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100bestbuy.com complaints

Paid 499 but yet to be credited my amount, very fraudulent site

M Ashokrao on 13 October 2016

As now most of the victims are explained about their feelings like me so there more worst words to say about 100 bestbuy. The best thieves in the world. bloody worst persons. if they cant work gen...[Read full complaint]

Non delivery of Mobile Make Sumsung Galaxy Grand 2(White)

Ajab Singh Yadav on 30 March 2016

Non delivery of Mobile Make Sumsung Galaxy Grand 2(White) and not refund of token amount Rs. 99/- since 15 Jul 014.

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100bestbuy.com has cheated me.

K Suma on 28 March 2016

I became a user of 100bestbuy.com after I initially paid ₹ 699 on 10th March 014, under a scheme. Later I was asked to pay ₹ 9999 on 014, as I w...[Read full complaint]

Fraud 100 best buy

Anilkumar B on 18 March 2016

I joined a account this 10 best buy.com few years back. order for mobile and cash given them through my debit card ,lost my money 3599 rs total. now this site not working, I want to complaint agai...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy Online fraud

Sharad Mehta on 17 March 2016

I Have made payment of Rs. 699 and after few months when I tried to login to the site 100bestbuy.com the message is displaying the site is under maintenance now it is not opening at all. Please lo...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy.com taken my money and the site is even not opening

Puja Srivastava on 22 February 2016

Some time back they call me (100 best buy customer care) and said that there is a completion for mobile phone and I have won a phone almost, and I could win a Samsung node 2 phone if I pay 999 rup...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy Cheat of Money

Bapi Debnath on 29 January 2016

The company called me i got prize sony smartlphone 43, 00/. in that connection they offered a tshirt and watch worth rs. 49/- and paid amount an...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy non refund of returned products

Shaikniyaamath on 22 January 2016

I got the winning prize i.e sony mobile costs 6000 as said by the company. in that connection they compelled for purchase of tshirt and watch worth 985. they send two ite...[Read full complaint]

Did not get money return from 100bestbuy

Ramachandran on 22 January 2016

1) I have joined the contest of winning the Samsung Galaxy phone, by Paying Rs 9/-. Their representative said that there is lot of chances for winning as “I” will be sele...[Read full complaint]

Didn't get refund from 100best buy.com

Saipradeep Peddinti on 19 January 2016

i ordered 5 shirtsof xxl size one peter england and the other one was a 4 shirts combo on 28 th october 2014 i made my payment through debit card when i got that order and checked it it was full o...[Read full complaint]

Fraudently siphoning of the money by 100bestbuy

Mirabel Padrai on 05 January 2016

On 31st May i got an email from your company about the offer wherein to participate i have to pay 699. I paid 699 and immediately i got a call from your department. The person who called me inform...[Read full complaint]

Can't Got Case refund

Bhuva Vijay Vallabhbhai on 30 December 2015

I Participate in Event n use my 4999 Rs in that event But can't Got any Items From that event. Kindly Help me Plzzzz....

[Read full complaint]

Did not get money return from 100bestbuy

Tarun Kumar on 09 December 2015

I had participated in samsung galaxy s3 contest dated on 14th July 2012 and it was clearly mentioned that if you do not win contest money will be refunded. I have been fooled by these guys. I have...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy non refund

Nayyer Jamal on 05 December 2015

my last email will convey every thing. copy of email is hereby copied below: From: "nayyer jamal" Sent: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 18:36:12 To: "info@100bestbuy.com" Subject: Return of the P

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100bestbuy.com fraud

Deepak Agnihotri on 26 November 2015

Sir i had an account in 100bestbuy.com i had added Rs 399 in 100bestbuy vallet in 2013 on request of the site that either they will give any deal or refund money, it was showing in vallet but it n...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy fraud company

Dipesh Solanki on 17 November 2015

i had ordered combo pack in the scheme after receiving i returned and my money was balance but next time i tried for the product even i had balance in my account they always asked for the money ev...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy Complaint regarding money back

Abhishek Kale on 13 November 2015

Their is on www.100bestbuy.com offer regarding Iphone in just at [Read full complaint]

100bestbuy Fraud with me

Harekraj Singh on 12 November 2015

When I was working on net last year i saw an add on screen that you have selected for samsung galaxy phone offer. But for this you needed to submit 99/- rupees. I open an...[Read full complaint]

Money not get refund after order cancellation

Rahul Wahurwagh on 04 November 2015

I purchase the 3 kouton chinos worth Rs.1165/- on cash on delivery basis same I have received and when I open that product that product was duplicate some local paints 10bestbuy.com sent me. Same ...[Read full complaint]

100bestbuy site is not opening

Shaikh Zuber on 30 October 2015

site is not open and my money is not trancfar. my mobile number is 6816

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