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Bharat Gas complaints

Taking extra Rs. 100/- and delivered less weighed Cylinder

Bogam Sanyasima on 27 August 2015

On 2015 (Monday), the delivery boy forcibly put the cylinder without weighing and took an extra amount of money from the aged Smt. B. Sanyasima bearing Consumer No. [Read full complaint]

For last three month got 3 or 4 kg in my Bharat gas cylinder

Anju Devi on 25 August 2015

Dear Sir/Mam, My name is Anju Devi W/o Dharmendra kumar R/o D-47 1st floor Budh vihar badarpur-110044, For last 2 or 3 months,when we received the Bharat gas LPG cylinder everytime the weight of L...[Read full complaint]

Is it need to pay subsidy amount when we transfer connection

Abhishek Yadav on 23 August 2015

When I have transfer our LPG connection from My father's name to my Name,they demand to pay Subsidy Amount that transferred to my father's account

[Read full complaint]

Complaint against non transfer of Active SV

Javed Afzal on 21 August 2015

1. That Consumer No. is 1546 allotted by your company to my husband Sh. Ramesh Bhardwaz. Who expired in the year 013. 2. That after his death I ...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas late delivery

Neeraj Singh Vohra on 20 August 2015

Agency in face 2 but bharat gas is alway lait dilevery and very bad service all times why dont have improve the customer services and please change the name ..........C** gas compeny get idea kuch...[Read full complaint]

Failing of subsidy transferred

Prasanta Kumar Maharana on 19 August 2015

Dear Sir, I am the consumer of Bharat Gas. My Consumer No. is 307. My authorisation dealer is M/S. Rusikulya Gas(117496), Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha. Sir I was getting my ...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas delivery boys asking more money

Ranjit Sagar on 17 August 2015

hello sir at kalewadi Pune 17 ( ratan enterprise) area bharat gas at same address. agency . this bharat gas delivery boys are demanding more amount of money then billed money . this delivery boy a...[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of lpg subsidy

Ranjitkumar Singh on 11 August 2015

LPG subsidiary ammount my personnel bank account no 2708 not received pleaae solve and send money my account. my C/No.68814917 and Aadhar no.640402728214

[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas connection transfer

Sunil Chavan on 06 August 2015

Res. Sir I have transferred my bharat gas connection from beed Maharashtra to Nanded. I have provided all address proof to the agency authority. They said we will confirm first address after that ...[Read full complaint]

Demand of excess charges by Laxmi Gas services, Nashik.

Vijay Tanna on 24 July 2015

I've submitted all the necessary documents, to transfer, the ownership pf gas connection from my brother's name( Jayesh Tanna) to mine(Vijay Tanna). The distributor, Laxmi Gas Services, Gangapur r...[Read full complaint]

LPG Cylinder Subsidy

Sana Tanveer on 24 July 2015

I have submitted my Adhaar Card copy at Mamta gas Agency, Taj market Sultania Road Bhopal M.P. Since I have submitted the above required document 7th time today, & asked the agency representative ...[Read full complaint]

Delay of delivery and no sms on registration of booking gas cylinder

Anup Kumar Pramanik on 22 July 2015

sir, my bharat gas consumer no is 4233 I booked a gas cylinder on 03/06/2015 reference no is 0964 but still now I not recieve any cylinder. Not ...[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of cylinder though message received

B.s.khobragade on 21 July 2015

As per the massage from BZ-BPLPGa my booking no.is 3993 of 06/07/15 at 14:12:49. I have received following massage from DZ-BPCLMS on 2015 at 17:...[Read full complaint]

Gas connection closed

Zaid Javed on 12 July 2015

hello sir to the most respectfully my connection was closed by shalimar bharatgas service they transfer my connection to ashok gas service without informing me and then I go to Ashok gas service a...[Read full complaint]

Gas agency demand more money

Bhabesh Ch Mandal on 09 July 2015

Van suppler demand more money Rs=750/.net value RS= 709/[one silinder] date 7/7/2015.return gas silinder because dont pay more money; we are know ? 1) how money pay (one silinder)

[Read full complaint]

Sab side jama na thava babat

Makwana Paresh on 09 July 2015

Hello sar hu surendrnagar thi chu ane tya bharat ges ne age sree nirmal jyoti ges age pase che ane mare bharat ges nu kaneksoon che jema me 07/04/2015 na roj ges nu silandar nodhavel hatu je mara ...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas subsidy

Arvind Kumar on 07 July 2015

i have taken double connection gas cylinder from cooklean bharat gas agency. one month has passed yet to receive my subsidy in account. when i saw on web portal of ebharatgas I found that there is...[Read full complaint]

Gas Cylinder not delivered yet

Ravichandra Madiraju on 04 July 2015

Hi, I have booked the Gas Cylinder on 16th of June'15 (booking number 248) and I have not yet received the same. It is about 3 weeks since I booked it.

[Read full complaint]

Gas subsidy not received

Priyanka Kumari on 02 July 2015

Sir,i purchased 4 cylinders in my subsidy from mahabir bharat gas parwalpur nalanda bihar but we not refund my subsidy.so please help me.my name is priyanka kumari c/o gorelal sharma .my lpg id no...[Read full complaint]

Prayer for subsidy of LPG Gas

Aparna Sen on 01 July 2015

Dear Sir / Madam, Ref. No. LPG ID: 1 0000 0000 2512 220. Sub: Opted in of Subsidy. I, Aparna Sen, residing at 252, G.T. Road, Kumarbagan, Chatra, Serampore, Hooghly – 712...[Read full complaint]

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