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LPG/PNG Supply complaints

HP Cylinder is not recieved

Kishor Yadavrao Pawar on 19 January 2017

I have received one message on 18.1 2017 that HP Cylinder id Delivered.But actually I don't receive cylinder.

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Hp gas not delivered

Mohammad Imran Shaikh on 14 January 2017

I got this message from HP gas delivered but actually we r not received any cylinder HPGas refill dlvd on 1.17 CashMemo no.199734.If not received your feedback on 8888823...[Read full complaint]

Cylinder time se Nahi pahuchta hai

Mukesh Kumar on 11 January 2017

Meta consumer no. 517128.Jaipur ke sanganer saraswati ges Ajensi Mai hai. Jiski sarvis bilkul kharab hai. Mai Kam se jam 10bar booking karata hu tab bhi meara Ges cylinder Samay par Nani pahuchata...[Read full complaint]

Cylinder not delivered by the hawker after complained the agency

Rahul Rana on 03 January 2017

I m booked the cylinder by the phone before 20 days but my cylinder is not delivered because my hawker is very bad manners man he is not talk with me and not delivered the cylinder and asking i m ...[Read full complaint]

Gas Agency Not excepting online payment

Yogesh Mishra on 01 January 2017

Amardeep gas agency Is not excepting online payment and had charged Rs 630 in cash for a subsidy cylinder on 1st Jan 2017 and did not give any receipt for that.

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Gas cylinder not received after 20 days

Resham Devi on 29 December 2016

We have booking gas cylinder on 2016 and 016. But till date we have not received gas cylinder. My Consumer No. 0533 of...[Read full complaint]

Gas Refill not Delivered me, and give me the Subsidy

Nitin Musale on 29 December 2016

तीन ते चार वेळा गँस मोबाईल फोन द्वारे बुक करुनही घरी प्राप्त झाला नाही व गँस यजंसीला वीचारना केली असता घर मीळाने नाही व डिलेव्हरी बाँय परत आला ,हवा असेल तर यउन पावती फाडा व गँस घेउन जा.असे सागीतले...[Read full complaint]

Extra Tempo charge demand by delivery man rs 30 per cylinder

Dinesh Patil on 28 December 2016

Delivery man missed behaved and they are demand to Tempo charge 30 rs extra form bill amount for each and every delivery and they have not any weight scale given bottle without wei

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Cylinder/refill not delivered

Gopal Bisht on 28 December 2016

Dear concern, I have booked Refill on dtd 26-12-2016 on con no.7591074302 registered with Ref.no.429572 .turn of our location was 27-12-2016 but i have not get Refill due to lack of gas agency sta...[Read full complaint]

Deactivate subsidy give it up scheme

Manoj P. Meshram on 25 December 2016

Please deactivate. Give it up scene.. I want to subsidy. pls deposit subsidy my account..thanks.

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Delayed delivery of gas cylinder

Ajay Kumar Sharma on 22 December 2016

My booking 6th days before but not delivery my gas cylinder this is verry ved your service

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Capvia worst company ever saw

Richa Mishra on 21 December 2016

Capvia indore company which make customers fake promise they took 0000 as service fees and they made my investment zero within two days and after that they are asking me ...[Read full complaint]

Gas Subsidy Not Received

Sonu Kumar Tiwari on 15 December 2016

Dear Sir, This is for your information that I am not receiving subsidy since Oct’2015, the subsidy amount is not credited to my bank A/c. as the Aadhar number 8247 is lin...[Read full complaint]

Against gas delivery boy

Syam Gopal on 02 December 2016

Gas delivery boy will not give the gas cylinder properly he quarreled with my wife is she questioned him.at the same time he had given the cylinder to my neibour is not booking.please take an imme...[Read full complaint]

I want to change my bharat gas connection to my father's name

Sachin Tripathi on 28 November 2016

My gas connection have not transfer to my father's name so I can't receive my subsidy next year. And agency demand 650 rs. Thanks

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Cylinder not reached at home

Aneesuddin on 18 November 2016

I Ibook my hp cylinder on 4 november 2016 but idont get the cylinder my cosmer no.is 4041

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Gas cylinder not received

Rehana Md Umer Qureshi on 18 November 2016

Respected sir ive not revcd my cylinder yet. I've recvd msg of cylinder to b delivered on 16 but still not.pls do kind as soon as possible yours respectively.

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HP Gas Agency Not Properly Responding

N.r.bansal on 15 November 2016

My HP Gas Connection has been shifted from one agency to other, I was not intimated in this regard, After a lot of trouble I came to know the fact, but agency was not bothered about the same. Now ...[Read full complaint]

Always taking lots of time in HP gas refill delivery.

Jayant Singh on 15 November 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, My Name is Jayant Singh and consumer No.: 9206 I booked online gas for refill their details are below. R V GAS AGENCY 510) till ...[Read full complaint]

Wrongly booked the domestic gas delivery in my consumer ID for others

Aditya G R on 08 November 2016

Booking number 8508 was created for my consumer ID though i have not called and delivery cash memo created 2047 dated 8-nov-16. May it is delive...[Read full complaint]

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