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BSNL Subscription complaints

Deactivation of music on demand,games on demand in BSNL

Chaman Lal on 26 February 2015

it is intimated that in my telephone no. 5537 disffernt type of service as mention above are working i want to discopnnect all thease services please disconnect.

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Unauthorized wallpaper subscription of bsnl

Siddhartha Jain on 21 November 2014

Today on 21st Nov morning my number 5294 was charged with rs. 30 for a subscription of wallpapers named wall paper sub 30 This unauthorized I have not opted for this and ...[Read full complaint]

Ubislate tab nahi chal raha hai

Anand Kr Singh on 15 October 2014

maine 9th oct,2014 ko ubslate7c+ tab online purchase kiya per two days chalne ke baad tab on nahi ho raha hai maine kai baar complaint kiya par bolte hai mera technical ka aadmi phone kar lega par...[Read full complaint]

To stop nsnl wallpaper8 service and refund my balance

Poonam Saini on 11 September 2014

today I did not subsrobe wallpaper8 service.it start and my balance of Rs.8 is cut down.I request to stop this service and refund my balance money

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BSNL mobile radio subscription pack

Udai Kumar Kudikyala on 30 August 2014

BSNL automatically subscribed me to their mobile radio pack charging 5.00 rupees per month on my prepaid card. This is not the first time they have done this. They provid...[Read full complaint]

BSNL unauthorised subscription

Arvind Chowdhary on 13 May 2014

The undersigned has been deducted Rs.30/- for WALLPAPERS30 renew service. Although I have never applied for any such service.Please arrange to refund the amount .Also BSNL may be advised not to pr...[Read full complaint]

BSNL unsubscribe video alert

Sajesh Edayath on 25 February 2014

Bsnl has deducted rs/10 from my prepaid mobile balance amount for today video alert headlines today services with out my permission or my request.I request you to de- activate the service and retu...[Read full complaint]

Unsubscribe BSNL video alert scheme.

Nagender Thakur on 07 February 2014

The bsnl have subscribe video alert on my mobile without my permission and amount Rs.30 has been deducted from my prepaid amount on dated 2014 for 15 days.kindly unsubscr...[Read full complaint]

BSNL automatic subsciption to mobile masala videos

Sanchari Sen on 26 December 2013

I was automatically subscribed to Mobile Masala videos without my knowledge on 24th Dec, 2013 which deducted Rs.7 from my balance. When i tried to unsubscribe by sending UNSUB MCSEV to [Read full complaint]

Unsubscribe BSNL Cricket dressing room service

Anju Tresa on 31 October 2013

Sir,on my mobile no. 9616 a service is subscribed ie cricketdressing room . The message is coming from BT- CAINTK and 005. And every week 5 rupe...[Read full complaint]

Unsubscribe BSNL Re 1 store

Rina Sonam on 06 August 2013

i guess i hv been adding topups for RE 1 STORE AND HUNGAMA 4646 ONLY.... Abuses is all i can think about ,seeing my loss..numerous unsubscription messages and Rs 3/- dedu...[Read full complaint]

BSNL unnecessary subscription

Salil Sood on 03 July 2013

I have got message on 2013 at 03:52 pm, from at-556784008 on my bsnl mobile no 2734 that, thanks for subscribing Career Pack. & they Hello sir, ...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl bollywood Gossips subscription without our concent

Shashibhushan Sinha on 02 July 2013

I received a service message from 4030 on 7/6/2013 at about 10:30:30 P.M. (when I was sleeping), that I have been subscribed for Bollywood Gossips and a sum of Rs.30/- wa...[Read full complaint]

BSNL wall paper service messages

Kaba Solomon on 13 June 2013

I do not want to receive WALL PAPER from my BSNL mobile number, every now and then t he message appears like download message tone, sexy model, hot bikini, your free wall paper for today etc. Plea...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl Regional Radio Service

Ranjan Pathak on 12 June 2013

I am from Jharkhand My bsnl mobile no is 9431346508.I received a text massage from Thanks for subscribing regional radio service. Will be charged rs.20/Month,to deactivate call this all have done ...[Read full complaint]

Deactivate BSNL hungama all package

Shanthi.k on 11 June 2013

dear sir i requested that i have not subscribed b s n l hungama movies on demand and games and demand service for land line phone 2030 , but the amount is added to monthl...[Read full complaint]

BSNL Bollywood fusion subscribed automatically every month

Mariappan on 17 May 2013

my BSNL cell 2756 Every month i get sms saying that i am subscribed for Bollywoodfusion automatically detecting tghe amount. Even after i unsubscribe it also after 2 days...[Read full complaint]

Unwanted subscription on BSNL Mobile

Saurav Dutta on 10 May 2013

On 01 may,3013 , a message has sent from 6566 to my mobile number 5938 automatically that "Mobile Masala Wallpaper" was activated to your mobile...[Read full complaint]

BSNL Mobile Masala Wallpapers Deactivation

Asim Mukherjee on 06 May 2013

On 24th April,3013 , a message has sent from 6566 to my mobile number 7315 automatically that "Mobile Masala Wallpaper" was activated to your mo...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl subscription of Masala Video pack without taking permission

Arnab Ghatak on 04 May 2013

My no. was subscribed to Mobile Masala Videos pack without notifying me on 1/5/2013.since then several times I want to unsubscribe this pack but the effort gone in vain.once when I send sms UNSUB ...[Read full complaint]

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