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Indian Health Organisation complaints

IHO false commitment, worst services and not refunded

Venu Puli on 17 April 2014

At the outset, I would like to let you know that I had taken a health card last year. The card was supposed to be renewed in the month of January 014. But to my dismay, I...[Read full complaint]

The expired health voucher given the customer from IHO Dept

Raman Kumar on 31 March 2014

Hi, We received expired / Used Thyrocare Voucher on 25th October same was confirmed by the IHO customer care Then we requested policy bazaar and IHO dept to provide the valid voucher on urgent bas...[Read full complaint]

Not received welcome call and card or kit

Gurmeet Singh on 29 March 2014

I Purchase this policy 1,mar,2014 but i have not recevied card or welcome kit this is very bad service default company please nobody join this humble request it true when call customer care they a...[Read full complaint]

IHO making faulty commitments to me

Swapnil Waghmare on 15 March 2014

On 1st of march 2014 i paid the payment for IHO for freedom plan at that time they told me within two days i will recieved wellcome call but i recieved that after 4 to 5 days then they told me i w...[Read full complaint]

IHO delay in refund

Suhaas Kale on 11 March 2014

On 20th January, 014, the representative of Indian Health Organisation came to my residence and scratched my credit card for Rs. 80/- being the ...[Read full complaint]

Payment received more than 3 months ago no delivery

Savio Cardozo on 08 March 2014

Dear IHO and AETNA, I have paid IHO in the month of Dec' 2013 in Mumbai and today it is the 8th of March 2014 and my family has not yet received the Health cards nor the vouchers. Iam completely u...[Read full complaint]

Fraud company IHO. No refund done for the cancellation

Amit Bhat on 05 March 2014

Dear Sir, I have membership card of IHO resident of Bangalore, while applying IHO representative told that Columbia Hospital, Bangalore is there in IHO list. When approached Hospital have denied. ...[Read full complaint]

Refund not done for the cancellation of mambership card

Amit Anant Bhat on 05 March 2014

I have membership card of IHO resident of Bangalore, while applying IHO representative told that Columbia Hospital, Bangalore is there in IHO list. When approached they have denied.Even i tried IH...[Read full complaint]

Too many calls each day since last 2 years

Manish Monga on 05 March 2014

For close to 2 years, Indian Health Organisation is calling me every day sometimes even 3 times a day to Sell their medical plans. Inspite of request and pleading they will argue and continue to c...[Read full complaint]

IHO is worst organisation

Ganesh on 04 March 2014

I have crosschecked with hospitals guy you wont get 30 percent discount you will get only 10 percent discount that to only selected clinics not hospitals, they wont have any pharmacies in hyd , th...[Read full complaint]

Indian Health Organization misbehave

Praveen on 06 February 2014

I received call from Indian Health organisation several times. They claim that they are working on behalf of government, but they are not able to provide any detail who and when they have been app...[Read full complaint]

IHO is fraud organisation

Anil Choudhari on 27 January 2014

We have purchased IHO premier package of Rs ,000 in July 2013 on EMI basis .EMI amount is getting deducted from our account each month without having our consent or permi...[Read full complaint]

IHO cheating with fraud statements

Sambasivarao Cherukuri on 27 January 2014

I received a call from the representative of indian health organisation hyd branch on 25th aprial2013. I.E mr.ramu who explained me about the facilities and explained that KIMS hospital is on thei...[Read full complaint]

Iho - taken money but card not provided

Pankaj Agrawal on 20 January 2014

I've applied for 5 - IHO cards for my family members on 15th Feb 013. As there is restriction on max 4 members in family plan, I've taken additional One member by filling...[Read full complaint]

IHO policy not received.

Manish Gupta on 14 January 2014

My name is manish gupta. I had told about the benefits of IHO policy, by IHO representative, i got information about policy by policy bazaar. Policy bazaar acts as a mediator and i was in contact ...[Read full complaint]

Misbehaving with me on my phone by Call center

Pramod Gupta on 14 January 2014

Sir I have received 1 call from this no. 4609 at 2:46pm dated 14/1/14 saying sir calling from Indian Health Organisation, We are offering medical facilities to you & your...[Read full complaint]

Not received IHO policy

Vivek Gupta on 09 January 2014

i make the payment 0000 thru hdfc credit card date 26/05/2013 a/c indian helth org i buy the policy on date but till date 09/01/2014 not recive any policy and dont give m...[Read full complaint]

Poorest service - Indian Health Organization

Moksh Agarwal on 03 January 2014

Hi, On 30 Nov 2013 I have taken a policy from IHO worth Rs 00/- . Whatever things that were told by there customer case excutive were wrong so 2 days later I asked then t...[Read full complaint]

IHO gives wrong commitments

Koushik Das on 29 December 2013

i got a call from IHO ( indian Helath Organization) they explained me about some plan like 50% concession on all laboatry test for my family like x ray, city scan , blod test etc they offer 50 % D...[Read full complaint]

IHO Mediclaim Fraud

Satyanarayan Agrawal on 21 December 2013

On 12-Nov-2013 I booked IHO Premier Preventive Healthcheck Plan (family of six members plan)of two years through IHO representative Mr. Karan. I have paid Rs. 98/- throug...[Read full complaint]

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