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Bharat Gas complaints

Not delivery lpg cylinder

Sandeep Gurjer on 01 October 2014

मैंने 26/09/2014 को भारत गैस एजेंसी रेवाड़ी (हरियाणा) में गैस बुक कराई थी जिसका बुकिंग नम्बर था 6287 परन्तु मुझे गैस प्राप्त नही हुई और आज दिनांक 1/10/2014 को मुझे sms प्...[Read full complaint]

Bharat Gas agency not co-operating at all

Vaishali Kelkar on 27 September 2014

The gas booking is done 3 weeks back, last week due to some reason was not at home went back. Understood, its my mistake, following with them regularly but after one week also they are not give th...[Read full complaint]

Mera gas nahi mila hai

Niraj Kumaar on 27 September 2014

mera gas nahi diya gata hai aarar paisha gada liya gata hai

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Cylinder not update

Amit Kumar on 25 September 2014

Sir, my consumer no. 6586 my gas agency name is varun gas agency i have already booked a cylinder in 7/9/14 but my cylinder is not delivered till date, so please sir imme...[Read full complaint]

Delay in gas cylinder delivery

Vikas Fandot on 25 September 2014

I have booked the gas cylinder on 17 of September 2014,but i have not get the delivery of gas cylinder my consumer no. is 6774

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Bharat Gas agency not updated aadhar details

Gaurish Harishchandra Palkar on 24 September 2014

My aadhar card was not updated in my bharat gas account history so i went to the agency to update so the staff of Satya Sai Gas agency told us that it has been stopped to update aadhaar card, i ha...[Read full complaint]

Why my Bharat Gas connection is cancelled?

Rakesh Talkar on 22 September 2014

Dear Sir I have received your SMS in my mobile No. 3015 why my Bhart Gas Connection is cancelled.

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Reg. LPG Connection

Pooran Mal Sharma on 20 September 2014

Dear Customer, since you have not availed the Bharatgas connection after intimation, your Request No. 7352 has been cancelled. Dear sir I have got above message from VM B...[Read full complaint]

Feeling difficulty in obtaining bharat gas cylinder

Anil Kumar Srivastava on 20 September 2014

Dear sir, With due respect i anil kumar srivastava want to inform you that i am regular customer of bharat gas from 993. And was very satisfied with your service ,but fro...[Read full complaint]

Lost of bharat gas connection book

S B on 12 September 2014

I have lost my bharat gas connection book.It was occured before 20 days ago.As a result i do not receive my cylinder or do not refilling . I want new connection book immedieatly. How can i take ne...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas not providing the service for leak cylinder

Shital Chitriv on 12 September 2014

We r senior citizen. We can go every time to the cylinder dealer personally.they deleverd the cylinder which is leak.they didn't chk it properly.we called them from 5 days,nobody is coming to chan...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas web page not working

Ram Suthar on 08 September 2014

In your website 'ebharatgas.com not allowing consumer log in and also consumer consol by displaying "This facility is currently not available" We request you to look into and correct web pag

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Delaying by the bharath gas distributor

Burra.ravinder on 06 September 2014

Sir, My name is Burra.Ravinder,bharathgas consumer no:28727767 and booking date is 18th Aug-14 no:228088065.still i am not received my refilled cylinder. and also i have called to sri kaleshwar bh...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas Office Abusing to customer

Sanjay Kushwaha on 04 September 2014

SUBJECT : COMPLAINT AGAIN MANAGER FOR ABUSING . Respected Dear Sir, Date 4/09/2014 When I gone to Bharat Gas Office for a new Domestic Gas Customer Card for issuing the Manager of Bharat Gas offic...[Read full complaint]

For bharat gas service provider

Rahul Singhal on 02 September 2014

hi,im using bharat gas ,when ever im booking bharat gas,he will not delivery gas proper time,my gas registr in my old address,im going to lots of bharat gas agency my near by house update my new a...[Read full complaint]

Delaying delivery by distributor

Bhagirath Godara on 01 September 2014

I live in Badlapur Thane. My gas supplier is Ajinkya bharat gas(371702),my booking refrence number 5943 of 018, is not delivered todate 1st sep....[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas agency delay refill supply

Dhananjay Pandey on 25 August 2014

i m from greater Noida dadri pe jo bharat gas agency hai i think they have black gas sell business coz mera gas book kraye tha 2014 ko lekin abhi tk gas nahi mila aur mob...[Read full complaint]

Bharat gas burner some leaked

Shubhash Chand on 20 August 2014

respected sir, I'm shubhash chand from panday mohlla deeg distt.Bhatatpur raj.my Bharat gas connection no. ....4032...one person of Bharat gas came to my house and checked our gas burner and he ha...[Read full complaint]

Not apply bharat gas connection

Ankur Lal on 19 August 2014

excuse me sir ,i am continous moving since last 4 months for new connection of bharat gas in amar bharat gas bikapur faizabad 204, he said that connection papers ended so...[Read full complaint]

Demanding of money for gas cylinder

Shruthi on 19 August 2014

Today suddenly came for inspection of cylinder and gas pipe To check they are charging 75rs from me. I said I dont have money come and collect later He s arguing wit me cant have jst75 rs. Before ...[Read full complaint]

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