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Refollium Hair Health Suppprt

Neeraj Verma on 05 April 2018


This has reference for Purchasing the Refollium Hair Health Support Capsule from M/S Geek Retails Pvt Ltd Khasra No. 1768 / 1223 / 5 Village Khandsa Behrampur Road Gurgaon [Read full complaint]


Sailendra Kumar Barzatia on 05 April 2018

Dear Sir

I am a daily commuter of Kolkata Metro. Yesterday 018) there were some problem because of which there was extreme delay in metro at around 6:45 p.m. ...[Read full complaint]

खाते से पैसा निकाला पैसा निकला नहीं और khate से पैसा कट गया

Daya Shankar Saroj on 05 April 2018

मैंने allahabad में sbi के atm से 6000रूपये दो बार atm मशीन में डायल किया दोनों बार मेरा पैसा कट गया लेकिन 6000 रुपये ही वापस आया और 6000नहीं ।

मेरा अकाउंट नंबर 8316...[Read full complaint]

I want to update my phone n. To aadhar card but it takes long time and I want to update urgently

Pankaj Kumar on 05 April 2018

I want to update my mobile n. But it takes to long time and I want urgently.. I want to kyc for my account but there is not updated my n. So I can't get otp for updation so please kindly help me.. ...[Read full complaint]

Not resive cash

Harshad Gawande on 04 April 2018

Dear Sir

Mene 09/03/2018 ko Afternoon me aprox 2:00 baje PNB New market bhopal ke ATM se 2700 rs ka nikalne ki puri process ki. Jb tk time out nahi aaya tb tk me ATM ke andar hi tha pa

[Read full complaint]


Shivram Kol on 04 April 2018


[Read full complaint]

Money fraud

Anshul Massey on 04 April 2018

Ye fraud mere sath 22 March 2018 ko Capital First ne kiya he. Mujhe bina kisi jankari ke mere saving account se 1 mahine do baar EMI kaat li gayi jise woh na to return kar rahe he na hi apni galti ...[Read full complaint]

Hathway broadband disconnected from last 3 days

Devendra Gupta on 04 April 2018

My hathway broadband has been disconnected from last 3 days and no one from Hathway is picking up the call ad getting back to me. They are just telling we are looking into this whenever called at c...[Read full complaint]

One Kind of Cheating

C.s. Sebastian on 04 April 2018

New Message on 2nd 3rd April 2018 to my Cell Phone No.8331902286." BT-BSNLCG. Your pack Health and you (55678*) is due for Renewal. on 018. It will be Renewed for 20 ...[Read full complaint]

customar care did not respond positively

Head Master Ghs Mojukhera on 04 April 2018

today i called customer care to know balance of account 4879000100010228.it is a joint account .i am operating it .customer care attendant did not respond me.so i am complaining against that pertic...[Read full complaint]

Poor service since October month

Sanjay Kumar Singh on 03 April 2018

Now I want closed this service your toll free number 9001 not active

[Read full complaint]

No network at all

Leenat Sawar on 03 April 2018

Since two days there is not network to both my mtnl dolphin numbers. Tried every possible thing. I simply is also brand new.

[Read full complaint]

Spoiled dirty food

Aman Garg on 03 April 2018

I have taken food from your pantry in vaishali express train no :-12553 I have taken samosa from him he has given dirty inside the samosa there was some dirty material which I have to throungn the ...[Read full complaint]

refund not recieved for cancelled tickets

Sandeep Singh on 03 April 2018

The refund id 6018 and 6016 is showing refund on 17th March I still have not received the refund in my account please do the needful and let me k...[Read full complaint]

village name missing

Hemant Kumar on 03 April 2018


Haryana gov. have an office website for land record documents. When I try to get record of my property it asks to select district tehsil and village. but here my village name is missing...[Read full complaint]

Regarding no Fan service

Sunil Modgil on 03 April 2018

I am travelling from new delhi to nagpur train no 2626 starting from the station there is no Fan and light service in train.Where is the electricity man have they lost the...[Read full complaint]

Network problem

Jatin Raghav on 03 April 2018

This aarea is lesa single what should I do plz. Help me

[Read full complaint]

Order not return.

Vinod Kumar on 03 April 2018

Hi Sir

I am purchase online nokia 3 mobile rs 7668 on 27-03-2018 tatacliq.com.

Order Delivered on 29-03-2018 this product is Defected received (Heating & battery Problem) so ...[Read full complaint]

5rs being deducted all the time thrice in a day

Hatika on 03 April 2018

I am being charged 5rs almost thrice in a day whn i calld cx care the said that Somethng got activated which I did not at allll....and thy have disconnected the call 3 times.....Agents are talkng t...[Read full complaint]

Order not return.

Vinod Kumar on 03 April 2018

Hi Sir

I am purchase a mobile nokia 3 on tatacliq.com on 27-03-2018.Order delivered 29-04-2018.Mobile Defected received (heating Problem & Battery Problem).

So I have decide return ...[Read full complaint]

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