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Aadhaar UID complaints

Aadhar card not received

Ramchandra Prabhakar Kusurkar on 11 January 2013

Require by gas agencies, bank kyc, and other statuary requirements.

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Aadhar card not received yet

Manish Kumar Taneja on 11 January 2013

Adhar card not received sir, me and my family registered for aadhar card on 09- 10- 2011.Raipur (chhattisgarh)492009 but we have not received it yet. 1)name- ramesh kumar taneja - dob- 07-10-1952 ...[Read full complaint]

Restarting the helpline of aadhar

Mahesh Goudar on 11 January 2013

Sir I am mahesh from karnataka state and my request to you means government and aadhaar authority(uid) is please restart the helpline number 1947 this number rings but finally it say incoming call...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not yet received

Natarajan Manikoth on 11 January 2013

My son and I had enrolled for the aadhar card vide details given below : 1) natarajan manikoth enrolment no. : 4298 date & time : 20/06/2011 16:06:43 2) amrish aroonda ma...[Read full complaint]

Send me Aadhar uid

Aparna Shivshankar Potbhare on 11 January 2013

Pl send my aadhar uid my enrolment no.1218/17456/00287 dated 05/05/2011 11:14:10 my address house no.113, ward no.01 shree ganesh gagri bokara-441104 nagpur(maharashtra)

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Aadhar card not received

Gurling Kumbhar on 11 January 2013

Aadhar card not received 1) 2271 04/10/2011 16:15:20 sagar kumbhar 2) 2272 04/10/2011 16:20:45 priya kumbhar 3) 2270 0...[Read full complaint]

Missing aadhaar card

Mahaveer Vimal Betala on 11 January 2013

I am mahaveer & I don't received my aadhaar card from last one. Year a request for uadai please search my aadhaar & please contact me.

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Aadhaar card not received

Bajre N K on 11 January 2013

My & my family members aadhaar card bearing enrolment no. 3670 dt. 13/01/2012 @ 16:17:43, 2361 dt. 04/01/2012 @ 17:30:16, 236...[Read full complaint]

Aadhaar card not received

Gaurav Walia on 11 January 2013

My son applied for aadhar card on 10/11/2011 but we have still not received the same. Enorllment no 0321 dated 10/11/2011 time 11:44:77 gaurav

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Aadhar card not received

Anjali Rani Jangid on 11 January 2013

Not recieved aadhar card from last 5 months. Toll free no. Is not in work also. My contact no. 8558

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Aadhar card not received

Sanjay Gawali on 11 January 2013

We have applied aadhar card on 23/06/2011 but not received enorlment no 4017 23/06/2011 15:56:41 4018 23/06/2011 16:02:01 705...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received

Prem Chand Sharma on 11 January 2013

Dear sir, yet we have not received the aadhar card after the enrollment of 14th months, we had applied for aadhar card on 29/10/2011 11:06:08 with all the required documents in it, my enrollment n...[Read full complaint]

Not getting my aadhar card

Saurabh Kumar on 11 January 2013

Sir, I am not get to aadhar card my enrollment no. 2333 date 22/10/2011 time 14:30:21 please regards saurabh kumar

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Got confirmation msg but adhar card not recieved

Tafseer Hasan Zaidi on 10 January 2013

Sir/Ma'am, I have applied for adhar card on 23/09/2011 at the time 13:49:42.My enrollment number is 060. I got message from td-adhar on dated(30-7-12)ie. "Your adhar has ...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card returned

Sanjay Himmatramka on 10 January 2013

Sub: aadhar card not received due to insufficient address. Respected sir, as per the above sub. We are registerd for the aadhar card.But due to insufficient address the aadhar card was returned by...[Read full complaint]

Date of year is wrong in aadhar card

Pamulapati Ganesh Reddy on 10 January 2013

My name is pamulapati ganesh reddy my date of birth is rong and my sisters date of birth is also rong please change that and give the aadhaar card pamulapati ganesh reddy date of birth is 30-10-19...[Read full complaint]

Not received aadhar card yet.

Shruti on 10 January 2013

Sir, my enrolment no.2017/01038/01805 dated 2011 time 13:05:57, till today.I am not getting card. The other family members received their card. Plz solve this problem. [Read full complaint]

Aadhar card nahi mil hai abhi tak

Durgesh Manoj Kirsan on 10 January 2013

Humne 20/04/2011 ke pehale karib do din tak roj subha 5:30 baje se lain lagani padti thi, taki form MIL sake, our abhi dikato ke baad bhi humame adhar card nahi mila.

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Aadhaar card not received

Bhargav Nilesh Desai on 10 January 2013

Sir, ihave not received my aadhaar card till today my aadhaar enrolment no is 600, dt-31/12/2011 -12:09:57 you are kindly requsted to send my aadhaar card as early as pos...[Read full complaint]

Uid card not receive till date

Sangeeta Pandey on 10 January 2013

Dear sir/Madam I got my uid no. Through enroll status and it also dispatch on 012. But till date I am not received my aadhaar card in my resident address.

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