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Internet Scams complaints

Fake coca cola mobile draw company

Akram Khan on 01 August 2014

Dear sir, Hi my name is akram khan nd i winning the50000000gbp fr coca cola mobile draw company nd philip ribhard cun b cll fr me nd he is askng same clrnce chargers..nd i paid the all clrnc charg...[Read full complaint]

Receive the email from rbi for money transfer

Gopal Ora on 01 August 2014

R/sir/mam, i received email from RBI foreign exchange department 6, sansad marg new delhi that i win the lottery price 500000.00GBP and one toyato car. they collect all information related to me t...[Read full complaint]

Reserve bank mail to claim your winning amount is real or not?

Ganpat Mane on 01 August 2014

The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department Reserve bank of India has decided to bring to your attention, that you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of outstanding debts...[Read full complaint]

Fraud mail received

Hemant K Mendan on 31 July 2014

From: "Homeland Security ( Larry Gene Leake )" Sent: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 21:59:10 To: Subject: Your fund is here in Usa take note Good Day Compliment, We bring to your notice from homeland sec

[Read full complaint]

Fake BBC international lottery

Abhishek Kumar on 31 July 2014

sir i have got email from bbc international lottery. in this mail he said me i won 0000 pond please suggest me what can i do if this company is fraud please take some nes...[Read full complaint]

Fake bbc lottery

Abhishek Anand on 30 July 2014

I got a mail from bbc london nd it told me that i have won a price money of 50000000pound greatbritan sterlin

[Read full complaint]

Winning lottery message amount

Sneha Vivek Tupe on 30 July 2014

gud morg, sir/mam ,i received a mail form reserves bank Delhi address that THE AMT which i won is due and will be transfers in a/c ,so fill the details of ur a/c no.bank name and all send its ,i w...[Read full complaint]

Non transfer of email award of toyota global award

Sukhpal Nagar on 29 July 2014

Sir, 1. I have recd email from Toyota @outlook.com that I have won email toyota global 2014 award for ,000 GBP and they have intimate arrival /...[Read full complaint]

Got one winning message

Samal Bisojit Ajitkumar on 29 July 2014

BATCH NUMBER:74/44319/JPMM PIN NUMBER:*124*# REGISTRATION ORDER NUMBER:O2-05OPR442-RSPT PHONE NUMBER: 8850 Dear Lucky Winner: We are in receipt of your mail (Payment Appr...[Read full complaint]

Against lottery mail

Shivprakash Patel on 29 July 2014

I got a mail from foreign exchange department of RBI states than you won lots of money if this mail is not from RBI please take action against such mailers firs of all you provide me your email an...[Read full complaint]

Reserve bank of india official payment notification

Badal Subba on 28 July 2014

This letter email mentioned below was sent in my email ID. Is this email true or false? Customer services, [Read full complaint]

How to get my winning prizes?

Cramar Kannan on 27 July 2014

I got a messes from 8010735013,your mobile has won from chevrolet car company uk.Is it true or false.no informatiom has not come true yet, what reason?

[Read full complaint]

RBI Mail check it right or wrong?

Mohd Salman on 26 July 2014

Tue, 27/May/2014 - 10:26 by DD Kasana From Office of the Reserve Bank Of India 6,Sansand Marg,(R.B.I) Building.PB NO 123. New Delhi: Financial Regulation and Financial Inclusion Working Together o...[Read full complaint]

Fake mails using RBI name

Prithvi Sharma on 26 July 2014

Dear Sir, I have already send u a complaint for the fake mails by using RBI name.. daily i have received these mails for claiming the prize amount which i win in lottery according to them. please ...[Read full complaint]

Fraud RBI notice

Jaydeep Thesia on 26 July 2014

i received an e mail stating that i haveto claim an amout worth usd 0000 this morning and rbi has approved it so if i want that lottery amount i have to submit [Read full complaint]

Speak Asia Disappeared

Syed Aamir Ali on 26 July 2014

i have invested in SpeakAsia 22000rs.But after some time the company had disappeared and my money was lossed.Kindly tell me how can i recovered my money?

[Read full complaint]

About payment to RBI for foreign exchange

Sunil Upadhyay on 25 July 2014

106 GROSVENOR SQUARE NEW DELHI W1A 1AE INDIA. Customer services, Our ref: Rbi/Acct/Q/2014... official notification of Rbi send me a email in my email... they told me to exchange your money to indi...[Read full complaint]

Fake mail by name of rbi for claiming unclaimed funds

Prithvi Sharma on 25 July 2014

i have received fake mails by using RBI bank. for unclaimed funds they said for some charges,id proof and receipt pf payment. kindly inform me whther these mails are not true or not.

[Read full complaint]

Winning of lottery message

Nitesh Ambaliya on 25 July 2014

I have received following E-mail from @libero.it Customer services, ww...[Read full complaint]

Receiving winning amount email

Sayed Nazarhussain on 24 July 2014

I AM GETTING EMAIL FROM @libero.it OF WINNING THE £500,000.00 from COCA-COLA National Lottery Board 2014 charity bonanza. The draw brought out your Email Address from a ...[Read full complaint]

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