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Internet Scams complaints

Verification of authenticity of email in the name of rbi

Bipra Charan Sahu on 28 June 2014

Sir, on 2014 I received the undermentioned email in the name of "Reserve Bank of India" with emblem of RBI & one passport photo named as DR RAGHURAM RAJAN, RESERVE BANK O...[Read full complaint]

Internet fraud complaint

Anupam Dave on 28 June 2014

I have been victimised from above suspected person from From Feb2014, he have been sending me lots of mail regarding a job offer in London, he has provided me all the documents related to this, i ...[Read full complaint]

Fraud winning lottery massage from rbi

Pawankumar Goyal on 26 June 2014

i have received a massage from a email id "office.pwxs@libero.it"...and set a attechment in which written "RESERVE BANK OF INDIA REGIONAL OFFICE, DELHI 6 Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001,

[Read full complaint]

I am demanding my money refund from speak asia

Nikhil Ganesh Pande on 26 June 2014

I had deposited the money in the speak asia leader account but i did not get anything money from last 3 years. I dont want profited money I just want my money so please if there is a way then plea...[Read full complaint]

Against BBC lottery mail

Arbinddubey Dubey on 25 June 2014

Dear Sir, I have received a Mail and call that I have won a ($750,000.00 USD pounds in a BBC Company UK as a lucky Draw. Now their agent Mr. Diplomat MARK PHILIPS is in India to transf...[Read ful...[Read full complaint]

Confirm for me this claim?

Mercy Gakii on 25 June 2014

i received a text message saying this:how true it is i dont know from this phone number 4344 telling me have won E 0000 pounds and a ref no of n...[Read full complaint]

Fake lottery winning

Rohit Pawar on 25 June 2014

One email are many time received my to you win please paid 2500 to transf.mony.

[Read full complaint]

Chevrolet winning message

Manish Sharma on 25 June 2014

Dear Sir I want know this if i send message of chevrolet motors in full details my profile so i will have meet prize & cash you message me my mobile numbe- 0335

[Read full complaint]

Samsung company uk wnning prize for mobile

Saresa Kishan Manasukhbhai on 25 June 2014

Dear sir, I have receive one day to my mobile nom,is won by 2.6 crors ,and hear to chek custom officer says to paid first custom duty amount 21500rs then me this true ya false ,,that mis name ..sa...[Read full complaint]

Money refund from speak asia scam

Ajeet Kumar on 25 June 2014

I have deposited 00/- rs for being the member of speak Asia. But like others money also got stuck into the scam. I have took 1-2 surveys also but no money was raised to m...[Read full complaint]

Do not issue my award prize in bbc?

Avinash Pawar on 24 June 2014

sir/madam my name is avinash pawar last ten day i recive bbcdrow email to u win 0000 GBP amount but reserv bank of india membar call mi and request pay 15700rs. carency c...[Read full complaint]

Bbc lottery uk true or fake?

Debendra Kisan on 24 June 2014

Sir I receive an email from @admin.in.th bbc said u are lucky winner of bbc lottery uk and u win 500GBP so tell me that is ture or fake

[Read full complaint]

Won 50000000 ponds from chevrolet automobile

Manvendra Sharma on 22 June 2014

i got a mail from @xbmail.com @libero.it @outlook.com @gmail.com about won [Read full complaint]

Fraud mail from samsung promo

Dr Patnaik on 20 June 2014

SAMSUNG AWARD PROMO 2014 Registered office: 3 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9PE. Company No: 511. Tel:+448712348075 APPROVAL OF AWARD WINNING PRIZE OF [Read full complaint]

Fraud emails and calls regarding lottery prize

Narayan Alane on 20 June 2014

I received email named National draw from coca cola company, center no.768 London, delivery officer: Dr. Davis Miller contacted me many times from the mobile number 2497 ...[Read full complaint]

Samsung company uk Winning prize for mobile

Ranjeet More on 20 June 2014

Dear sir, I have receive one day to my mobile nom,is won by 500,000.00gbp ,and am coming to indira gandhi international airport newdhelhi ,, and hear to chek custom officer says to paid first cust...[Read full complaint]

I want to confirm a winning and claim the wining amount?

Anil on 19 June 2014

i got a this winning message,so pls confirm it is fake or not. THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD MARG, JANPATH, NEW DELHI, H.O. 001, NEW DELHI...[Read full complaint]

Got a message fro winning

Vivek on 19 June 2014

sir i got a message that you are chosen fund valued 0000 Rs. to get this send your name address ,telephone via email @vip.se.com

[Read full complaint]

A fake lottery Mail.

Madura Gosavi on 19 June 2014

i got cal from unknown moblie no. & one male voice spoke to me that u r a lucky winner of coca cola company. he said that 00/- amount deposit in my bank account. then I t...[Read full complaint]

I was also got a msg from Samsungm66@vip.se.com

Saurabh Kumar Jha on 19 June 2014

I got a msg on my mobile dat I HV won a fund of 5 lakhs from Samsung company... and to take disvery fund from Samsung I HV 2 submit my name,address, telephone via email...

[Read full complaint]
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