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Lpg cylinder not delivered

Amit Kumar on 16 January 2013

My complain about bharat gas service, I have booked a cylender before 5 days but still not recieved, when I called to agency he refused me and ask to delivery today with every delivery I M facing ...[Read full complaint]

Gas cylinder delivery is not on the time

Prakash Dinkar Katarnavare on 16 January 2013

Sir , my wife had booked gas cylinder on 4th jan 2013 . The bharat gas agencies booked gas cylinder and told u will get it on 9th jan 2013 hens cylinder has not came on same date.. again she calle...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas harassing for new connection

Sunil Kumar on 16 January 2013

Dear sir, I have applied for new bharat gas connection by submitting required documents before a seven month ago at bharat gas customer relation center and till now, from bharat gas I DID not get ...[Read full complaint]

Leaky lpg gas regulator

Ram Lal on 16 January 2013

I found that my gas regulator is leaky and I requested to change this regulator. I am asked to provide the papers that were issued sometime 0-12 years ago, and these pape...[Read full complaint]

Delay in providing lpg

Shruti Mamidwar on 16 January 2013

We have booked lpg cylinder on 4th jan-13..the gas agency still have not deliverd the same. They don't even pick up the call. I don't know why they have kept the customer care number if they are n...[Read full complaint]

New hp gas connection

Smt Poonam Bala on 16 January 2013

I have boooked online new gas connection on hindustan petrolium web site.Our registraion no is 1921 that is send by hp on our email ID.But our nearest branch staff said t...[Read full complaint]

Lpg supply ki karvahi kare

Anil Kumar/sunil Kumar on 16 January 2013

Mahodya ji vinram nivedan hai ki mai anil/Sunil kiumar patrikar from parasia dest.Chhindwara C.No.4621 mere dowara jan 12 se dec 12 tak matra ed cylinder jan 13 me booking kiya hu agencies me kaha...[Read full complaint]

Hp gas booking

Snehashish on 16 January 2013

Dear sir I had booked my hp gas refill on 24/12/2012 but yet it has came till now and and I have loss of rs 4500 kindly do the needful regards snehashish M 0666

[Read full complaint]

Name changed from bharat gas agency

Veerendra Pratap Singh on 15 January 2013

Sir I am a customer of lpg of this agency since june2011.At that time I submitted all my documents in my name veerendra pratap singh but distributor registered me as veerendra kumar . Now as you k...[Read full complaint]

Cylinder not delivered by gas agency

Ramesh Chandra Gupta on 15 January 2013

Myself ramesh chandra gupta and I M registered as the consumer no. 0311 with hp gas. The dealer is not delivering the gas refill which was delivered only on paper on 8 de...[Read full complaint]

Gas leakage, no phone nos. for complaint

Rohil Kumar on 15 January 2013

I rohil kumar, customer of amar gas service having cons.No.43475, have booked cylinder, they have given the delivery on 013. At that time cylinder was not having leakage,...[Read full complaint]

Problematic gas cylinder

Irshad Yousuff on 15 January 2013

Ever since we have changed our gas agency we have had problems....the telephone lines are never answered...the cylinder delivery is delayed by more than a month...and the worst...if the cylinder h...[Read full complaint]

Hp gas consumer transfer but don't know where

Pratibha Anil Pitke on 15 January 2013

First complaint no. 8131 on hp gas online distributor : vidarbha gas & domestic appliances 700) subject : rude behaviour of distributor/Staff/ D...[Read full complaint]

Hp domestic gas consumer card blocked

Avtar Singh on 15 January 2013

Hp gas domestic gas consumer card is blocked.I do known reason to blocked gas copy

[Read full complaint]

Gas cylinder cost vary

Deepak N on 15 January 2013

Hi, this is regarding the gas cylinder cost vary in the bill compared to actual.We are receiving gas cylinder from the above agency from past 5 years.But due to recent sudden hike in lpg gas cylin...[Read full complaint]

Unable to get new lpg connection from hp

Anagha Yerkuntwar on 15 January 2013

I had registered an online application for a new double cylinder connection to hp gas agency. With the following details registration reference no. Is :3120592200037626 and date of registration is...[Read full complaint]

Non transferring my gas consumer card

Shazid Hussain on 14 January 2013

I want to transfer my consumer card sir with due respect I would humbly like to state that I have given all documents to gas agency to transfer my consumer card but when I M asking them they said ...[Read full complaint]

Cyliner not delivered by gas agency

Smita Vyapari on 14 January 2013

I (subhash vyapari) have hp gas connection on my wife's name (smita vyapari) with consumer no.- 6526 at the address of akurdi, pune - 35. On 2nd january [Read full complaint]

Bharat gas new connection waiting list no. 241119 applied before one month ago

Sameer Gous Jamadar on 14 January 2013

Dear sir, I have applied for new bharat gas connection by submitting required documents before a month ago at bharat gas customer relation center and till now, from bharat gas I DID not get gas co...[Read full complaint]

Double entry of booking gas cylinder within 2 days taking money rs.906 from customer

Ram Bilash Roy on 14 January 2013

Hi myself is ram bilash roy, I have bharat gas connection, and I have only single cylinder of that, everytime when I need I directly visiting shri sai ram gas agency for refill cylinder, recently ...[Read full complaint]

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