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Refund my transaction Balance

Pradip Mandal on 29 September 2014

I'm Pradip Mandal bill desk cut my balance 5.62 but registration is not successful. Please refund my balance (account no. 888) 29-Sep-2014 (29-S...[Read full complaint]

For refund from billdesk

Dharmendra Kumar Chaurasia on 26 September 2014

i have recharged my airtelmoney account on 20september2014 via sbi atm dabit card on billdesk but recharge not success and my account debit 795 rupees so please refund my rupees my contect no. [Read full complaint]

in Billdesk airtel recharge not done

Vijan Kumar on 23 September 2014

I have recharged my Airtel mobile via billdesk..25 rupeesamount deducted from my account yesterday (22/09/2014)but not recharged my number..kindly refund my money...ref no is. MSBI3494241438IG000I...[Read full complaint]

A fraud transaction made on my SBI credit card

Hariom Patel on 08 September 2014

A fraud transaction was made from my SBI credit card No 1932 of Rs 4950 on Sep 8, 2015 at airtel bill desk Mumbai with subject "AIRTEL PYMT-BILLDESK MUMBAI IN". I receive...[Read full complaint]

Bigtv recharge unsuccessful

Neeta G Patil on 12 August 2014

I had done recharge of Rs 200 on my bigtv smart card no. 6283 through billdesk on 10 august 2014 payment was made, but recharge was not successful......... Dishtv recharg...[Read full complaint]

Sbi instapay Bill desk not recharged my mobile sim

Amit Gaur on 07 August 2014

I have recharged my airtel sim rs 00/- dated on 01-Aug-2014 via SBI-InstaPay (via BillDesk) sbi netbanking. Reference number is :MSBI3434035799IGX5676235 TRANSFER TO [Read full complaint]

Billdesk recharge pending

M Dinesh Kumar on 25 July 2014

Sir I recharge my aircel no. 7350 via bill desk on 17th july 2014 of rs.449... but its still pending. .. so please refund my money. My billdesk transaction id no. -MSMP34...[Read full complaint]

Freecharge/Billdesk Money Deduction

Pradeep Verma on 17 July 2014

Sir Tried To recharge via freecharge.in on number 1921 But couldn't details- BILLDESK /MPNB3417711379/0030975917/ta189 BILLDESK Deducted money but did not rechrge I conta...[Read full complaint]

Registration Failed Money Deducted

Rinku Kumar on 12 July 2014

I tried twice for SBI clerk 2014 registration. 1st time my registration was failed and money deducted. I again tried for registration and this time my registration was successful and again money d...[Read full complaint]

Bsnl and billdesk transcation failed

Rajat B on 10 July 2014

I did the transaction for my Bsnl phone no. 0540 and at the last page where they show status of transaction it showed FAILED the details for the online bsnl is MSBI341131...[Read full complaint]

Online recharged via billdesk for vodafone failure

Logesh on 10 July 2014

i recharged from my icici bank account via bill desk money detected from account but recharge was not done. BIL/000616568000/pay now/ VODAESP_MICI341

[Read full complaint]

Money debit by AIRTEL BILL desk from my HDFC credit card

Santosh Kumar Gupta on 07 July 2014

On dt 7.14 at 16:39:48 i had receive one call from Mr Rohit Sharma , Mumbai - 1209 an Rs 53/- was deducted on through ...[Read full complaint]

Amount deducted by billdesk but recharge not done

Debabrata Roy on 05 July 2014

I used State bank of India's online service of mobile recharge which is done by billdesk on 2nd july,2014 for recharging my Tata Docomo no. with a special recharge Rs.163 and Pos [Read full complaint]

Deduction of bill amount from my account but house tax bill did not paid

Aashish Rathwa on 28 June 2014

sir.... i was use netbanking option for my houstax payment thruogh my sbi netbanking.my problem was that such as my bill payment amount was diducted from my account bill my house tax payment not b...[Read full complaint]

BIlldesk recharge unsuccessful and amount of recharge debited

Deepro Chaakraborty on 26 June 2014

I used United bank of India's online service of bill payment which is done by billdesk on 26th june,2014 for recharging my airtel no. 1874 with a net pack of rs 102. The ...[Read full complaint]

Amount deduction but registration not successful

Pradip Mnadal on 13 June 2014

sir, I used my Internet Banking to pay the registration fee of Rs101.97. But due to server error my account has been cut from my account but registration is not successful. So, please help me in g...[Read full complaint]

Amount deduction but registration not successful

Pradip Mandal on 12 June 2014

sir, I used my Internet Banking to pay the registration fee of Rs101.97. But due to server error my account has been cut from my account but registration is not successful. So, please help me in g...[Read full complaint]

Fraud by someone using billdesk

Paras Rana on 08 June 2014

I am student of class 12 th i went to fill form of rechecking but when I posted about my result with my phone number someone called me after 0-15 minutes he said me that ...[Read full complaint]

Fraud transaction from my SBI Card

Suryanarayan Mahapatra on 05 June 2014

One Mr. Roshan called me on 15/4/2014 at 2.20 pm, saying from SBI Credit Card & told me my account details & asked me the pin number for a cash award. As i told him the n...[Read full complaint]

Fraud online airtel payment mumbai ind billdesk payment

Manas Kumar Das on 31 May 2014

On 23rd May 2014 at time-11.00 a.m. ,I have got a phone call from no.-918506846463 in my mob. no.-9433178683 ,a male person told that he is SBI Credit Card executive and told that 'your credit car...[Read full complaint]

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