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Internet Scams complaints

Hacking of debit pin and transactions

Hiralal Talmale on 14 October 2014

My bank of india account was hacked with debit card pin and person who done this type of job told his name Surendra Shrivastav from SBI ATM office Mumbai. He uses his mobile no. [Read full complaint]

Fake winning e-mail from RBI

Ramija Shikalgar on 14 October 2014

vI want to know that this right or wrong please inform me.... contect on= 6398 THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD MARG, JANPATH, NEW DELHI,H.O. 001, NEW DELHI. Our ref: ...[Read full complaint]

Nokia award 2014 original or fraud?

Atiar Rahaman on 13 October 2014

I have received a message in my mobile as follows- +447017046182:YOUR MOBILE NO: HAS WON £1.2 MILLION POUNDS IN THE 2014 NOKIA AWARD, FOR CLAIMS SEND YOUR NAME/ADD/MOBILE NO/EMAIL TO [nokia@noki <...[Read full complaint]

Credit card fraud

Abhishek Basal on 13 October 2014

fack phone icici bank behalf credit card transaction 17-9-2014 amount 00/- in favor of moments deals bombay please help mobile-9425154868

[Read full complaint]

Info.VIN*ICL-CGXPA debit card fraud purchase

Shruti Audichya on 13 October 2014

I received the email , that your debit card is used and You have used your Debit Card linked to Account XXXXXXXXX for a transaction of INR Info.VIN*ICL-CGXPA on 13-10-2014 But when i ask my relati...[Read full complaint]

Please solve my problem

Tapas Haith on 13 October 2014

DEAR SIR, I RECEIVED A MAIL FROM RESERVE BANK OF INDIA &REPLAY TO @admin.in.th IS TRUE OR FALSE. MESSAGE BODY:- Our ref: Cbn/Ohg/Oxd1/2012 Payment file: RBI/id1033/2010/...[Read full complaint]

Lucky email fraud

Hasmukh Waghela on 11 October 2014

Dear Sir Please You Are Guide line provide to me email demanded Agent Mr. Dr. George williams From UK. So please I awaiting You Reply hasmukh waghela email- @gmail.Com M...[Read full complaint]

Is this mail legal or fraud?

Murtuza Nullwala on 10 October 2014

From: Mrs Shalini Khanna Reserve Bank of India Auditing and Accounting. Phone + (91) 882 621 1845 Dear Friend: Mr. Murtuza Nullwala Thank you I am so glad to receive your immediate response, I hav...[Read full complaint]

Coca Cola Promo message

Saktiprasad Ghanti on 10 October 2014

Coca Cola Promo After receiving SMS (on .14) from Coco Cola Company (+918882151902),that I, Sakti Prasad Ghanti, am the winner of Coca Cola Promo. I sent the required inf...[Read full complaint]

Chevrolet fake winning prize

Feliciana Coutinho on 10 October 2014

Ongratulation on your chevrolet auto mobile company compensation award which has been processed for delivery. Kindly view attached file and be fully acknowledge of your 0.00[Read full complaint]

Fraud UK Samsung award 2014

Prashanth Raja on 10 October 2014

Its cheating.please you do not give any money or ATM numbers.if you give the numbers please deactivate the card.

[Read full complaint]

Regarding Samsung Galaxy award 2014

Jasvindersingh Chhabra on 10 October 2014

i had received the given below message on October 7, .... YOUR MOBILE NO WAS SELECTED & WON $1,000,000 US DOLLARS IN SAMSUNG GALAXY AWARD.TO CLAIM,SEND UR NAME,MOBILE NO,...[Read full complaint]

Chevrolet 2014 internet scams

Saiful Islam on 10 October 2014

sir I have a mail of chevrolet2014 named to informe me that I have selected 2.3crore and a car in chevrolet2014.so what is this?

[Read full complaint]

Won chevrolet award tell me its real or fraud?

Nitin Kashyap on 09 October 2014

I won the Chevrolet award please tell me its real or fraud Please i want to know that please i really need this money

[Read full complaint]

Cyber fraud on SBI Credit card

Vivek Warde on 09 October 2014

Hello, I am a student, and I am a victim of a cyber fraud that has happened to me on 1st October, 2014 on my SBI Credit Card. From 9 September, 014, I have been continuou...[Read full complaint]

Fake Rbi mail

Indranil Mukherjee on 09 October 2014

I got a mail from @unibo.it .Here are what I got 106 GROSVENOR SQUARE NEW DELHI W1A 1AE INDIA. Customer services, Our ref: Rbi/Acct/Px/2014 Payment file: RBI-DEL/id1453/...[Read full complaint]

Coca cola UK diwali lucky draw 2014 true or not?

C M Alam on 08 October 2014

I have received a msg in my mobile No 7729 from DZ-066025, msg containing "your mobile number has won in coca cola UK diwali lucky draw 2014 to claim ,...[Read full complaint]

Loss of money in algulf

Lachamaya Patro on 08 October 2014

I have lost money in my 5 ids in algulfnet.biz on 25 may 011. my ids are 76), 76), 42), [Read full complaint]

Investment in speakasia.com for a survey

Vishnu Gohil on 07 October 2014

I investment in the site of speakaisa.Com... When i invest in site was working perfectly after some time site was close and my my investment in totaly failed pllpand not given amy amount get back ...[Read full complaint]

Muje email aya tha samsung lottery ka

Nikul Patel on 06 October 2014

muje samsung national lottery valo se email aya tha ki me 3.6 crore rs winner hu maine pehli bar emai aya tab apna mobil no.,address,full name,sex,or etc kya ye fack he maine apna detail sent kiya...[Read full complaint]

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