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Aadhaar UID complaints

Rude behaviour on aadhar center

Satveer on 02 January 2013

On 30dec2013 ,when I reached on aadhar center which is in faridabad jawahar colony samudye bhawan near V M sr.Sec.School at 7 am few people was in a row my no was 9, firstly,aadhar employee duty t...[Read full complaint]

Required aadhar card status

Dipesh Patekar on 02 January 2013

Dear sir/Madam, we applied for aadhar card in the month of august 011, but still we have not recd aadhar card. Please provide current status of the card, below are the en...[Read full complaint]

Lost mine aadhaar acknowledgement slip but I know enrollment number from family members aadhar card

Ratan Uday Kumar on 02 January 2013

Sir I have applied for aadhaar card long back more than 1 and half year ago and I didn't get it till date, my family consists of 5 members and all got their aadhaar card but I didn't got it, and I...[Read full complaint]

Adhar card not received after 18 months

Ajinkya on 02 January 2013

I had not received aadhar card... waiting for 18 months. No customer care. No feedback... no help..... enrolment no - 1601 date - 01/08/2011 11:40:01

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Till date aadhar card is not received

Ananda Namdev Kumbhar on 02 January 2013

Dear sir my aadhaar cards information is as follows enrollment no-1190/10611/01314 date and time-04/08/2011 14:17:19 pin code-415507

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Insufficient finger prints not allowing subscribing for aadhar card

Neelesh Araj on 02 January 2013

While applying for he aadhar card, one of the precondition is giving the finger prints. But the finger print tracer machine shows only 20% results for my finger prints against the required result ...[Read full complaint]

Upto now I have not recieve adhar card

Mayur Pradip Tuptewar on 02 January 2013

I have registered for adhar card before 10 month but upto now I have not got adhar reciept and card so plz help for quick acknoledgement

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Aadhar card still not received please help

Ramlalit Ramhit Mallah on 02 January 2013

I have not yet received my adhar card I registered it with enrollment no 158" dated 27/06/2011 timing 15:46:29 please help me because according to my information someone ...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received

Jaymin Mansukhbhai Vachhani on 01 January 2013

I already enrolled for aadhar card but stil I not received aadhar card and I want to change address in aadhar card please do needful

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I lost my aadhar card

Safiahmed Iqbal Malek on 01 January 2013

Respected sir, my self safiahmed iqbal malek, we live in valsad, actually I lost my aadhar card somewhere, and we try to find out but unfortunately DID not find it, we givind you all details of my...[Read full complaint]

Still waiting for aadhar card

Natwarlal Hanumandas Agarwal on 01 January 2013

Hi I have applied for aadhar card before many days. But still I didn't get my aadhar card.Detail are mention below 1. Name :natwarlal hanumandas agarwal enrolment no. ; 4790[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of aadaar card

Anuj Mittal on 01 January 2013

Sir/Madam, my enrolment no. For adhaar card is 1190/90140/03450,dated31-10-2011 but till date I have not receive my card ...pl expedite

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Aadhar card not received

Hussain Shariff on 01 January 2013

Since 19th march 011. I haven't received my adhar card

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Still not get aadhar card

Sutirth Pathak on 01 January 2013

My aadhar card not received till today my aadhar registration number is as name-sutirth pathak aadhar registration number- 0457 date &time-04/07/2011 14:46:23 place-harda...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received

Niyamat Latif Shaikh on 01 January 2013

We niyamat latif shaikh and my daughter aafrin latif shaikh not received aadhar card after completing all formalities on 011. We have checked the aadhar card internet sit...[Read full complaint]

Yet not received aadhar card

Satyamma Narsaiah Challa on 01 January 2013

I had enroll aadhar on 26/08/2011 yet till now I had not recived aadhar card from goverment

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I lost my aadhaar card

Abhishek Vishwas Kargutkar on 01 January 2013

Sir I lost my aadhaar card somewhere on the road and DID not find it after a series of intense searching I need to know the information about applying for a duplicate copy of my aadhaar card

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Aadhaar card not recevid & theft by indian post office

Ujjwal Bhatnagar on 01 January 2013

Dear sir, my all aadhaar card not received. I am enquire to post office udaipur & delivery place.(As per net status),so kindly help me. My all card enrolment no.. is 1. 0232[Read full complaint]

Adhar card not received till date

Niti Kashyap on 01 January 2013

I have applied for adharcard on 011. I & my husband both have enrolled on same day but he has received and my adharcard not yet received what is status now, kindly help m...[Read full complaint]

Not recived aadhar card 01/01/2013

Jiya Lal Fulchand Saroj on 01 January 2013

No recived aadhar card up to 01/01/2013 1- jiyalal fulchand saroj (male) enrolment no.1190/11092/02265 date:-13/07/2011 15:12:45 2-usha jiya lal saroj (female) enrolment no. 226...[Read full complaint]

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