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Airtel Customer Service complaints

3G Problem Airtel and Rude Arrogant Manner less Customer service.

Jagesh Phatak on 08 July 2015

Airtel is fooling its customers in Bhiwandi Area Thane west since past 3 4 months. 3G service is not working at all indoors. When I go outside my building premises 3G network is full. Airtel RF an...[Read full complaint]

Airtel Poor Customer Service & Product to buy

Lloyd Dsa on 07 July 2015

I called airtel cm service # for network issue on 0405 on 7th July 2015 at around 6:30pm. The first officer i spoke with had absolutely no ide what he was talking about i...[Read full complaint]

Very irresponsible answers from AIRTEL customer care

Sivaramakrishna Jadam on 05 July 2015

Hello This is SIVA RAMA KRISHNA,, I am an IDEA customer now And Previous Airtel customer Before, Now i am in IDEA network, Yesterday night 10.05PM i have received a message to my number [Read full complaint]

Complaint against dsa and Airtel

Amit Singh on 17 June 2015

Its regarding Airtel India, fake channel partner in the month of April your channel partner called me and give me a offers about mobile number portability and they had committed me a offer for tha...[Read full complaint]

My phone was deactivated by customer service representative

Obaid Hamdani on 09 June 2015

Dear sir , As i called customer care representative to deal with my grudge regarding untimely activation of 3g service , he instead said he cant do anything and there was some heated exchange , bu...[Read full complaint]

Airtel is cheating people in the name of special offers

Raghavendra T on 02 June 2015

Im a valued customer for airtel from past 4-5 years its i knew the these people are cheating in the name of special offers and other offerings but i just bursted out from last few months since i c...[Read full complaint]

Negligence of customer care calls expressly supervisors

Sagar on 28 May 2015

airtel customer care persons are not talking in proper way they are not giving any respect &they r try to fear us very worst talking careless

[Read full complaint]

Airtel doesn't care about Customer

Jaipal Yadav on 20 May 2015

I have airtel post paid account (NCR circle)and now shifted to Pune for job changes. I want to change this to prepaid service because I am not able to use the benefits of plan in other circle. So,...[Read full complaint]

Airtel agents are frauds and make people fool

Sanjay Kumar on 11 May 2015

I have taken a airtel connection 8 months ago but I have disconnected it now. One of your agent came for the outstanding bill collection for the last month which was rs 1122 only..but then he aske...[Read full complaint]

Airtel balance cheating and worst customer service

Parthasarathy Srinivasan on 25 April 2015

We recharged our data card number 6175 on 20th April, 015. We were unable to connect to internet. We have called 121 innumerous times. First the...[Read full complaint]

Poor & irresponsible service of Airtel

Satish Jain on 18 April 2015

Respected Sir / Madam, I'm Satish Jain from Indore. I'm writing this complaint for making you aware about the poor & disappointing service of Airtel. 4 months back in December I applied for the br...[Read full complaint]

Poor service of airtel

Utkarsh Bhatt on 12 April 2015

The company has poor service center even their higher authorities are reluctant to support.. I have bought a dongle of rs 2500 + postpaid sim with 5gb data plan. After 3months the dongle don't wor...[Read full complaint]

Airtel deficiency in service

Shiv Kumar Mishra on 02 April 2015

Sir, I am customer of airtel mobile. My prepaid mobile number is 697. I got UEOQBR2N with local calls (Rate)-1paise per sec valid for 60 days activated on 2 march 2015 bu...[Read full complaint]

Airtel bad customer service

Bimlesh on 29 March 2015

There is worst customer service . I have taken data card for internet access .They gave late and same day ,i returned. I have not used for single day .Same day ,with in 2 -hour requested for stop ...[Read full complaint]

Ill behaviour from airtel customer service executive

Rishin Chatterjee on 24 March 2015

Sir, Now a days airtel customer care executives are behaving very cheaply with their customers. Whenever i call the customer care , they neither resolve the problem neither behave properly. Mane t...[Read full complaint]

No Customer Satisfaction - Harassment in getting the service

Nadeem Baig on 20 March 2015

References Airtel 4 G number : 8758 Airtel Primary Number : 1131 Relationship Number : 8292 airtel number : [Read full complaint]

Misbehaviour by Airtel staff

Bharat Bhusan Rattanpaul on 14 March 2015

Sir/Ma'am, This is to inform that I had lodged a complaint regarding my airtel no-708018444 in thae name of Shri Bharat Bhusan Rattanpaul on 7th March 2015.The complain was that any calls received...[Read full complaint]

False promise by airtel customer care on safe custody of phone number.

Pravin Manerker on 09 March 2015

Hi, I stay abroad and wanted my phone number to be active as its linked to my bank account and various other thing. i asked for suitable scheme with airtel customer care, so that when i am outside...[Read full complaint]

Airtel misguidance and misbehavior

Bhupendra Verma on 28 February 2015

I m postpaid user and I have converted in prepaid but the representatives don't behave properly and at talking so loudly and don't know how to talk customers.

[Read full complaint]

Misbehavior of airtel store staff

Ajay Meena on 22 February 2015

I m a postpaid user customer of airtel . i was converted my connection in postpaid through airtel store hudsone lane kingsway camp delhi 009. They were taken one month fo...[Read full complaint]

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