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Eureka Forbes Aquaguard complaints

Eureka Forbes Aqua guard service issu

Suneel on 19 September 2014

I purchased Eureka RO Enhance in Sept 011. Took AMC in Sep2012. Extended AMC in Sept 013. At that time the technician told me that the water fil...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard No Service under AMC

Narendra on 18 September 2014

I am Narendra Soni, I an from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. I have a Aquaguard water purifier. Which was under AMC from 4 March 2011 till 3 March 2014 (receipt No.18232809). When AMC was over I got a cal...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes unsatiafactory service

Gautam Shahare on 13 September 2014

I am using aquaguard classic from last 10years . but from last 2 years the service I am getting is not at all satisfactory. again this time same problem occurred, I am having some technical proble...[Read full complaint]

My aquaguard enhance uv leakage

Parshotam Suthar on 30 August 2014

i have purchased aquaguard enhance uv on 22nd august it is leaking since then.i am calling the installation guy and the sales person somnath nalwade but nobody is interested because they have reci...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes Aquaquard Enhane bill not received

Selva Gajendran on 28 August 2014

Hi, I am Gajendran from chennai. I have purchased a Aquaquard Enhane RO water purifier on 22nd April,2014. My order details: Customer Name: Selva Gajendran Order no: 5680...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes Poor warranty services

Vishesh Jain on 22 August 2014

I am really very much disappoint with aqua guard services.The water purifier at my place is down since last one week making it impossible for us to have pure water.we have been calling repeatedly ...[Read full complaint]

Substandard Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Supplied

Chaitaly Das on 15 August 2014

Dear Sir I have purchased water purifier on 2014 of Rs9490/ &installed the water purifier on 014. After running few days the above purifier is o...[Read full complaint]

Pathetic service and fraud behavior of Eureka forbes for their Aquaguard RO

Nimisa Singh on 14 August 2014

I bought an AMC for my Aquaguard Reviva model RO on 2nd June 014. It has been more than three months now and several complaints but I have not recieved a resolution. Ther...[Read full complaint]

EUREKA FORBES not providing Installation service of Aquasure Water purifier

Saisandeep Varlakati on 11 August 2014

On 014, I riased a service request (no. 715) with EUREKA FORBES for an Installation of Aquasure water purifier. The customer care replied that I...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes not arranging aqua guard installation

Gaurav Bansal on 09 August 2014

i have purchased aqua sure aqua gaurd on 014. i m calling eureka forbes for da installation of my aquagaurd bt im not getting any response they are not entertaining my ca...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes Water Purifier not working

Ashwani Kumar on 05 August 2014

My Water Purifier is not working since last 2 days. My Customer ID number is 536. My complaint number is 037. I have called the Customer help li...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard not delivered even after 16 days

Kishori on 01 August 2014

I ordered Aquaguard Neo on 16th July, 2014 online. I have made card payment and paid whole amount. Transaction ID: 2231 Customer ID: 8732 And ti...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO motor issue

Ramesh Kumar on 22 July 2014

On 19/07/2014 the service person came for filter change and the very next day the motor stopped working. My RO system is under AMC and I was informed whiling signing for AMC that the motor as well...[Read full complaint]

Eureka forbes aquasure purifier non service

Gorakshanath R Kshirsagar on 19 July 2014

I purchased non electric purifier from shop. after assembling it water not comes out from top chamber.immediately after long try I put complaint regarding this.then on the next day one representat...[Read full complaint]

Eureka forbes cheated by giving a filter that does not work.

Vikash Gupta on 15 July 2014

Bought a new aquaguard duo in Nov end. Since then I have hardly effectively used it for a month or so only. Started with water leaking from the device. The filters then got jammed. The sensor was ...[Read full complaint]

Eureka forbes one year warranty period services not heeded to

Sanjay Ghosh on 10 July 2014

Eureka forbes -aquaguard bought by us on 12 2014 also guaranteed i year warranty services we have complained twice on 8-7-2014 on 1.40 am and gi...[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes Harassment

Chiinmayananda Dash on 09 July 2014

I have purchase eureka forbes model agua verve ,i ahve done a insurance for service maintenance and it is valid til 25th oct 2014,several times i have requested them to fix my problem but they are...[Read full complaint]

Aquaguard Service men not visit

Sunil Rai on 26 June 2014

Hi, This is sunil rai from ghazipur up I am you 14 yr old user and last time your service employ misbehave with my mom.. And service is too dirty more water wastage and less purify because take 1....[Read full complaint]

Eureka Forbes no servicing visit

Ballav Baruah on 23 June 2014

My acquaguard of Eureka Forbes under AMC from Nov-12 to Nov-14. Service request of REF. No 2088 placed on .14. Not yet turned up, ineffective ph...[Read full complaint]

Servicing of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

Sushil Gore on 11 June 2014

It is harrasement...cannot be counted in terms of Money engineer name: shreekant..Mobile No. 8996 we have taken 3 years annual contract contract No.19013230 for every ser...[Read full complaint]

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