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Internet Scams complaints

BBC olympic award fake complaint

Bantikumar Yadav on 22 August 2014

sir my mobile no has won 2.6crore in bbc olympic award my name is banti kumar yadav age 21 year mobile 5248 job electrician

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Winning prize email from british petroleum company

Gajanan Munde on 21 August 2014

i have got email from british petroleum company of winning prize.I think they want to cheat me.also,today i had call from no 9643114312.so,it my request to you dont let these things to happen with...[Read full complaint]

Fake e-mail address lottery

Vinayak Patil on 21 August 2014

PLEASE REPLY TO COMPANY E-MAIL: @hotmail.com Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Ref: SAM.625/11.16.003/2014-05 Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0PS 8078[Read full complaint]

Speak Asia money returns

Prabhakar Nikalge on 19 August 2014

I have invested of Rs.11000 in Speak Asia and after few months back I just came to know that this company has been fraud and our money has been blocked accordingly. Till date I could not get my mo...[Read full complaint]

Fake coca cola lottery prize

Anoop Kumar on 19 August 2014

I m mail the receiving the coca cola lottery the u won the email award the prize 5 thousand british pond plse the cheak .And the email receiving the mail fill up the form full data and account no....[Read full complaint]

Fake e-mail from for Payment

Mukulkumar Gupta on 19 August 2014

This type of emails coming to me regularly Pl inform me the originality of the same For India's Central Bank Regional Office Reserve Bank of India Foreign Exchange Department Central Office Buildi...[Read full complaint]

Lottery e-mail from fake id with new RBI Governers Name

Mukulkumar Gupta on 19 August 2014

Several times getting e-mail from the above e-mail id with given below details Our ref: Cbn/Ohg/Oxd1/2014 Payment file: RBI/id1033/2009/2014 Payment Amount: (£500 0.00 GB...[Read full complaint]

RBI fraud email

Sufyan Khan on 18 August 2014

I am diposit 0000 rupees in three sbi a/c but a win mail in my email and say doposit money plz help me

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Fraud message in coca cola company

Isurlal Meena on 18 August 2014

sir/madam respect i have a received a message from coca cola company .in uk. you are lttery winning amount 500000gbp. i lost money - 1500 by cash deposit in account - acc...[Read full complaint]

Lottery Verificaton

Jean Crawdwel on 16 August 2014

You are advised to contact @officials.co.uk for information on mobile numbers and email addresses of winners. Winners are now been contacted illegally, do not respond to...[Read full complaint]

I got a fake new email from rbi

Rashid Jainuddin Mulani on 16 August 2014

I got email about winning prize to deposit a custom duty amount

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Fake winning price complaint

Raghav Jaiswal on 16 August 2014

hello sir/madam i receieve some mails for winning prize from foreign or 12th aug i recieve rbi notification mail for winning prize as below : RESERVE BANK OF INDIA OFFICIAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION. R...[Read full complaint]

Coca cola UK winning amount complain

Dattu Hake on 16 August 2014

Dear Sir i am winning a 50000000GBP in cococa prise i sending a diplomats moey in 8400 but cococola copany not transfer my money .........please solve a problem imadiatul...[Read full complaint]

FRAUD Lottery offer from chevrolet car company

Mayur Soni on 16 August 2014

Today in morning i got sms from three different no that offering me lottery.. The message as follows YOUR MOBILE NO HAS WON 3 CRORE 35LAKH RUPEES FROM CHEVROLET CAR COMPANY UK,TO CLAIM SEND:NAME,A...[Read full complaint]

Award winning SMS from Chevrolet Motor INC

Pushpalata Kadam on 14 August 2014

I received an SMS from Chevrolet Motors UK that, i have won an amount of Rs. 3 crores 35 lakhs and also a Chevrolet Captive car and was also asked to pay an amount of Rs. 00/-[Read full complaint]

False winning lottery amount

Shubham Rastogi on 12 August 2014

I have received a mail from @libero.it on 06th Aug. 2014 regarding winning a lotery amount worth rs. ,000 GBP. All I have to do to send my deta...[Read full complaint]

Winning message complaint

Manojkumar Sharma on 12 August 2014

sir a mobile massage is came in which it is mention that i win 3 carore 35 lakh.again a person mailed me the certificate & inform me via mobile that please deposit custom duty so i can deliver you...[Read full complaint]

Information about Samsung company winning message

Raheesha Raheesha on 12 August 2014

Sir,i got an email and messages informed that i have wone sumsung promotion 2014 rs 10 cr and 40 lakh.please let me knew it is true or fake,it has be delivered tomorrow

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How to get the lottery winning prize?

Lotteryverificationunit Lottery on 12 August 2014

You are advise to contact @britishintelligence.co.uk information that got to our verification department comfired that mobile numbers and email addresses of winner has b...[Read full complaint]

Fraud Samsung galaxy promo 2014 award

Sachin Stavarmath on 11 August 2014

Hai iam mr Sachin I am in Karnataka. State bijapur dist Talikota today 11/8/2014 I have recive a mail from Samsung galaxy promo award 2014 my mobile. Number has been won on 3,crore 60lacs is that ...[Read full complaint]

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