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Unfair electricity bill by cesc

Jayadri Shankar Pain on 10 August 2012

Respected sir/Madam , I am residing at 221 rajdanga school road, kasba, kolkata-700107. From jan,2012 to jun 2012 the minimum & maximum unit consumption is 199 & 471 unit...[Read full complaint]

Cesc electricity bill & electric meter complaint

Biswarup Maity on 08 August 2012

I am residing at 1/1 barwari tola lane. Kolkata-700005. From jan,2012 to may,2012 the minimum & maximum unit consumption is 18 & 56 units, but suddenly, I find that the electric bill sent by c [Read full complaint]

Abnormally high meter reading of cesc

Pradip Kumar Saha on 04 August 2012

I am residing at 82/(C, ballygunge place. Kolkata-700019. For the last six mnths, the average unit consumption is around 225 units, but suddenl, I find that the electric bill sent by cesc is of 53...[Read full complaint]

Cesc electricity meter change required

Manish Mishra on 27 July 2012

Sir I am a residence of belurmath.I have a complaint about my electricity bill which has been coming for 3000 or more.Our meter is also not work properly. So please I request you to change our ele...[Read full complaint]

Cesc sudden high meter reading within a month

Dyutiman Biswas on 22 July 2012

Sir/S, I am writing on behalf of my father late sri dilip kr. Biswas who is the owner of the house & domestic electricity meter (consumer no.11255113003) respectfully. I am quite surprised to rece...[Read full complaint]

Meter no.4490842 first cesc bill not received yet.

Biswarup Das on 18 July 2012

New electricity connection given.Even after lapses of one month,electricity bill is not yet received,so do not know the consumer no.My electricity meter no.Is 4490842,installed on 10.6.2012.Please...[Read full complaint]

High bill provided by cesc

Prabir Banerjee on 27 June 2012

Sir, iam amazed to see that very much high billing done by C.E.S.C comparaing billing done before 6 months. The difference of power units is 7 units more. But I have to pay rs. 110 more for that ....[Read full complaint]

High bill provided by C.E.S.C

Arun Kumar Gothi on 20 June 2012

R/Sir I am writing on behalf of my father late sri nath dass gothi who is the owner of the house.& Domestic electricity meter (consumer no.35029062003.I am quite surprised to received heavy bill f...[Read full complaint]

Voltage ups & down due to start of an ac machine

Rupam Ghosh on 06 June 2012

Sir, we regret to inform you that it has become a regular incident of voltage up & dn in late night due to switch on of an a.C.Machine .The most likely cause of the voltage ups & dns what I fe [Read full complaint]

Electricity problems by Cesc

Sanju Devi on 02 June 2012

The under line cable was damaged and due to that the connection is connected through overhead cable near about 1 years and the cable may be make an incident any time. Cesc executive(engineer) told...[Read full complaint]

Voltage fluctuation from Cesc

Shaikh Soyeb on 23 May 2012

Hi I am shaikh soyeb consumer no - 138. Reside at 50/2 shaikh para lane since one month we are facing problem of voltage fluctuation. Everyday I personally logged complai...[Read full complaint]

Against Cesc billing

Smriti Kana Naskar on 01 May 2012

My self smriti kana naskar ,daughter of bankim chandra sasmal.My consumer number is 001. And I DID'nt get my last month's (march) bill. So if you please send me our bill ...[Read full complaint]

Cesco faulty electricty bill procedure

Rabindra Kumar Rath on 17 April 2012

Hi I have two electricity connections at home having consumer no - 1449 and 6268 . Today I have received a bill for the two accounts one rs.3743...[Read full complaint]

Overbilling by CESC

Chanchal Majumdar on 17 April 2012

My consumer no-6312808114.My electricity bill for the month of march as shown in computer is 1940.00.But meter reading does not show in the bill.How cesc can charge so much without meter reading.I...[Read full complaint]

High bill provided by Cesc

Dibyendu Dey on 03 April 2012

Hi, this is dibyendu dey son of late sri narayan chandra dey - view to say you that as my father (sri narayan chandra dey) expired as on 4th november 2011 , thereafter we shutdown our shop till da...[Read full complaint]

Forceful & illegal disconnection of residence power supply

Om Prakash Agarwal on 16 March 2012

I am 61 years old man living in howrah maidan since 1975 using electricity service supplied by cesc ltd under consumer no. 1007 which is forcefully disconnected by them o...[Read full complaint]

Meters are used by trespassers and are installed in others property and catering

Amitava Guha on 22 February 2012

My meters has been changed to others name without my permission and thru valid documents required for this change. I am the owner of the property and meters of others has been install ed in my pro...[Read full complaint]

Excess electricity bill of cesc ltd

Chondrema Roy on 20 February 2012

I, chondrema roy a consumer of cesc ltd is (con. No:48124139007,)several month I paid excess bill and also I complain but they no response, we stay on january 2012 only 15 days (1st january to 16t...[Read full complaint]

High electricity bill by Cesc

Ashima Bagchi on 17 January 2012

Respected sir/Madam we suffering the highly electricity billing by cesc in previous two & three months when I paid the bill then I talk to us they said doing complain first, so I complain against ...[Read full complaint]

Over billing of electricity of Cesc

Balbindar Kaur on 09 December 2011

Dear sir/Madam, I am writing on behalf of my father mr malara singh who is the owner of this flat & domestic electricity meter (consumer no. - 28). I am quite surprised t...[Read full complaint]

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