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CapitalVia.com complaints

Capital via-not giving the services as they commit

Mehul Sharma on 14 April 2015

i have registered with capital via a week ago. I have getting regular calls from them to be registered to their services. On 2nd march 2015 i have deposited the amount of 5000rs in their account m...[Read full complaint]

Capital Via Not giving services as commited

Laxman Halloli on 10 April 2015

Hello, I have taken research and advise service from capital via global services company and paid them 6000 thousand initially after 15 days I got call from there senior ...[Read full complaint]

Capital via a big cheat

Jayadev Panda on 21 March 2015

I was cheated by their hni service for which they charge rs 81k with all false promise to make superb profit.Trust me, never ever get carried away by such organization.At the end of the day. U wil...[Read full complaint]

CAPITALVIA - Biggest Fraud on the planet

Nikhil Tekriwal on 12 February 2015

This company took 00/- from me to provide HNI services and promised to atleast make a profit of 00/- in 3 months time.Instead their calls used t...[Read full complaint]

Fake Promise by Capital Via

Datta on 09 February 2015

thy are promising big things and providing noting, I would suggest all of the user/Trader do not enroll any service from this company and look for better other options.

[Read full complaint]

Complain against capitalvia global research company indore

Sanjeevkumar Gera on 02 December 2014

i purchased a stock cash plus service from capital via company .but their calls are very bad always sl triggered.i made a 0000 rs loss after taking their services.i need ...[Read full complaint]

Fraudulent by the agent of capital via

Brij Bhushan Shukla on 01 December 2014

Mr Pragnesh or may be Padmesh has contracted me on 31 Oct 4/01 Nov 15 has contracted me ask whether you trading in share market, On my reply in positive he contracted me ...[Read full complaint]

CAPITALVIA service complain

Hitesh Kumar Mehra on 11 November 2014

Sir I am very very very much unsatisfied with your HNI services and want to withdraw your services. I shall also write my worst experience with your company on your website with my phone number so...[Read full complaint]

Capital via - a BIG FRAUD Company

Jayadev Panda on 04 November 2014

Dear friends, why are you getting trapped again & again and cheated by this capitalvia? In my earlier post, i had mentioned that they are a big fraud company. Please, please be aware of such cleve...[Read full complaint]

Capital via Fraud company

Gaurav Dixit on 27 October 2014

Sir I am very very very much unsatisfied with your HNI services and want to withdraw your services. I shall also write my worst experience with your company on your website with my phone number so...[Read full complaint]

Ubislate tab nahi chal raha hai

Anand Kr Singh on 15 October 2014

maine 9th oct,2014 ko ubslate7c+ tab online purchase kiya per two days chalne ke baad tab on nahi ho raha hai maine kai baar complaint kiya par bolte hai mera technical ka aadmi phone kar lega par...[Read full complaint]

Capital via tips complain

Uday Deshmukh on 13 October 2014

I was promised that I will make daily profit of 2000 to 3000 with the equity tips provided but tips provided were not accurate and I went into losses. CAPITAL VIA is good in marketing but very bad...[Read full complaint]

Capital via - a big fraud Company

Jayadev Panda on 12 October 2014

I have enrolled for their half yearly HNI service by paying 1.8 lacks.What they mention in their contract that the accuracy level of calls is 90% in this HNI service, but this is just opposite.opp...[Read full complaint]

Capitalvia cheated me with 26000 amount.

Jitendra Yadav on 26 September 2014

(payment Reference Number: msbi3480401549) Capitalvia lured me to pay 6000 than 5000 in the name of providing profitable stock tips but did not followed what assured. I started getting delayed int...[Read full complaint]

Capital Via - Fraud Company

Sadaquat Khan on 07 September 2014

i started the 3 month subscription of capital via by paying 5000 as the spot booking amount. When I confirm the payment they started giving me call on ganesh chaturthi offer andthey told me that S...[Read full complaint]

Fraud company capitalvia

Vinayak Naik on 13 August 2014

I had paid almost 5000 to start the services from capital via , but the script is not working I had lost from their script is almost 5000 , I tr...[Read full complaint]

Capital Via cheater compnay

Chintan Pancholi on 24 July 2014

I am Chintan Pancholi have taken services from Capital Via for stock futures tips the short description for my case is as follow- Firstly I was offered the stock future tips services for 5000 / - ...[Read full complaint]

Capital via Cheater company

Akki on 22 July 2014

Stop fooling people by giving bogus tips. You have no other business than to fool people. First you give bogus tips and then ur services are just pathetic..I would advise please shut down this bus...[Read full complaint]

Capital via is a big fraud company

Abrar Malik on 12 July 2014

capital via is fraud...pls iski service bekar hai.aur sl hi hoto hai

[Read full complaint]

Complaints against tips advisory provider capital via

Ajay Pal on 03 July 2014

this company has taken payment of 2000 rs to provide me HNI tips in all segment of equity and told me that good profit they will provide but they made a loss when I compl...[Read full complaint]

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