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Trimmer problem

Aman Choudhary on 08 October 2018

My trimmer is not working properly. I charged it for 7 to 8 hours but it does not start working

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Mahanagar Gas — gas pipeline installation pending since 3 months

Deepak T on 08 October 2018


I had applied for a new Gas connection for my new apartment. The gas pipeline already exists in the society and needs to be extended one floor into my house. It has been 100 days si...[Read full complaint]

Jupiter rc not delivered at address and we not have any information for rc

Kamal Kishore on 07 October 2018

Rc not delivered are this address: rzf-528 netaji Subhash Marg Raj nagar-2 palam colony new delhi-110077

This showroom 2 :- rz d44 Mahavir enclave Delhi -45

I buy date of 30/11/2017 and...[Read full complaint]

This mail is true or false, please guide me

Indrasenjeet Jaiswar on 07 October 2018


Payment file: RBI/id1033/2017/2018 DE

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Wrong food delivery

Jatin Gondaliya on 07 October 2018

My order dish is veg but food delivery is non veg dish so delivery is wrong food so take a strictly action on Zomato food on online food deliver this not a smoll matter...

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Bachan Kaur on 07 October 2018

I purchased (Ms. Bachan Kaur)KVP from the Post Office of Chotodghir in /05/ 2009 & lost my KVP in I also lodged the police complain on25th Feb 2018 Complain No Hirapur...[Read full complaint]

Very slow purification

Manohar Naraindas Jethmalani on 07 October 2018

I have filed complaint of Kent RO water purifier since the last 4 days & no one has come to service it. I have called 10 -12 times. It takes more than 6 hrs to fill the 7 ltr tank

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money transfer

Rajiv Kashyap on 07 October 2018

maine paytm se mere account no. 2379 main 3000 rupaye transfer kiye the ..par abhi tak mere account main paise nhi aaye hai...or mere 8540 no. se...[Read full complaint]

Airtel dongle lost need to deactivate the same and number is unknown

Rajesh Konatham on 07 October 2018

I had lost my airtel dongle but I doent know the number to deactivate I knew only sim number and IMSI

SIM - 8991921798932040972U

IMSI - 4097

Request you ...[Read full complaint]

Charge service tax on food

Rajal Verma on 07 October 2018

Respected sir

On 6th october 2018 i went to Darzi bar and kitchen resturant

in connaught place. We order some food to eat at the time of Bill they charge both service tax plus GS...[Read full complaint]

HDFC Deducted Rs885 for Non Mantaince Changes Even if Bank Account is Zero Balance Account

Karan Pardeshi on 06 October 2018

HDFC BANK deducted my money Rs 885 for Non Maintenance but my Account is Zero Balance Account I need Help when I call HDFC they say your Account maintenance balance is low but I m using this Accoun...[Read full complaint]

Refund from deep discount bond

Yogesh Devnani on 06 October 2018


प्रबंधन निदेशक / उपाध्यक्ष

विषय - 1 सितंबर 1996 में जारी deep discount BOND को भुनाने बाबत


उक्त विषयान्तर्गत लेख है जी मेरे पिता श्री प्रकाश...[Read full complaint]

Money Stole at kalyan railway station

Dipak Baliram Sonaskar on 06 October 2018

Dear Sir I was waiting for Geetanjali express 2859 at platform no 4 Dt 0.18 in the morning when train came i entered in general bogie ( first gen...[Read full complaint]

No possession or information on possession of flat booked

Leena Prabhudesai on 06 October 2018

I have made payment to M/S Falco Developers in their ambivali Cheshire project near Kalyan Maharashtra somewhere in 2010 -11. At time of booking they informed that project...[Read full complaint]

Not bus ticket book and pay to red bus

Hamirbhai Bhaimabhai Vaghela on 06 October 2018

Porbandar to Ahmedabad bus ticket book is a Aicyu and not tickets book and pay to red bus

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Complaint lodged but not resolving the issue

Arijit Sarkar on 06 October 2018

On 18th June'18 I have purchased a Khaitan Pedistal Fan Model "TORNADO 20"P/F:/1" from their Authorised Distributor M/s P.K. Sadhukhan & Grandsons Bandel Hooghly - [Read full complaint]

Beware of fraud Avasthi family of Kanpur they are tragetting upper middle class guys for marrying their daughters and then demand money

Rajeev Pandey on 06 October 2018

They found my ID through jeevansathi.com and then came to my place in Lucknow and firstly didn't got girl and also were not showing photograph then they asked for my property details and never disc...[Read full complaint]

Vodafone Customer care executive said betrayed me

Rahul Shaw on 06 October 2018

on 24th of August 2018 a vodafone postpaid executive called me in my mobile to describe me about a postpaid plan of Rs. 399 and asked me opt for the plan but i mentioned them that i will opt only w...[Read full complaint]

cold water dispanser not working

Sumit Tiwari on 06 October 2018

Cold water dispanser not working propaly. cold dispanser dispans hot water

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Gaurav Gautam on 06 October 2018

Dear sir

Subject- compalin against my village Pradhan and safai karmi

Village -bhaurpura khajuraiya




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