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Income tax refund pending

Pawan Kumar Garg Advocate on 24 September 2015

Sir/Madam, An application dated 2015 for re-validation of refund for A.Y. 9-10 was submitted to ACIT-1(1) , Ludhiana for re-validation of refund...[Read full complaint]

Non-receipt of Income Tax Refund

Ashok Lalchand Punwani on 24 September 2015

Sir, My Pan No Is AALPP5483B. I have not received my income tax refund for the financial year 2015 and 016. Please help for the same and oblige....[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of IT Refund

Kulbir Singh on 18 September 2015

Sir.,I had filed income tax return for the assessment year 0-11 and did not mention my bank details. Many a time I contact aayakar vibhag telephonically and they infomed ...[Read full complaint]

Refund not received for A.Y 2009-2010

Rohit Manchanda on 28 August 2015

Refund not received for A.Y 2010 My PAN Number is ARJPM1143N. I have filed my ITR for financial year 2009 but not yet received refund of Rs [Read full complaint]

Income Tax Refund not Received for F.Y. 2006 - 2007

Dipak A Shah on 22 August 2015

I have filed my Income Tax Return on 13/07/2007 for F.Y. 2007 A.Y. 2008 under my PAN - AKNPS2186A vide Receipt No. 027.[Read full complaint]

Not Receipt of Refund For AY 2011-12.

Hemant Kumar on 13 August 2015

To, Income Tax Department Rewari Subject: TAX Refund Request Dear Sir/Madam, I have submit my Income Tax Return for the assessment year -12. But till today I have not rec...[Read full complaint]

For income tax refund

Debasis Banerjee on 07 August 2015

Sir/Madam, Most respectfully I beg to state that the excess money of Rs.301.00 which have been deducted as income tax till not yet been refunded by the income tax department as I have been filed o...[Read full complaint]

Non Receipt of Refund For AY 2010-11.

Prachi Mukund Gokhale. on 04 August 2015

Hi, I have filed ITR-IV for Assessment Year 0-11 for the refund of Rs. 23/- manually against Acknowledgement# 467. Til...[Read full complaint]

Confirmation awaited from itd

Praveen Kumar on 27 July 2015

Sir I has applied for pan card application number 1140 coupon number 8575 on checking the status of pan card on the site it displays that the co...[Read full complaint]

Not paying Income tax for long time

Deshpremi Deshbhakt on 14 July 2015

Non submission of income tax dear sir rahul travels also working as rahul car rental in raipur, bilspur, korba,raigarh, ambikapur and also going to open their office ion durg & bhilai very soon. A...[Read full complaint]

Non refund my income tax returns

Raj Kumar on 04 July 2015

Dear sir, I have not recd my refund for the FY 2-13 till DT. The same has been forward on Dec 13, my PAN NO is AVBPK9582H. May I request you personal indulgence to look i...[Read full complaint]

Income Tax Refund

Deepak Kumar Singh on 24 June 2015

Dear Sir, I Deepak Kumar Singh bearing PAN Card No.FGYPS3708G paid Rs.6900/-(Six Thousand Nine Hundred rupees only) through My debit card . after paying i got the following numbers: SBI Ref NO : I...[Read full complaint]

TDS Refund not received

Vijay Singh Bhati on 18 June 2015

Dear sir, I have received my tax refund Regular but I had not received 9 Month TDS from April 2009 to December 009. My PAN : AEXPB6579A Deposited ChequeNo. Bank Branch BS...[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of income tax refund

Yodhraj Kapai on 18 June 2015

Income Tax return for Ay 4-15 has been submitted by me in October 2014 and queries raised by CPC, Bangalore have been duly answered by me.But I have not received my refun...[Read full complaint]

About Late TDS Refund

Lashkare Babaso Shankar on 16 June 2015

I Am Babaso Shankar Lashkare A/P Talandage Tal-Hatkangale Dist-Kolhapur Maharashtra My Pan No is AIPPL9190F. I Did not recived my TDS refund of A.Y.2014-2015. And the reason for not TDS refunded i...[Read full complaint]

Income Tax Refund

Vinodkumar Jaiswal on 13 June 2015

Income Tax Refund not processed. PAN : AAWPJ1498H

[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of refunds for various years

Darshan Naraindas Chhatpar on 29 May 2015

My PAN card # is AFNPC7856G. I have not recd.the refunds for the AY-2011-12, -14, and -15. When I approached the IT officer, I was told that a n...[Read full complaint]

No received my Income tax refund for the year 2013-2014

Saba Anjum Khan on 24 May 2015

Dear sir, I have not received my refund for the FY 2014 till date. The same has been forward on Sep 014, My PAN AYIPK4746M. May I request your p...[Read full complaint]

Not getting the receipt of on line Tax payment

Sadafule Yama Tukaram on 16 May 2015

I paid my property tax through net banking on 12 May 2015 and i got message from SBI that your tax amount is transferred successfully to INB Pune Municipal Corporation PMC Payments and your Transa...[Read full complaint]

Non Receipt of Income Tax refund for FY 2011-12,13-14

Goan Chand Choudhary on 10 May 2015

Income tax refund has not been paid by IT dept for financial year 1-12 and -14. The amount is approximately 2000 Rs. P...[Read full complaint]

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