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BSNL Broadband complaints

BSNL not providing broadband and phone connection in school

Sukhjeet Singh on 28 August 2014

Sir , We have applied for broadband connection in school and submitted security on 8th May 014. As you know now-a-days net is necessary for each and every kind of work. W...[Read full complaint]

BSNL Employees lazy at work and not punctual

Harshit Bijolia on 27 August 2014

I complained about my net not working. i use bsnl broadband.its been a month now i am not able to use my broadband. the employees are very lazy and not punctual. they are never on time. their lunc...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl broadband data plan revised without any intimation

Gaurav Dutta on 25 August 2014

This is to inform you about my grievance that I have been charged with a BB bill amount of INR 865, as I have been charged on night charges which was previously free in m...[Read full complaint]

BSNL Broadband unserviceable

Nrapendra Dixit on 23 August 2014

The bsnl broadband 3841 135) was u/s since 09 jul 14 to 19 aug 2014 i.E. More than one month ( 42 days) no broad band service could be restored ...[Read full complaint]

BSNL not sending the telephone bill's

Joseph on 16 August 2014

BSNL has stopped sending the landline bills to my home as a result i dint know about the bill payment. And they also cut our landline connection. When i enquired the BSNL office they said i dint p...[Read full complaint]

BSNL Broadband unservicable

Nrapendra Dixit on 12 August 2014

The bsnl broadband 3841 135) is u/s since 09 jul 14 .There is no proper response by bsnl staff ,only saying that they are working on fault recti...[Read full complaint]

BSNL broadband band hai

Mahendra Kabade on 09 August 2014

Sir. My complaint is BSNL BROAD INTERNET Sir. My phone no is 5045 account no. 0273 MAHARASTRA AKOLA AKOT CHOHOTTA BAZAR 4101<...[Read full complaint]

BSNL Broadband complain

Abhishek Anand on 03 August 2014

Hello, I have taken BSNL Broadband Plan, Unlimited plan which cost me about Rs 1000 / month & I pay my bills religiously on or before due date. But the broadband service is worst, out of 30 days t...[Read full complaint]

BSNL broadband and landline complain

Nrapendra Dixit on 29 July 2014

The bsnl land line / broadband 3841 135) is u/s since 09 jul 14 .There is no proper response by bsnl staff ,even they are not giving the complai...[Read full complaint]

Regarding The bsnl land line / broadband

Nrapendra Dixit on 26 July 2014

3841 2135 is u/s since 09 jul 14 .There is no proper response by bsnl staff ,even they are not giving the complain no . And saying that they are...[Read full complaint]

BSNL is not providing Broadband connection in my area

Vikrant More on 26 July 2014

Sir, I applied for a broadband connection but BSNL officials told me that there is no feasibility in your area. my address is behind charbhuja ramleela maidan. it is approx 600m from main road. [Read full complaint]

BSNL Broadband and Landline services hardly works

Rahul Rastogi on 12 July 2014

Hello, I am facing issues with the BSNL Broad band and telephone line services from last 6 months continuously. The connections doesn't work.The internet DSL keeps coming and going. I have filed m...[Read full complaint]

BSNL Broadband connection issues

Amitosh Pal on 12 July 2014

had booked BSNL Broadband on 4/july/2014 but no one had arrived to lay connection.. I had made calls on bsnl broadband connection complaints number 504" but I don't get a...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl broadband internet not working

Harminder Singh on 12 July 2014

respected sir. request is that.my bsnl landline number is 310. and my broadband internet is not working properly. because my connection dp is appx. 100meter away from my ...[Read full complaint]

BSNL poor broadband service

Sathisha Krishna on 11 July 2014

I have BSNL broadband service sinse lost 3 year in the name of my brother no is 2009 this service is permently out of service but we have pay the bill properly from 3 yea...[Read full complaint]

BSNL broadband interrupted service

Swarna Industries Ltd. on 09 July 2014

we are regular internet consumer last 8 years during last 3 months we faced the problems daily to use in internet . service provide by bsnl are interrupted . and bsnl official staff does not inter...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl broadband not working

Nitesh Kumar on 06 July 2014

From last 1 month my bsnl broadband connection is not working.i don't have any contact number to complain

[Read full complaint]

Charged extra BB Plan Deposit

Ramesh on 09 May 2014

I am using BSNL broadband with landline No. 364. In the monthly bill of March 014, I have been charged with an amount of Rs. ...[Read full complaint]

BSNL internet working good in office but not at home

Shubham Pathak on 29 April 2014

internet connection is showing but rare data transfer & very slow but when i go some where else away about 2 kms its working fine.

[Read full complaint]

BSNL broadband internet problem

Dr U S Panpatte on 27 April 2014

I am using BSNL Broadband since a decade, My Internet Connection is irregular (Disconnect every 2-3 minutes) My nearest service center i.e. Shivmandir Begumpura,Aurangabad 1001<...[Read full complaint]

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