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Airtel Customer Service complaints

Airtel misguidance and misbehavior

Bhupendra Verma on 28 February 2015

I m postpaid user and I have converted in prepaid but the representatives don't behave properly and at talking so loudly and don't know how to talk customers.

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Misbehavior of airtel store staff

Ajay Meena on 22 February 2015

I m a postpaid user customer of airtel . i was converted my connection in postpaid through airtel store hudsone lane kingsway camp delhi 009. They were taken one month fo...[Read full complaint]

Wrong infornation by airtel *121#

Ravi Muchhal on 17 February 2015

I have checked roaming pack on *121# for 8425 , it shows 75 for 30 days and accordingly I have done the recharge. But after sometime I get to know its std recharge .after...[Read full complaint]

Harassment from airtel officers

Priya Manoj on 09 February 2015

Payment not accounted for , and continuous harassment by customer care officers and the courier department MS. Smitha from Sarjapur road who pretended she did not understand English and forced me ...[Read full complaint]

Harassed by Airtel customer care

Madhu on 02 February 2015

Today it's 2 Feb 2015 at about 2:42 pm I got a call from 9838 an airtel customer call executive named Nitu. She asked for the where abouts of some Kameshwar Mandala whom ...[Read full complaint]

Harassment by abusive language spoken by airtel customer care.

Madhu on 02 February 2015

Today it's 2 Feb 2015 at about 2:42 pm I got a call from an airtel customer call executive named Nitu. She asked for the where abouts of some Kameshwar Mandala whom I don,t even know. She started ...[Read full complaint]

Harassment by Airtel Representative

Ashish Ojha on 29 January 2015

I was using airtel postpaid number 1969 and have payment on time. Its only in the month of November 2014 I paid the bill late and my connection was disconnected in the sa...[Read full complaint]

Airtel CC abused me on my call

Krishanmani on 26 January 2015

I talk to Mr. alok. he was abused me at the time of 9:10pm. than I was talk to Mr radhe he gives no response of any query my complent number is 7500 super visior sunney. ...[Read full complaint]

Airtel number changed to other person without any notification.

Sethuraman on 22 January 2015

I bought a number to use it in TN, I frequently come here and all my TN records and bank statements are associated with this number. When I came TN all my friends & family called but some other gu...[Read full complaint]

Airtel worst customer care service

Ankush Jain on 31 December 2014

The 3g connection which i purchased from airtel is the worst internet connection.On contacted with customer care the reply was pathetic.Kindly Check the speed before making purchase.

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Airtel Deduction of balance and poor customer relation

Sumit Kumar on 19 December 2014

good day sir i am sumit kumar using airtel no 468. i have recharge my no. with Rs. 300 and Rs. 200 online on 19/12/2014 and after recharge i checked my balance and found ...[Read full complaint]

Worst Support from Airtel Customer Support

Shyam Sankar on 06 December 2014

Hello, I am Shyam Sankar. My number is 448. This is a complaint regarding the worst customer support I have faced today. I have made an online recharge on 22 november for...[Read full complaint]

Airtel - worst customer service

Sagar Shriyan on 22 November 2014

Loop mobile Nos 4245 , 2884 Alt contact no 9151 Name sagar shriyan Email @yahoo.com i had c...[Read full complaint]

Airtel cheats its loyal customers

Soumya Nair on 19 November 2014

On 14th Sept.,2014 I called airtel customer care to ask for ISD discount tariff recharge for UK mobile numbers. I was informed about Rs.95, which I did. Later when the money was deducted but recha...[Read full complaint]

Airtel is cheating customers with false service charges

Ashish Bhoskar on 14 November 2014

Airtel is charging customers with value added services which we never use. Please read the mail chain and raise your concerns if you are facing same issues From: @hotmail.com [Read full complaint]

Cheated and conned by Airtel Executive

Jibran Jvaed on 13 November 2014

Hi, I had opted for the airtel broadband connection a while ago for a month and a half I wasn't in Haryana as I had to rush to Kashmir due to the massive flood which struck the valley. Prior to th...[Read full complaint]

Airtel Employee using abusive and vulgur language to female relatives

Shubham Tripathi on 10 November 2014

i had got a postpaid connection from airtel, i had used the sim for 2 months however due to some error in my bill i had complaint to the airtel retail store and surrendered my sim card, to the guy...[Read full complaint]

Airtel customer supportive abused me

Amit Kumar Ranjan on 09 November 2014

When I call your supportive firstly he does what I call but when he was giving me the details about mb that I have used while this period I say him to register to my word. Then he answered in rude...[Read full complaint]

Airtel retailer customer care not connecting

Ismail on 02 November 2014

i am demo customer i am not connect to retailer customer care 2144 and 8988

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Airtel careless attitude against my complaint regarding roaming

Abu Rashid on 02 November 2014

I complained airtel customer care executive telling that my airtel no 6588 is not working in roaming states on 30 nov 2014.they registered my complaint and said that it w...[Read full complaint]

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