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Forget mpin & account blocked

Rajesh Kumar on 24 February 2017

Mera naam Rajesh Kumar hai mai apna airtel money ka mpin bhul gaya hu aur mera account bhi blocked ho gaya .mera airtel mob. no.7 6169 hai. Please help me.

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Airtel recharge related

Mamta Manchanda on 14 February 2017

I have received a call from airtel that if you recharge the package within 1 hour that I have on my account then there is discount offer that you will be charged only 99/-[Read full complaint]

New AIRTEL prepaid sim card is not activated yet?

Nilesh Parade on 25 January 2017

I have purchased new airtel prepaid simcard a week ago. It is still not activated. The normal activation sapn is 48 hours max, I don't understand why it is taking so much time. Please check. Numbe...[Read full complaint]

My airtel internet not working

Parveen Rawa on 18 January 2017

My airtel internet not working or kabhi kabar incoming outgoing not working plese help me

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My airtel money deactivate

Arvind Yadav on 18 January 2017

2807 mera yah lapu no. Hai hum airtel money retailer lena chahte hain , please deactivate my account.

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Problem with mnp

Anoop Kharbanda on 17 January 2017

I gave request to port in my no to Airtel from reliance and got message from Airtel invalid donor.

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I want my airtel incoming call detail this month

Shudhodan Sawant on 15 January 2017

My airtel no is 358. Please send me incoming call detail

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Wallet money not received

Seema Sundriyal on 12 January 2017

Money is not loaded to airtel wallet. though money is deducted frow account.

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Airtel wallet is blocked

Ajay Sahu on 11 January 2017

My mobile no is 6097 I used my airtel wallet for recharge I forgate mpin and registration ID at the time of registration so my airtel wallet / account is blocked So pleas...[Read full complaint]

Airtel sim registration failed

Erpankaj Sharma on 09 January 2017

Dir sir My Airtel mobile number is 2970 is sim card registration is failed? sim no:i have sin no not available because it is micro sim please activate this number

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4g Internet speed is to much poor as compared to the other Internet

Jasjit Prashar on 08 January 2017

Airtel k Internet ki vajaha se mere bahut se kaam ruk gae airtel ki service 1% bhi nhi hai. Mai dec.se net ki vajaha se preshan hu.kehne ko 4g hai lekin speed 2g se bhi ghatia hai. Rates airtel k ...[Read full complaint]

Airtel sim not working

Yousuf Qureshi on 08 January 2017

My old Airtel sim not working how to activate my sim online

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Airtel money amount blocked

Sweety Singh on 08 January 2017

I regularly send money through airtel money to bank account but on 1. 2017 when Itrafers money to bank avcoount . then the whole amount of Rs 1000 was not credited to the...[Read full complaint]

Airtel free data scam

Ashish Negi on 06 January 2017

Airtel is being quite good at fooling their customer as they dont even bother to answer for their mistakes. Their rude customer service is only sitting to manipulate their customer. I was asked to...[Read full complaint]

Dactivate Airtel super store

Madugu Jagadishwar on 03 January 2017

Deactivate Airtel super store since 149 rupees deducted from my main balance

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Airtel sim is not working in roaming

Deepak Rastogi on 02 January 2017

Sir my airtel ( 6389 ) sim no 8991000900334151035u is not in roaming now I m in punjab roaming and sim belongs to uttarakhand state.

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All routes busy

Mohammad Yunus on 01 January 2017

Me kahi bhi std call karta ho all route busy he line clear karo

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Sms charge from my Airtel balance

Dhian Chand on 01 January 2017

From my mobile balance sms charge deducted on 31/12/2016 and every time when i recharge my mobile number 7095 this thing happen yesterday i talk with Airtel costumer care...[Read full complaint]

Airtel mobile no network in sim

Somali Shedge on 01 January 2017

I have a new moblie "Samsung J7 prime " and after start using my mobile then I didn't get network of airtel sim

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Complaint against Airtel Service

Parul Tibrewala on 31 December 2016

I recently opted for Airtel 4G router at my residence with 20 GB plan and paid Rs 3200 in advance. After a few days it stopped working and a complaint was registered with the sales person who had ...[Read full complaint]

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