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Vineetha Sreepada on 22 April 2015

I have been a victim of the fraud perpetuated by Book-my-holiday people from the great India Today group in 012. Foolishly I bought 3 vouchers for holidays and been duped...[Read full complaint]

Book My Holidays Fraud flight bookings

Susie Samson on 15 January 2014

In early December 2013 I got a call to say Book My Holidays were offering cheap flights to any domestic destination in eastern part of Australia. I agreed to purchase 3 flights and wanted to pay b...[Read full complaint]

Injustice done to a student from india today group book my holiday

Amit Mishra on 16 October 2013

RESPECTED SIR Sir on 27th August 2012 I got a call from Bagittoday/indiatoday telling me that I am selected as a lucky winner for the holiday package and assured gift. The executive gave me all de...[Read full complaint]

Book My Holiday Harassment

Taher Bootwala on 17 August 2013

I had placed order with Book My Holiday against Order No. 0818 of tour package of amount 998. Book My Holiday refused to provide me with package...[Read full complaint]

Bagittoday / Book My Holiday Fraud

Chinnathambi on 19 May 2013

Dear Fellows, As Usual it all began from a call from Bag it today, stating I'm one of the shortlisted person for selected discounted holiday package. When I have gone thru further I came to know t...[Read full complaint]

Book my holiday cheated and done fraud with holiday package

Aashish Mor on 10 May 2013

I have bought one international package of 7N/8D holiday stay from book my holiday Order No 4991 which I have ordered on December 16, 011. When ...[Read full complaint]

Book My Holiday cheated by selling fraud packages

Sumit Bedi on 09 May 2013

Order id is 2025 & 2009 dated 26/10/2012 from book my holiday i had purchased 2 voucher from bag it today of 4N/5D stay at any holiday destinati...[Read full complaint]

Book my holiday cheated

Saiyed Mohammadrafeeq on 30 April 2013

dear, Pl. dont send me mail of cheated artricles your bag it today group only work base cheted below mention id i had cheated by u & i have complete avidance against u which type of cheating & [Read full complaint]

Book my holidays mis-selling of packages

Amar Dighe on 22 April 2013

False commitments of Package destinations, False commitmetments for booking dates and locations & no confirmation of approval (via mail) of the location finalised by customer care executives, Afte...[Read full complaint]

Fraud by book my holiday

Dr Onkar Gupta on 22 April 2013

order id 7433 dated 15/10/2012 from book my holiday i had purchased voucher from bagittoday of 4N/5D stay at any holiday destination thru book my holiday.when i approache...[Read full complaint]

No response from Affordable sales promotion (Book My Holiday)

Narayandas Murali Mohan on 04 April 2013

Book My Holiday against Order No. 1400 RJ inn @ Kodai kanal No Response from Book My holiday (Affordable Sales Promotion) I have not yet recieved final accomdation reserv...[Read full complaint]

Book My Holiday is Fraud and have duped me of Rs12,896/-

Nikhil Anthony on 25 March 2013

My name is Nikhil Anthony, i have purchased 2 packages from Book My Holiday in the month of October last year, one under my name id : 9647 and the other under my dad's na...[Read full complaint]

Not getting any information about my tour package.

Gyanendra Verma on 25 March 2013

i booked my tour package through bag it today and my booking id is 0014 now they are not giving any information about my tour package please solve my problem otherwise i ...[Read full complaint]

Cheating by Book My Holiday

S Singhal on 20 March 2013

I sent the package before 45 days of start of my trip (the time mentioned to me by company's representative was 30 days). It was mentioned by the customer care of Bag it Today that all places are ...[Read full complaint]

Cheating by Book my holiday

Linson Paul on 18 March 2013

I had booked 03 Vouchers ( 143, 9373 & 9453 ) on 012. I have been requesting for different d...[Read full complaint]

Complaint against bookmyholiday.com

Vijayshanker Dashora on 11 March 2013

This is a redressal of my preious complaint about book my holiday . Sir after 10 days they had refused to provide me accommodation at puri by book my holiday on 2013 . I ...[Read full complaint]

Cheating by Book My Holiday

Chinnathambi on 11 March 2013

Dear Grahak seva, During last year March, Bag it today litteraly forced me to take one package from Bookmy Holiday. By that package I had to pay the money in full for 4 people 5d/4N stay at select...[Read full complaint]

Cheating by Book my holiday

Nishi Kant Bhardwaj on 08 March 2013

sir, I had booked a couple of holiday plans worth rupees 5998 each on 8th December 012. I had done my payments through my HDFC Credit card.The order Id of the two Voucher...[Read full complaint]

Complaint against bookmyholiday.com

Vijay S. Dashora on 27 February 2013

Complaint against bookmyholiday.com Feb/27/2013 Vijay S Dashora Had booked a holiday package with bookmyholiday.com and paid all due money, ( Booking Order id. 15). I had...[Read full complaint]

Bagittoday no response for booking holiday

Daksesh Amin on 27 February 2013

i have been ditch by bagittoday person named ROHIT having mobile number 3686 saying that i will take care of my booking once i take the offer from bagittoday . i have tak...[Read full complaint]

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