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No filling of gas cylinder by hp gas agency

B B Garg on 12 December 2012

I have booked for refilling of my gas cylinder on 1.12 by my personal visit at agency from my house which is about 9 km far as telephone no. Of agency were either kept en...[Read full complaint]

Lpg gas agency forcing new customers to buy gas stove/Accessories from them

Shadab Shams Khan on 11 December 2012

Radhakrishna gas agency is the distributor for indane in wanawadi, pune. I have gone to this agency many time for new lpg connection, and every time the agency has refused to accept my new custome...[Read full complaint]

Late delivery of bharat gas cylinder

Mayank Mehta on 11 December 2012

They tell me to book cylinder after 21 days of delivery.When I do so they promise to offer the cylinder in 8 days but they never give the delivery within 8 days not even 15 days.I have to go to th...[Read full complaint]

Extra connection of indane lpg

Abc on 11 December 2012

One lady in our society is having extra lpg connection means she is having indane no, and hp no. Both, and she is using both . No one has cancelled her extra connection, and I don;t want to open m...[Read full complaint]

Gas not timely deliver & get 50 ruppes more by vendor

Sachin Kr Parvat on 11 December 2012

Sudha hp gass vender receiving 50 rupees more or not timely deliver my gass

[Read full complaint]

Regarding gas connection transfer

Aditya Kumar Singh on 11 December 2012

Dear sir please take rapid cognizance of my grievance regarding the transfer of lpg connection in the name of my father sri ram singh resident of sarawan malihabad, lucknow from my name. The local...[Read full complaint]

Not recieving Hp refill cylinders on time

M.m. Ansari on 10 December 2012

I had booked a refill for my hp connection on the 25 th of november 012. But till today no refill has been delivered to my house. I raised 2 complaints with hp distributo...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas cylinder leakage

Tarun Deep Singh on 10 December 2012

Dear sir/Madam, we have a lodged a leaky cylinder complain on 10 dec 2012 at around 2pm. Inspite of calling many times no one has turned up from agency side. We have been just given assurance that...[Read full complaint]

Gas refilling not received

Firdous Iqbal on 10 December 2012

Sir I received only 1 gas refilling before 14 sept 2012 while as when I checked my account it shows 2 refillings & I received only 2 gas refilling since 14 sept 2012 while as my account shows 3 re...[Read full complaint]

Gas supplied msg received

Ravi Raj Gupta on 10 December 2012

I have not applied for cylinder and still received text message for booking an supply although that was not delivered to me refill booking #2364-3537245 cash memo # 2216 customer # [Read full complaint]

Hp gas service complaints

Chetan Bhatiya on 10 December 2012

Gas service in pinjore named kalkaji gas service are making fault commitments, as we had booked gas 25 days ago still even after 5 visits to agency they had not replayed properly. Pl. Do the needf...[Read full complaint]

No home delivery of cylinder & no responce in phone.

Dibyendu Saha on 10 December 2012

I have transferred my gas connection from haldia to here on 12.4.12.After that I booked 6 cylinders but non of them has been delivered to my address showing different type of excuses at every time...[Read full complaint]

Reopen my HP gas connection

Dayaram Pandey on 09 December 2012

I have requested to reopen my blocked h p gas connection but not have done any action.

[Read full complaint]

Not issuing new hp gas connection

Naveen on 09 December 2012

Dear sir, we are not issueing the new connection of lpg gas. I have talking with the present officer of gas agency, he is asking me to 1 month later open the connection. But I contact to officer t...[Read full complaint]

Repeated black marketing by bp dealer

Partha Bose on 09 December 2012

My previous complain no. 3640 against same dealer already exist with you.My earlier complain was: refill delivery information from transparency portal: from 14sep2012 to ...[Read full complaint]

Non delivery of lpg cylinder even after 'cylinder is delivered'

M V Prakash on 09 December 2012

We are a regular customer of hp lpg cylinder. We have been a customer of around 10 years. We have booked for new cylinder on 7th of nov, 012. Normally we get cylinder wel...[Read full complaint]

Lpg gas refill cylinders being distributed without booking at additional cost

Asit Shingal on 09 December 2012

My gas booking done on 16th nov, 2012 was cancelled without any reason my lpg gas refill cylinder was not delivered to me. I have to again book the cylinder refill and thereafter while delivering ...[Read full complaint]

Force sale of product by maa mangala bharat gas gramin vitrak

Seemant Kumar Behera on 08 December 2012

I have transfered my lpg connection from bhubaneswar gas, bhubaneswar to maa mangala bharat gas gramin vitrak, kakatpur, puri, odisha on 012. I have taken transfer connec...[Read full complaint]

On line apply bharat new domestic gas connection but no any feedback from one month

Sunil Kumar Shukla on 08 December 2012

Sir, we face more problem due to not found new connection of gas cylinder,becouse black cylinder found in range of 1200 to 1500 which we not able for above mony ,so please as soon as possible prob...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas domestic account locked

Hari Ram Agrawal on 08 December 2012

Dear sir I got a bharat domestic gas connection with single cylinder in 011. , I tried to get second gas cylinder connection (dbc) but dealer told me that my account is l...[Read full complaint]

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