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Piles of waste and mud on road

Jayanti Sahu on 09 August 2016

The corporater of our area removed garbage from the drain and put it on the road since three weeks. due to this we are unable to take out our car from garage which cause immense problem. so please...[Read full complaint]

Regarding garbage collection

Anand Kumar on 17 May 2016

We are living in hig-96 for 3 years,But no garbage are collected from hig-96. After several talking with garbage collector and supervisor too they haven't taken any action.... They demand extra mo...[Read full complaint]

Suffering from one affected street dog

Geeta Sarode on 24 February 2016

In our area, there is one affected street dog who oftenly tends to bite people and gives troubles to people in our locality. Its a kind request to please take away this affected dog and make peace...[Read full complaint]

Building materials dumped in the road

Akshaya Patra on 27 September 2015

Building materials are dumped by the resident on plot no 593( Debraj Sahoo), in the lane of ANNAPURNA KUTIR ,GADAKANA,( LAND MARK-in front of Building with two mobile tow...[Read full complaint]

Drain, sewerage water flows on the road nearby school

Akshaya Patra on 27 September 2015

The road leading from Damana Square to Gadkana nearby DAMANA school is overflowing with sewerage water from a house.The sorrounding is highly unhealthy and school children may suffer.Disease from ...[Read full complaint]

Mosquito Fumigation Required.

Eram Ansari on 17 September 2015

There is ongoing construction work and a local market,, surrounded with slum like areas at the address given below. The rain water forms puddles which don't dry up easy since the pavements are not...[Read full complaint]

To Built Gutter

Rupali Raut on 05 June 2015

Address- 796 ,Korea Goan, Uttan Road, Bhayandar west In our area the work of built gutter is stop and rain is coming there is no way to go water. We complaint this to MBMC but no respnse get.pleas...[Read full complaint]

BMC Dirtiest player in mumbai

Bala Nadar on 22 May 2015

Monsoon is round the collect and BMC still have done any Bala cleaning like always... .. Some of the dirtiest place to live is Govandi, tata nagar.. . No cleaning of guttar and dug out food have m...[Read full complaint]

Humare yaha madhumakhi ka chatta

Mayank on 02 May 2015

There are a few of honeycomb in front of my house also.I would request the bmc authorities to look into this matter urgently.

[Read full complaint]

Construction of Drain at Jagannath Nagar

Hemanta Kuamar Panda on 31 March 2015

Constructionof Drain at Jagannath Nagar, Near Road No.-8,9 &10 by encraching the road and not demolishing the encroachment made by the individuals. drain in the middle of the road will block futur...[Read full complaint]

Unauthorized shops being put infront of my home at Kalpana area

Subhankar Tripathi on 28 September 2014

We the residents of Kalpana Govt. Flats and private plots beg to inform that unauthorized shop, cabins illegally set up in front of our homes, from cinema to Durga mandap, killing our privacy and ...[Read full complaint]

Against BMC Garbage collection

Anand on 11 September 2014

BMC garbage collection from HIG 96,kanan vihar is not in progress ...workers are demanding rs 300 per month..take a quick action plzzz..

[Read full complaint]

Mosquitos Factory

Ashok Joshi on 03 August 2014

03/08/2014 (1) There is big water logged "LAKES" around Godrej's "Riverside" Complex off Khadakpada area - breeding ground for mosquitos. Though these may be privately owned plots,

[Read full complaint]

Tree Collapsed

Naresh Gandhi on 29 July 2014

This is to inform you that Tree has collapsed last night ie : 28/07/2014 near Monginis Cake Factory, Off New link Road, Andheri West, Kindly do the needful..

[Read full complaint]

BMC irresponsible towards water connection theft in our area

Priyanka S on 28 July 2014

I have a very humble request sir pls help us urgently ur strict action investigation squad against water theft in my area is needed contractor nanhe and plumber kaloo always join n gives illegal c...[Read full complaint]

Filthy state right outside Dadar station

Kunal Patwa on 26 July 2014

2014 The state of Dadar station in monsoon is always sick and this time around the condition is worse than ever. Now that the Shiv Sena MP attempted to force feed a roti ...[Read full complaint]

Very poor service by bmc cleanup

Uday M Thaker on 06 June 2014

To, CONCERN WARD OFFICER We along with adjacent societies of 121 members. This is to complain against the BMC cleanup contractor, who has to collect house hold Garbage in the morning on a daily ba...[Read full complaint]

Garbage facility not available

Rajesh Shah on 20 March 2014

dear sir i am very sorry to write that no body is taking garbage form my office inspite of so many reminder to even in nizampura ward office , and surprising thing is that one BMC garbage van is c...[Read full complaint]

Garbage collector taking money from us.

Suchitra Sahoo on 10 December 2013

Garbage collector of our area, irc village-N4, named murali is demanding extra money for his work, even though he is getting salary from BMC. when i refused and asked him to give me explanation fo...[Read full complaint]

Removal of Honey Bee Combs ( Madhu Makkhi ka Chhatta)

Kandarp Padh on 23 November 2013

There are around more than 3 big Honey Bee Combs in our building which is creating a lot of nuisance for the flat owners of our building as Honey Bees in large numbers entering our house especiall...[Read full complaint]

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