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Airtel Network problem

Abhishek Kumar on 21 July 2017

hamre airtel 0898 number me network ka bhut issuse hai please network ko thik kijye net bilkul nhi chal rha hain

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Deduction of Rs. 100/- message I have used 10MB data, but I am not using internet

Madhusudan Pandit on 20 May 2017

Totally unknown. Using prepaid mobile without internet. but massage received, I have used 10MB & found deduction of balance amount on dt. 2017

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Automatically vas activation by airtel on my number and deduction

Manoj Sharma on 20 May 2017

Dear Graham sewa team Airtel wrogly deduct my whole balance amt 156 rs via automatic. Vas sevice action on my number without my permission.early morning when I get up I saw msg regarding this dedu...[Read full complaint]

Airtel wrong deduction

Ritik Chopra on 25 April 2017

dear sir from my mo number 9565 balance was deducted i lost my 200 rs in last 2 days plzzz help me by deduction of this charges i cant able to recharge my no becausewhen ...[Read full complaint]

Airtel Tsm do not co-operate

Jafar Ahamed Siddique on 21 April 2017

Dear sir /madam, I given the porting code with adhar number and biometric to your dealer Mr giri (patherdewa, deoria, u.p.) who's mobile number is 4857 to port my number ...[Read full complaint]

Fraud message from airtel

Sansuma Mochahari on 18 April 2017

Dear sir/madam I got a message from airtel that i have won prizes a bike and money too.... is it real or fraud. ... why the companies alow them if its false. I do have all the evidence. Kindly hel...[Read full complaint]

Poor Network of Airtel

Raghvendra Soni on 18 April 2017

I am Airtel Customer, as the Airtl propogate that they are the fastest customer, here is the reality, i have poorest network and call barring problem. i come under this false promise of this compa...[Read full complaint]

Our 4 Airtel landline telephones are not working

Naresh Verma on 17 April 2017

Dear Sir, Our following numbers are not working since Saturday, 2017 2821 2822 2823 [Read full complaint]

Airtel address verification failed

Mohammad Rashid Ansari on 14 April 2017

Dear Sir After one week to take the sim and my no is 1390 and them without information my services are bard today afternoon 017. as you know tha...[Read full complaint]

Airtel internet issues

Vikash on 14 April 2017

Aitel has been showing its add for best internet service provider in india, but the grou d reality is every people is facing difficulty using aortel3g comnecrion. Its even diffocult to open google...[Read full complaint]

Airtel Falsly ripped off

Yash Gupta on 11 April 2017

I recently bought airtel wifi 4G hotspot from airtel outlet. I was told if I recharge by 345 before 31st of March I will get 1GB per day. I also got 5 GB starter bonus data. As time went by I soon...[Read full complaint]

Airtel digital tv error

Jitender Kumar on 07 April 2017

plz check my id no 0528 error code 014 and 011 plz help me sir try tounderstands no problume sole for last 2 days

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Money debited my sbi a/c but not loded in to airtel payment bank

Ravindra Dadabhau Kurandale on 07 April 2017

I reached of 10 rupees but not reached so I money loaded in to payment bank also money not loaded

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My airtel postpaid sim not activated

Nitin Goel on 06 April 2017

My sim supposed to be acyivated on saturday after all varifications were dine but still its not activated .i have tried various IVR menu to talk to customer representatives but all in vain..please...[Read full complaint]

For surrendering my airtel post paid

Dr Virendra Pal Singh on 05 April 2017

I want to surrender my airtel postpaid no 5652 for which l visited airtel store located in sadar bazar agra ,but they refused to give any help.kindly disconnect my airtel...[Read full complaint]

Disappoint // Facing network Issues // Airtel postpaid

Anshul Mishra on 20 March 2017

Hi, My name is Anshul Mishra. I live in V-146, Ground floor, Sector-12, Noida.( I live here and facing Network problem here) I am using Airtel Postpaid. I am very much disappoint with Airtel Servi...[Read full complaint]

Airtel network problem

Pavan Gulchand Jarwal on 18 March 2017

My name is jivan in my village in not a airtl networkof tawar

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For Airtel new postpaid connection

Avinash Singh on 18 March 2017

Took a new airtel postpaid sim on 10 march 017, Peoples are promising it will get activated in 2 hrs but now its almost 10 days and activation not yet done.. In total, do...[Read full complaint]

No Airtel network 99% of the time , after porting from Vodafone.

Tushar Mehta on 16 March 2017

my mobile number 858, w as ported from Vodafone to airtel, recently, couple of days ago. Since i ported, Severe network issue are being faced. 99% of the time, there is N...[Read full complaint]

Don't know date of birth

Jitendra Kumar on 15 March 2017

Dear, sir I am jitendra kumar . My airtel mobile Number. 0656 I am live in saudi arabia. i am Download airtel money and open correct new acount ~ {airtel money software o...[Read full complaint]

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