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BSNL MNP complaints

Denied MNP by BSNL by providing wrong Donor id

Sijadvp Vazhayilpeedikayil on 11 February 2016

I have applied for MNP from BSNL kerala to AIRTEL kerala on 2016 and received an sms from airtel on 2016 saying that validation of the documents...[Read full complaint]

BSNL not porting my number

Siddhartha Chakraborti on 02 February 2016

I have applied for a mnp on 29th jan 2016 from bsnl to idea. I received the code on same day and submitted my documents in idea on same day. Verification was completed on 30th and idea sim was giv...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl no porting

Syed.mohd Zia Ashraf on 04 January 2016

maine bsnl.se vodafone me apna mo no. 0870 upc code BE586583 vodafone me port karne k liye dacoment hazrat saprumarg vodafone store me jama kiya. Lekin abhi tak mera no p...[Read full complaint]

MNP not done even after 15 days

Peashant Kumar on 20 December 2015

hello it has been more than 15 days since I applied for the MNP of my number from reliance to bsnl in Bihar. By tomorrow my UPC code is going to expire.. I got the new sim of bsnl with the new num...[Read full complaint]

My mnp is not done successfully BSNL not activating my number

Dhananjay Kumar on 10 December 2015

sir my mobile no 9796 was airtel and I am going to BSNL prepaid through mnp Airtel company successfully port out but BSNL is not porting my number they disturbing my numb...[Read full complaint]

BSNl sim port nahi ho raha

Ziaur Rehman on 29 November 2015

maine apna bsnl sim port karne ke liya four times apply kiya magar aaj date 29/11/2015 tak sim port nahi huwa. last upc code BW826775 hai. ab kya kiya jaye. aisa lagta hai court case hi karna hoga...[Read full complaint]

MNP from BSNL to Airtel

Srinivasan on 20 November 2015

I am trying to get my mobile number ported from BSNL to Airtel. It has been 14+ days now and keep getting "request rejected by Donor as the porting code does not match". This has become a ha

[Read full complaint]

Mnp bsnl port in

Mamta on 11 November 2015

I OPTED TO PORT OUT OF TATA INDICOM AND PORT IN TO BSNL My tata indicom number has been closed but the ported bsnl no. has not been activated till today. i am unable to use my number.it is closed ...[Read full complaint]

MNP BSNL to idea

Gyanesh Kumar on 22 October 2015

Applied for MNP of my number 5154 from bsnl to idea. Bsnl got deactivated on 20th. Idea not latching on to any network for Tele verification. Helpless. Without any networ...[Read full complaint]

Idea to BSNL mnp is not done

Asutosh Pradhan on 21 October 2015

015. I asutosh pradhan. My no 642. I port in. Idea to Bsnl. But. Bsnl is not active. Odisha

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MNP not approved by BSNL

Lalitchandra Sorathiya on 03 October 2015

I have applied for MNP to vodafone. I have done required sms to get upc. I got upc and given to vodafone store. They have collected documents from me and applied. But BSNL has not approved that po...[Read full complaint]

BSNL to Docomo MNP

Vijay Hirpara on 28 September 2015

I had sent request for MNP from BSNL to Docomo on 14th Sep 015. But, today 28th Sep 2015 still MNP is not done. What would be issue? Getting different answers from docomo...[Read full complaint]

BSNL to reliance CDMA port

Rajkumar Swami on 27 August 2015

I purchase a sim from reliance world for port bsnl to reliance cdma in month of july. I have provide upc number to reliance world. But till date no solution. When I went to reliance world they say...[Read full complaint]

Mnp to bsnl outgoing is not active

Krishan Kumar on 27 July 2015

I port my num 3330 .Port is done on 23-07-2015.I try to call 507, 1503,94o0024365 rpy is this service is not available. Incoming is active. Plea...[Read full complaint]

Upc code is not sent by bsnl

Sanjay Barnwal on 08 July 2015

sir i want to port my bsnl arunachal pradesh no. to bsnl maharastra circle. i have sent PORT mobile no. to 1900 but server is always saying incorrect formate. which is not true. please solve my pr...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl to docomo Mobile number portability

Ritesh Soni on 06 July 2015

Sir i had mnp of my no. from bsnl prepaid to tata docomo on 29-06-15 but till date 06-07-15 my service operator does not change. What is the reason for these issue? Plz help me, [Read full complaint]

Porting code not coming on BSNL

Vikas Hindocha on 19 June 2015

I have been trying to get UPC code to port my number from BSNL to Airtel but i am unable to get the code. My BSNL number is 992.

[Read full complaint]

Port from BSNL to Vodafone

Ishan Mehta on 19 April 2015

I am with BSNL currently. I want to port out & go to Vodafone. I had a prepaid CUG with BSNL which Ihave stopped since last few months. Now when I request porting code from BSNL I get a porting od...[Read full complaint]

UPC code to port my number from BSNL to idea

Sanam Raina on 12 April 2015

I have been trying to get UPC code to port my number from BSNL to idea but i am unable to get the code. I asked CCE about the procedure and they informed to send the message on 1900 but every time...[Read full complaint]

BSNL to Vodafone MNP

Ajit Kumar on 08 March 2015

Bsnl to vodafone.mnp.not succesfull please help me.my.bsnl.no. 5386

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