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Aadhar card not yet received

Akshay Chavan on 12 February 2012

I have applied adhar card on 15/07/2011 16:05:11 and enrollment no is 522. When ever I used to check the status in website it used to state processed. But from past 1 mon...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card enrollment no. 1207/01549/322 , 323 and 1207/1553/619 not received

Ram Avtar Sharma on 12 February 2012

I have applied for adhar card enrollment no. /322 , 323 dt. 7/8/2011 and /619 dt. 20/8/2011 & it was told at that time that the cards will be re...[Read full complaint]

Govt, Socio-economic and caste census 2011 data operater payment

Rami on 12 February 2012

Jai hind sir, sir maine govt davara chali gya sarva socio-economic and caste census 2011 main kam kiya tha as data operator ,baat ya hai ki maina or mare sath ka operater nai kam finish kar pc jam...[Read full complaint]

Spelling mistake in Aadhar card

Manju Banerjee on 11 February 2012

Cancellation of aadhaar card due to wrong w/O name by manju banerjee against aadhar uid I have recd. My aadhaar card(enrollment no.1218/220052/06095)as date 05/10/2011.My name is manju banerjee w/...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received

Prashant Sood on 11 February 2012

I had applied for aadhar on 011. Till date I have not received the letter with the 12-digit uid number. The status on their damn website shows that the print letter was g...[Read full complaint]

There are many illegal pg's rented in noida sector

Radha Saraswat on 11 February 2012

There are many illegal pg's rented in noida sector -55specially in e block. These houses are shown to have residents but the owners are using the places commercially. I think that hostel owners ar...[Read full complaint]

Wrong account number in tds cheque

Subhendu Dash on 11 February 2012

Respected sir, I beg to state that, for the financial year 9-10 I received my tds cheque, but it was possible to deposit it as my a/C no. Was wrong. My income consultant ...[Read full complaint]

For not receiving Aadhar card

Pradeep K on 10 February 2012

I have applied adhar card on 19-07-2011 and enrollment no is 931. When ever I used to check the status in website it used to state processed. But from past 1 month it sta...[Read full complaint]

Birth certificate from SDM court

Rahul Kaim on 10 February 2012

I went sdm court to get birth certificate so that I can apply for password I have 10th class certificate only I do not have any documents of hospital ....they need everything of hospital ...let me...[Read full complaint]

Not received income tax return amount 21,000 for the financial year 2008-2009

Bharat Naik on 10 February 2012

My name is bharat M naik. I filed incometax return in surat for the financial year 2009 in july 2009 manually. I have to get rs 000. I have not ...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received

Ajit Singh on 10 February 2012

I apllied for my aadhar card on 21 october 2011 and it is being shown that the letter is generated by uidai on 30 december 2011 but I have still not received it kindly look into the matter and sol...[Read full complaint]

Incomplete address details on adhaar card

Anurag Ramnaresh Upadhyay on 10 February 2012

Dear sir, I have received the adhaar card but the adress is incomplete inspite of giving full details the details are missing complete address is tribhuvan co-op housing society C wing f 7 karnik ...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card still not received

V.d.venkatesan on 09 February 2012

Respected sir, my name is V.D.Venkatesan.I have applied for aadhar card on 2011 & 011) 7879 12:10:37 02/09/2011 [Read full complaint]

Change of address in Aadhar UID

Sylvia.a on 09 February 2012

I want to change the address what already have been entered in the aadhar card .As we have changed the house so I am in need to change my address .... please sir or madam help me to change the add...[Read full complaint]

My income tax refund

Nitin Kashinath Kothule on 09 February 2012

Dear, sir/Madam, my I tax refund was recived me by cheque amt rs 160700,but on cheque my name is wronly printed name printed is nitin kashinath regimental plaza,but my name is nitin kashinath koth...[Read full complaint]

Enrolled for Aadhar card 16 months back, but not yet received

Thabrej Pasha on 08 February 2012

In our family 5 members have enrolled for adhar no. We got acknowledgement on 31/10/2010 at 15:20, we registered a complaint also by calling adhar customer care, complaint no# 4...[Read full complaint]

TDS refund not delivered yet

Ganpatsinh Chandrasinh Rathod Rathod on 08 February 2012

My tds refund ay 11-1 ref no, cmpq3137701 spped post no. Ea711713298in we have lived as address but not received for tds refund cheque and e status in internet for Undeli...[Read full complaint]

Cancellation of Aadhar card due to wrong s/O name

Dheeraj Chaurasia on 08 February 2012

I have recd. My adhar card(enrollment no.2017/00645/00529)as date 08/02/2012.My name is dheeraj kumar chaurasia s/O kailash nath chaurasia 117/211-a kakadeo kanpur. I inform you my adhar card is m...[Read full complaint]

Income tax refund

Ramesh Eggadi on 08 February 2012

I have complaint ombudsman @bangalore,mumbai also for my income tax refund for the a.Y 006. Pan :aagpe0753l request you to kindly take a look into the issue. Regards rame...[Read full complaint]

Regarding Aadhar card centre

Muthu on 08 February 2012

This is regarding the aadhar card centre. The government has not given clear information for aadhar center at dharavi in mumbai,or near by area. The aadhar form collection center at matunga post o...[Read full complaint]

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