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HP Gas Cylinder Not Received Yet

Sonal Mukesh Somani on 03 February 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam, I would like to inform you that I have booked my cylinder on DT. 13/01/2015 booking no.230738 but till Dt-03/02/2015 I have not get it. I would like to further inform you that I h...[Read full complaint]

Gas subsidy and booking

Azhar Uddin on 03 February 2015

Hello Sir, I am azhar uddin from maudaha uttar pradesh,i have many complaints to our gas agency they are not transfer my subsidy and new booking , the booking no does not proper work and they are ...[Read full complaint]

HP Gas not recieved

Jahangir on 03 February 2015

i have hp gas connection i have booked my gas on 27 jan 2015 cash memo was generated on 30 jan today it is 3rd feb im yet to recieve my refill i frequently called the agency but nobody is picking ...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar linked but cylinder not delivered

Binod Bihari Biswal on 02 February 2015

My AADHAR Number and BANK Account has been linked and I have received SMS on 2015 but as on date,neither cylinder has been delivered to me nor subsidy has been credited t...[Read full complaint]

Delivery of Cylinder not posted.

Harekrushna Behera on 02 February 2015

Cylinder has been delivered on 2015 but its delivery posting has not yet been made .As a result ,i am not able to book now. Customer no. 603. [Read full complaint]

HP gas delivery not received

Santoshkumar Yadav on 02 February 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam, I would like to inform you that I have booked my cylinder on DT. 26/01/2015 booking no. 3432 but till date I have not get it, in this connection I have g...[Read full complaint]

Complaints against Bharat gas agency in virar east.

Sulochana Jadhav on 02 February 2015

This complaints against Bharat gas agency in vitar east. I m booking my gas In last month 16 first but I can't to till the date . My family we r 6 people. so we have big problem. Pls tack quick ac...[Read full complaint]

Subsidy is not seeded in my account

Ankush Dubey on 02 February 2015

i am sorry to inform you that i am not getting my subsidy amount in my bank a/c no. 249( Idbi bank limited). But by some mistake it goes in other persons account in BOI- ...[Read full complaint]

Surname change in gas agency

Kenny John Christian on 02 February 2015

my bank account surname and gas agency surname both are different ....how to change my surname in gas agency? please reply....

[Read full complaint]

Not linked with DBTL Service

Jayant Kumar Singh on 02 February 2015

sir , i want to inform u that , my connection is not linked with AADHAR Card , actually, i submitted my all documents for DBTL Service , at Shobha Bharat Gas , Deoria ,Up with Old ID-SBG5892 , Ur ...[Read full complaint]

Gas cylinder booking is getting cancelled.

Mariam Mujawer on 02 February 2015

Respected sir/mam, we are facing a lots of problem with the gas agency, we have booked the cylinder two times and we are getting the booking confirmation also but after the days its getting cancel...[Read full complaint]

HP gas name transfer request not receive

Sandeepprasad Shaw on 02 February 2015

Respected sir my name is sandeep prasad shaw I want to transfer my hp gas related all documentation to my sister name they say me to this is a not possible so please give me a suggition to what I ...[Read full complaint]

Wrongly connect dbtl in other bank

Adanan Qasim on 02 February 2015

my lpg connection is wrongly link to my central bank of india but i have provide punjab national national bank account.

[Read full complaint]

Non delivery of LPG Gas cylinder

Vijay Kumar on 02 February 2015

R/Sir, I have made booking for LPG Gas cylinder (Consumer No. 217) on dated 2015 through HP Anytime, but not received till date even after remin...[Read full complaint]

Gas Booking no. two to three time cancel

Nilesh S. Tikekar on 02 February 2015

We are book gas from 8th Jan 15 to till today atlist tow to three time they cancell my booking order. After that yesterday i rebook by my gas and today i persoanly visit and that time they told me...[Read full complaint]

Subsidy not transfer to account

Niranjan Ghosh on 02 February 2015

I have refilled my HP gas cylender by Rs 727 (cash memo no-192336) on 015. but subsidy amount have not received yet.

[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas connection waiting list

Parbodh Chander on 02 February 2015

i have applied for new bgarat gas connection on line but my file put on hold having waiting list no13846385, so pls tell me the reason for what reason my file put on hold

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Blockage of Gas Cylinder

Kalawati Bhagchand Varandani on 01 February 2015

Dear Sir, I am Kalawati Bhagchand Varandani,aged about 70 years, resident of Ulhasnagar, Dist. Thane. My Gas connection No. is 1554 standing in the name of my late husband Bhagchand Varandani. I h...[Read full complaint]

Not Open My Locked Gas connection

Ajay Phalke on 01 February 2015

My gas connection is lock on multipal connection risan but I have no multiple connection so I following the opening prosses but this agency no any action of my problem

[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas non delivery and black marketing

Manish on 01 February 2015

I have booked a cylinder on /15. On 24/1/15 I have received a message that the cylindar is delivered but it was not delivered. Company has blacked the cylindar. Please do...[Read full complaint]

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