Read full complaint]

Branches of a huge tree entering the house in Ward No. 84

Subir Kumar Guha on 28 September 2013

D/sirs, Please do not consider it as a 'complaint'. I am writing his letter because just in front of our house (premises no. 21-A, Park Side Road, Kolkata - 026, Ward No....[Read full complaint]

Scanty Supply of Corporation Water

Dr.tuhin Kumar Sinha on 23 September 2013

Sir, In spite of lodging complaint against poor water supply problem in our premises at 182, Kabi Sukanta Road,Santoshpur under Ward no-103 in KMC Area, no necessary action is being taken to solve...[Read full complaint]

Water Supply Problem

Sima Dey on 07 September 2013

Sir, Inspite of lodging complaint against poor water supply problem in our locality under Ward no-65 in KMC Area, no necessary action is being taken to solve it. We need a quicker remedy & prompt ...[Read full complaint]

Water Supply Problem

Sima Dey on 31 August 2013

I am a resident of 65 Ward in Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area where we are suffering from acute water scarcity problem since 2 years .I live at 31/1E, Ballygunge Ist Lane,Kol-19 and here the wa...[Read full complaint]

CESC frequent digging of road

Vinay N on 26 August 2013

Due to frequent digging by CESC the road in front of our house is full of craters due to temporary/insufficient repairs carried out after every digging. Every passing vehicle lands in it .Our enti...[Read full complaint]

KMC no water supply in Building premises

Sanjay Ray on 21 August 2013

Our premises no.218,60/5 North Purbachal Rd., Kol-78 dont get any water supply in the tank due to very low pressure. We purchase water 4000 ltr. tank KMC vehicle which costs Rs.100/- per family pe...[Read full complaint]

Negligence by Kolkata corporation

Moumi Dutta on 09 July 2013

I am a resident of Kolkata in Thakurpukur bazar area(8A/1/A , Bachar para road 2) , we the local people (0nly 6 residents) use a common passage/lane of 4ft for our daily move , this road comes und...[Read full complaint]

No water supply

Arijit Ghosh on 09 June 2013

No water supply in ward 66 (picnic garden road kolkata 0039 near laxmikhatal bazar)

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