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Electric Meter complaints

Display of meter numbers is not clear

Hari Chand on 16 September 2014

It has been problem since 1 year we are facing problem while seeing numbers on meter . I would request u to take some action towards it. Sriganganagar purani abadi. metre no.5965351 khata no.31033...[Read full complaint]

Outer unit installed in the verharnda

Mns Pillai on 15 September 2014

once i complained about two months back about wrong installation of your ac product in my residence but even after complaint to your franchise nobody attended after two months ,what Panasonic what...[Read full complaint]

My house electric meter is working abnormally due to which bill is high

Ankur Verma on 15 September 2014

Due to incorrect meter reading from last three months my electricity bill is to high I.E., Rs.6007/-. So I tried to raise the issue to j.E of the electricity department in meerut. I went to electr...[Read full complaint]

बिजली मीटर शिकायत

Ram Bharosa on 13 September 2014

महोदय, मेरी आपसे शिकायत है की मेरे बिजली के मीटर में स्पार्क हो रहा था। जिसकी शिकायत मैंने सेक्टर २५ के बिजली घर में की थी। वहां से जो रामशीष इंजीनियर आयाथा , वह मीटर ठीक करने के बाद पैसे मांगने ल...[Read full complaint]

New meter installed is not in order

Ganesh Sinha on 13 September 2014

New meter installed on 8.14 is not working.It is off and not in order.I had to pay more bill in last month due to department error.Please. solve my problem to keep me awa...[Read full complaint]

Meter Reading is not accurate

Savita Sawant on 13 September 2014

Dear sir, My Self Mrs. Savita Sawant Having Rental room in khanda colony. My M.S.E.B consumer number is 8259 in the name of owner Mr. Tukaram K. Kadam . Unit No. 0345/kal...[Read full complaint]

Electric meter is not working properly

Pankaj Kumar on 12 September 2014

my meter was not working properly.mostly in stop condition and if running reading directly add 85 to 100 unit so complain done in ashiana power house office since last 20 days but no any action st...[Read full complaint]

Meter na lagne ke anurodh me

Vishnu Kumar on 10 September 2014

sir ak mhina applicaton fees ka ho gya 4 din sec. Fees ka ho gya aur unhone bola ki meter ki kewal aapko lekar aani sir jb hum 2000de rhe to phli bar to kewal milni chaheyi nye connection pr

[Read full complaint]

Meter manipulation (electricity theft)

Mihir Shah on 10 September 2014

Someone has connected the lines directly bypassing the meter.flat401 .causing charging of extra due to the msedl or society we are not sure. Meter serial no. 183. Please ...[Read full complaint]

MPEB electric meter damage

Devendra Singh Tomar on 10 September 2014

My new meeter installed in wall front side. so that meeter damage due to raining. After that i have sumbit application meeter instalation but your employee says, Sumbit meeter cost 1400rs. but i a...[Read full complaint]

Meter ki galat reading

Mahesh Malviya on 10 September 2014

10/9/14 श्रीमान जून माह में मेरे मीटर की रीडिंग २५४०० थी जो आपके कर्मचरियों द्वारा 7078 लेकर मुझे १५००० का बिल दिया था सितम्बर माह में भी २७१३८ दर्शाई गी है जबकि वास्तव म...[Read full complaint]

No display on meter

Nilesh Mangal on 10 September 2014

service no. 8925 name.rajkumari mangal add.588 kalani nagar meter display problem

[Read full complaint]

Meter is running too fast

Nawal Kaushal on 10 September 2014

My meter no. 3884 is running too fast due to which the electricity bill is coming too high. The bill is increasing every month wheras the electricity consumption is decre...[Read full complaint]

For excess meter reading

Niranjan Kumar on 08 September 2014

Meter reading started from 24/05/2014 and first chance we have received bill for RS.1594/- For 424 Unit from 24/05/2014 to 31/07/2014 and we have paid the bill. After that when we received the sec...[Read full complaint]

Charged over no service

Vamshi Nagarapu on 06 September 2014

Iam a tenant in hyderabad. there is a common meter for me and one other portion so we r sharing bill.usually we bill of 400 to 500 in which I pay 100 rupees as iam using a fan, a cfl bulb and a tu...[Read full complaint]

Electric meter gave extra reading

Anil Thakre on 06 September 2014

sir, my electricity bill is very high since couple of previous month's and we i check in my own experiences than i find that my electric meter give me much more than my home appliances use when we...[Read full complaint]

Meter not work properly complain already

Bhavin Kansagara on 04 September 2014

my meter was not working properly.mostly in stop condition and if running reading directly add 100 to 150 unit so complain done in bhilwara office since last 20 days but no any action still date,M...[Read full complaint]

No power supply, disconnect meter

Munnilal Vishvakarma on 01 September 2014

1/09/14 No power supply in meter please check a meter

[Read full complaint]

Digital Meter's display is out of order

Sohan Singh on 30 August 2014

Digital Meter is not displaying from last three months and the bill is raised on approximate basis causing serious problem in future.

[Read full complaint]

Meter wires loose and sparking

Divyajeet Singh on 27 August 2014

21-c hig flats swarnim vihar sector 82 noida Please note my meter wire is loose and light is sometimes going and coming please send meter repairing team so that the fault can be rectified. my acco...[Read full complaint]

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