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Electric Meter complaints

Meter me bijali nahi aa rahi hai

Vicky Arya on 30 June 2015

Sir. I am vicky arya Morning se hi meter me bijli nhi aa rhi or hamne complate ke liye Najdiki office me report ki thi. Sir. Vo hamari bat hi nhi sunte kirpya aap unhe phone krke samja. City. Aboh...[Read full complaint]

Meter reading not showing

Manish Patwa on 30 June 2015

As we are not able to see the meter reading. So we want the meter reading to get repaired as fast as possible. And from 14 of the meter reading is not working

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For electricity meter

Jadhav Prakash Laxman on 29 June 2015

२४-६-२०१५ ला २१२१५०००६४४६ या क्रमांकाचे मीटर पाटण जि.सातारा यांचेकडून मिळाले आहे.परंतु ससाणे नावाचे वायरमन यांना ३ ते ४ वेळा फोन केला असता ते म्हणतात १० ते १२ दिवसात जोडून मिळेल घेतलेले मीटर हे शा...[Read full complaint]

Meter reading not taken by meter reader from last two month

Chandu Dange on 23 June 2015

Meter reading not taken by meter reader from last two month. How you sent bill without taking meter reading. and current month bill still not received by your team. Please do the needful and confi...[Read full complaint]

Metre Change

Pawan Gupta on 23 June 2015

Dear Sir, I have own house in 38/a,Vrindavan Garden, Sahibabad,Ghaziabad and I live in 9 or 10 years but from few months my electric metre reading is fast. So, Please change our Metres so that we ...[Read full complaint]

Electric meter is not working

Prem Kanwar on 22 June 2015

Dear Athority, My self Prem Sawroop (gappi) s/o late sh. Sat Pal Singh VPO & TEH Haroli Distt. Una. PIN 220. I want to make this in your knowledge that my electricity met...[Read full complaint]

Metre Reading is Fast

Manish Kumar on 18 June 2015

Dear Sir, I had rented house in III-H/158,2nd floor,Nehru Nagar,Ghaziabad on 15 th of april but on 7th of May my electric metre reading is 140 units in 20 days only.So, Please check our Metres so ...[Read full complaint]

बिल मे मीटर रीडिंग दर्ज नहीं होने बाबत

Area Under Digari Gss on 14 June 2015

हमारे ईलाका गेट वे होटल से पिलार बालाजी किसी के भी बिल में मीटर रीडिंग न ही गत पठन है और न ही वर्तमान पठन है| कृप्या हमारी इस समस्या का समाधान करावे

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Regarding meter damage and connection not providing

Hemant Kumar on 13 June 2015

my problem is that meter provided by the electricity department burnt after two days Nasriganj, Rohtas, Bihar and when we are go for complain no body take it

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Electric meter faulty

Nadeem on 13 June 2015

I stay on rent in /46, U block, DLF 3, Gurgaon. the sub meter installed at my floor runs exceptionally fast. May I request you to please get the meter tested.

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Change meter singal phase to three phase

Saurabh Chopra on 12 June 2015

we applied for change of single phase to three phase meter on 29/12/2012 We deposited rs.10125 for this purpose, but stil it has not been changed. even after regular complain to kesco barra. veena...[Read full complaint]

Meter defective

Manmohan Bhagat on 11 June 2015

मीटर बदलवाना है. खराब होगया है. उपभोक्ता का नाम मांदो भगत ,service no. 9762

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Digital meter problem

Thanigaivel on 05 June 2015

We are using digital meter last month paid 2200 rupees but this time around 6400 tepees we need check my digital meter my mobile number 3434

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Electric Meter Defect

Manoj Prabhat Manchnawal on 04 June 2015

Account No : 0763 I have a domestic connection. I have sent SMS regarding Meter defect on 6195 on dated 15th,17th &18th May 2015 .I received a c...[Read full complaint]

Name Change for Electric Meter/ Bill

Rajpal Singh on 03 June 2015

Dear Sir, I want to know that, what are the documents required for the name change, electricity connection at west karawal nagar It is kindly requested that do the needful. Rajpal singh mob [Read full complaint]

For checking of meter

Rajendra Shivprasad Kuduchi on 03 June 2015

suspecting meter reading.meter not working properly

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Unnecessary mention the rent of electric meter

Parmodh Singh on 27 May 2015

siir with due respect and hummble submission I require to state the following few lines for ur kind consideration and favorable action please this electric meter had been issued to my father since...[Read full complaint]

Regarding wrong electric billing

Md Azhar Ul Haque on 23 May 2015

Respected sir, MD AZHARUL HAQUE, BOOK & CONSUMERN NO. CDDS1/GOS3072. CATEGORY DS2. LOAD I KV. We already pay the meter and meter testing amount at /13, but at the present...[Read full complaint]

Meter out of order of customer number T4944

Azazul Abdin on 21 May 2015

sir this is to inform you that on 18th may 2015 a short circuit occurred in my supply pole after getting it fixed the next day .. the connection is OK as done by your staff .. but the meter is not...[Read full complaint]

Highly reading meter unit

Sandhyarani Muduli on 21 May 2015

Highly meter reading bill in my father inlaw house. It is excess amount for us. For the beginning of meter wesco branch office not supplied bill. After 1 year supplied the bill of heavy range Rs. ...[Read full complaint]

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