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No delivery of parcel booked (Hero maestro scooty HR-75-A-6391).

Harshyam on 19 January 2017

I had booked my hero maestro scooter HR-75-A-6391) on 28/12/2016 from Ambala cant to Guwahati (Parcel Receipt No.L-767415). After completion 20 days my vehicle didn’t reached to Guwahati station. ...[Read full complaint]

Additional amount charged by pantry staff for cold drink

M.sai Prasad on 19 January 2017

Today on 2017 travelling through train.no. 8567 Vsp to BZA in coach no.S6 berth nos. 17 and 20. I asked for 500 ml. Sprite from.pantry staff who...[Read full complaint]

Regarding to train passenger facilities

Deepak Yadav on 18 January 2017

I m in the 11056...which is departure from katni ...bat we dont have charging facilities in the bogi no s4...kindly take a action

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Dirty train

Avadesh on 15 January 2017

Sir my PNR no 7322 train no 2513 SC to ghy exp There are so many problems like more dust and toilet are bad so u please solve this

[Read full complaint]

TDR Status : CR Repudiate Cancellation

Pradeep Gupta on 13 January 2017

TDR Status : CR Repudiate Cancellation ID: 0248 This is regarding TDR that I,PRADEEP KUMAR GUPTA filed on IRCTC website. I am still waiting forthe refund, but I haven't g...[Read full complaint]

Against railway department

Rajesh Raidas on 11 January 2017

Sir mai tatkal ki ticket liya tourist agency se jab tren me tc ticket check kiya to boola tumhari ticket sahi nahi hai tum seet khali kardo, warna bahar fek donga sir isme meri kya galti hai yadi ...[Read full complaint]

Train food quality very bad

Sonu Kumar on 08 January 2017

Sir I travel in 2693 rajdhani exp. I pay food 50/- but food is very bed quqlity amount of 50/- I am not satisfied. Pl forwerd my complaint.

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Refund or irctc ticket due to delayed of train by 12 hours

Chhote Bahadur Singh on 07 January 2017

I have booked a railway ticket through payt m having pnr No 7412 date of journey 29 dec2016 from new Delhi to Allahabad. Train was delayed by more than 12 hours.I filled ...[Read full complaint]

Railway station bike parking charges

Aman Kamat on 04 January 2017

The Bike parking charges at Shahad railway station is Rs. 20/- minimum and they do not issue any receipt OR coupan of the same. Whereas the same is at Kalyan station is Rs.15/- with proper coupan ...[Read full complaint]

TDR refund issue

Rahul Yadav on 03 January 2017

Sir,My concern is that i had filled TDR 10 months before but up to my claim is not come.I request to you please revert my claim as soon as possible.My ticket details is given below:- PNR : [Read full complaint]

After 01 Month, No Refund on TDR from Indian Railway-

Rajnish Dwivedi on 28 December 2016

After 01 Month, No Refund on TDR from Indian Railway- TDR REFUND REPUDIATED WITHOUT PROPER REASON This is in Reference to ticket Booked online from my IRCTC account- PNR Number ...[Read full complaint]

No Refund on TDR from Indian Railway

Rajnish Dwivedi on 28 December 2016

After 01 Month, No Refund on TDR from Indian Railway- TDR REFUND REPUDIATED WITHOUT PROPER REASON This is in Reference to tiket Booked online from my IRCTC account- PNR Number 6...[Read full complaint]

Always late schedule of train

Rk Bhatnagar on 24 December 2016

Dear sir, namaste. Train no: 477, journey from anuppur to faridabd,date:15.12.2016. Train late by 3 hr. Train no: 478, journey from faridabad to...[Read full complaint]

Not Deliver of Luggage

Vishal Kumar on 23 December 2016

I have booked luggage from Dimapur to Jammu Tawi on 08 Dec 2016 under receipt No D 0488 and the luggage forwarded to Guwahati on the same day but after Guwahati i dont kn...[Read full complaint]

Rail neer water bottle extra price

Sandeep Yadav on 21 December 2016

sir with due to respect that i am sandeep yadav i bought rail neer at old delhi railway station and he chharged me 20 rupee instead of 15 rupre sir told him that he is taking too much money but he...[Read full complaint]

Parcel missing from Indian Railway

Manoj Prasad on 19 December 2016

I booked 2 parcel in Railway from station Rourkela to Delhi on 016. PRR No-2003602531. But i received only 1 and other one is still missing. Parcel missing complain has b...[Read full complaint]

Refund not Received even after 84 days of Filling TDR

Ashok Kumar Thakur on 04 December 2016

Hi, I had filed the TDR, PNR No 602, Transaction ID: 2577 Date of Journey: 13-Sep-2016 Class: THIRD AC (3A) Train No./Name: 2...[Read full complaint]

Bike not received

Brijesh Rawat on 30 November 2016

My parcel bill no H775992. Book my bike from ptkc to be on /16. Maine apne aap bike ko ptkc me train no 2332 himgiri exp me load karya tha Lekin...[Read full complaint]

Smart card issue and harrasment at Kolkata Metro

Abhinab Saha on 24 November 2016

Being Harrased for the pasf few days related to smart card not functioning properly at gates. There is no replacament option and if u go to the counter to get a new card, the guy asks for your old...[Read full complaint]

Not Receive senior citizen Concession

Zalariya Khimjibhai on 18 November 2016

I have booked ticket ; PNR No. : 4214 Train No. & Name : 9207 / BVC OKHA PASS Boarding At : RJT Reservation Upto : DWK Basic Fare Rs. [Read full complaint]

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