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Internet Scams complaints

Fake mail from clime agent in icc cricket international

Manoj on 11 February 2014

respected sir igot a mail from icc cricket cup mobile winning lottry he reward for 0000 million found he asked me for clearence charges of rs 5000[Read full complaint]

RBI payment order refund

Bharat Jadhao on 10 February 2014

Daily mail aate hai THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD MARG, JANPATH, NEW DELHI, H.O. 001, NEW DELHI. Our ref: Cub/Hog/Oxd1/2012 Payment file: ...[Read full complaint]

Samsung award promotions 2014

Venkataramana Deringula on 08 February 2014

this evening i receve a message from samsung.they give me this SAMSUNG AWARD PROMOTION 2014 SAMSUNG CO-OPERATION UNITED KINGDOM Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0PS Unit...[Read full complaint]

RBI lottery claim prize

Shahnawaz Dar on 07 February 2014

Customer services, www.rbi.org THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD ...[Read full complaint]

Email ask me you win money

Babulal on 07 February 2014

One email arive in my mail ib say me you won 0.00 pounds i sent my details next date fone arrive an one girl said me your draft come rbi bank and pay 5...[Read full complaint]

Of RBI official payment notification

Dhiren Pandey on 07 February 2014

Hello, I got this mail more than 3 times as per mention below, please notify me it is true or false. Here is a details of mail that i have got. Here is also mention RBI Governor name, you can thin...[Read full complaint]

Samsung Promotions United Kingdom fake mail

Kapil Kumar on 04 February 2014

Samsung Electronics UK Ltd Samsung House 1000 Hillswood Drive, Chertsey Surrey KT16 0PS, London, United Kingdom. Tel: 5001 Date: January 31, 014.[Read full complaint]

Refund of the invested money from Speak Asia

Vinod Bhatt on 01 February 2014

Sir, Please refund the invested money because i havnt done only one week survey and hvnt earned a single penny from speak asia. So please do the needful to refund the invested money. Resigtered em...[Read full complaint]

Fraud speak asia

Yash Raj Sinha on 01 February 2014

I lost 1000 after a fraud by company Speak Asia. I have all the receipts and the transition details , I want my money back plz help. Any one having any clue about how to ...[Read full complaint]

Fraud click2@resume.com

Ashok Kumar on 01 February 2014

Dear sir, @resume.Com ne mera rupees 8117 nikal liya hai jiska refund lena hai customers name customers email id customers address city state z...[Read full complaint]

Loss money in Algulf online survey

Vikrant Kumar on 31 January 2014

i have loss 7000 rupee in algulf online survey company.i have 8 ID at algulfnet and zero amount received from this fraud survey company

[Read full complaint]

Against Samsung mobile award foundation UK

Suresh Singh on 29 January 2014

samsung award Jan 24 (5 days ago) to me SAMSUNG MOBILE AWARD FOUNDATION UK 22 Garden Close, Stamford,Lincs PE9 2YP, London, United Kingdom. (Vision 2020 Poverty Eradication Program) YOUR WINNING P...[Read full complaint]

To find out lottery mail authenticity

Abiodun Osho Shoyombo on 27 January 2014

On Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 2.45 pm I received a mail signed by Mrs. Victoria Freeman that I won Microsoft Yahoo Google Lottery Promotion to the tune of ,000 British...[Read full complaint]

Ram survey se Paisa na milne ke baare mein

Sayed Mohammed Baaqar on 23 January 2014

To Ram Survey, Please Sir, aap nahin jaante log kitne bhorse se aap se joint huwe thay aur unhone kahan kahan se paisa laa kar submit kiya tha, taake paise lagakar aur paise kama sakein. Please ga...[Read full complaint]

Fake payment notification

Akhilesh Pandey on 23 January 2014

Sir, Is it true or fake....... RESERVE BANK OF INDIA 6, SANSAD MARG- NEW DELHI 0001 INDIA CDD: /311 Swift Code: CVALESVVXXX @...[Read full complaint]

Ramsurvey is cheater

Sanjeet Kumar on 22 January 2014

Sir main apne ek dost ke dwara isme juda tha 3500 rs.registration fee ke taur par liye the par uske 0-25 din bad company bhag gayi ho sake to mere 3500 rs. Vapas kara dij...[Read full complaint]

Lost my 10000

Kumarkishansingh on 22 January 2014

unhone phone kiya ki 25000bhejo or 0000 le jao,mene bola mere pas 10000he to unhone kaha utnahi pathado,,,to mene 10000patha diya phir yo bole 0000[Read full complaint]

To get back invested amount form allhitdeals

Ravindra Rama Daki on 22 January 2014


[Read full complaint]

RBI Fishing Fraud Email

Swanand on 22 January 2014

THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD MARG, JANPATH, NEW DELHI, H.O. 001, NEW DELHI. Our ref: RBI/0A2/8138061 File:rbi/B1o4/f12 Payment Amount: Rs...[Read full complaint]

Ram survey not gave single penny

Sajidumer Mapari on 21 January 2014

purchased 2 ids from and ram survey, and worked for 6 months did not received a single rupee. please file the complaint as per speak asia fraud and place for higher authorities and refund the amou...[Read full complaint]

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