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SBI card fraud

Girish on 23 April 2016

This is with reference to earlier complaint. Dear Cardholder, The One Time Password (OTP) for your online transaction on MPESA for INR 9.00 on your SBI Card no. 4142 is <...[Read full complaint]

Balance deduct but application not sucessful

Pradip Mandal on 22 March 2016

22-Mar-2016 TO TRANSFER INB West Bengal Staff Selecti WB_SSC Payments. Ref no- FSBI4372598489IG0BRSXOP3 amount 5.73 payment sucessfully but application not sucessfully. P...[Read full complaint]

Fraud in transaction id vbyv/prcr/607508518544

Arup Sinharay on 15 March 2016

call in my mobile no. 2972 from mobile no. 8123 as a person sbi,maneger,said that your atm card is block.then ask me your atm card details give ...[Read full complaint]

Money deducted but form not submitted

Moon Moon Khatun on 15 March 2016

Today I went to fill wbssc form.. I fill all the column carefully but form not submitted.. It shown that database not found by server.. But my money deducted by my debit card.. How can I return my...[Read full complaint]

Fraud transaction from my sbi account

Riya Gupta on 10 March 2016

My acoount no is 7415 One man called me and said he want to renew my debit card he asked my no and has withdrawn 4497 Rs please do something the who called me his phone n...[Read full complaint]

Vodafone-Billdesk fraud transaction

Asha Pathak on 11 January 2016

a person throug my card made a fraud transction pos 5604 having fine number- 8479 from my sbi account number-33755928480 please stop this transc...[Read full complaint]

Fraudulent transaction through SBI Credit Card

Kumar Dutta Chowdhury on 20 December 2015

I received a fraud call from a person. She claimed to be calling from SBI Head Office at Mumbai. She asked for all the details of my Credit Card ending with 4966 and for the same, an amount of Rs ...[Read full complaint]

Payment deduct successfully but application not confirm

Asutosh Saha on 08 December 2015

Debit Account : 8219 Transaction Amount : 5.73 Transaction Type : ONLINEPAYMENTS Transaction Date : 08-12-2015 12:53:15 PM Payment deduct succes...[Read full complaint]

Payment deduct successfully but application not confirm

Pradip Mandal on 02 December 2015

02-dec-2015 (02-dec-2015) to transfer -inb kolkata police recruitmen bill_kporeb payments ref. No-esbi4148345212ig0bbwtja4 amount- 5.73 client code 220...[Read full complaint]

Balance deduct but application not successfull

Pradip Mandal on 28 November 2015

27-Nov-2015 (27-Nov-2015) TO TRANSFER - INB Kolkata Police Recruitmen BILL_KPOREB Payments Ref. no - ESBI4139655180IG0BBHKZL4 Amount Rs - 5.73 Bill Desk deducted my balan...[Read full complaint]

Money deducted but not yet refund

Deepali Kothiyal on 18 November 2015

I recharge my idea no on 15 oct 2015 transcation failed but money deducted from my a/c and now its been 3 days money not refunded yet. Please help

[Read full complaint]

Money deducted but no balance added

Briddhi Subba on 02 November 2015

I had recharged my mobile number 0035 by voda apps online On 2015 at 9.45pm. It was a data pack of rupees 449 .My balance has been deducted from...[Read full complaint]

Billdesk not returning money

Sk on 21 October 2015

I got a call from fraudster's saying themselves as SBI executives and took my debit card details and misused them by paying bill of Rs.9000 at vodafone website through billdesk payment gateway. I ...[Read full complaint]

Billdesk - Transaction Failed Money Deducted, No refund yet

Sandeep Kumar on 11 October 2015

BILLDESK Order #EPT24056592767 placed on 10-10-2015 with Paytm Wallet Txn ID 9257 . This order was failed at final page and no order placed with eBay. 600 INR Money has b...[Read full complaint]

Billdesk - Transaction Failed Money Deducted, No refund yet

Nikhil Khatwani on 13 September 2015

BILLDESK Order #DPT24013586609 placed on 9-11 21:29 with Paytm Cash Txn ID 553. This order was failed at final page and no order placed with dom...[Read full complaint]

Billdesk Debit card fraud

Kapil Mishra on 28 August 2015

Dear Airtel pytm billdesk Myself Hans nath mishra . Vil. And post Hasanganj , dis. Unnao utter pradesh , Yesterday 27 Aug 2015 At 2pm some call me ask me my debit caard no telling that he was sbi ...[Read full complaint]

I need refund which is paid thrice

Vasanthi Rajaguru on 24 August 2015

I use to pay telephone bill through internet banking & bill desk. On 8.15 i paid the the bill amount of Rs.399 thrice through netbanking of AXIS BANK due to the non confi...[Read full complaint]

Balance debited from axis bank acconut but not paid at bsnl

Manju Bala on 15 August 2015

my axis bank account no- 6170 Name- manju bala Savings - 6170 balance of 1454 rs is debited from my account and not payed to bsnl transaction id...[Read full complaint]

Deducted amount from axis bank but not recharged in my airtel

Selvam Ganapathy on 06 August 2015

Dear Sir /Madam Yesterday 05. 08. 2015 at 7 to 7:30pm. I have transferred Rs.100 from my axis bank account to bharti televentures Ltd (billdesk) Reference number; INB/327501368 But I couldn't able...[Read full complaint]

Unauthorised Tx using Credit card details by Billdesk

Pm Menon on 26 July 2015

I had made online payments using BILLDESK portal of two BESCOM bills on 09 June 015, both completed and acknowledged by BESCOM as credited to my consumenr number. On revi...[Read full complaint]

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