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Income tax refund for 2011-12

Ajit Kumar on 16 February 2012

R/Sir, this has reference that the above subject we filed the online return on dated 27-06-2011 vide return no. 0611 refund have no received till date. Please check the s...[Read full complaint]

Aadhaar card yet not recevied

B.chandra on 16 February 2012

Enrolment ID/Number : 0711 status : aadhar approved stage no stage date comments 1 resident enrolled for aadhaar 22/06/2011 10:07:11 2 enrolment packet uploaded to uidai ...[Read full complaint]

No uid counter in our area roshan nagar agwanpur faridabad, haryana

Avinash on 16 February 2012

Sir,we bring your kind attention regarding no official counter for registration for uid in our area,I.E...roshan nagar agwanpur faridabad. Till date as this is very bad reputation for you as it is...[Read full complaint]

Spelling mistakes in aadhar card

Aman Ramakant Agrawal on 16 February 2012

Sir, I had recevied my uid card and there are some spelling mistakes found in my aadhaar card as follows : 01.Name:agrawal instead of agrwal 02. Address: chowk instead of chouk 03. Address:komti i...[Read full complaint]

Aadhaar card yet not recevied

Piyush Agrawal on 16 February 2012

Dear sir, I applied for aadhar card on 03/06/2011 almost 7 months and no card is received yet. Please help what I do for receiving the aadhar card. Regards piyush laxmikant agrawal , my enrolment ...[Read full complaint]

Provident fund not received even after several follow ups with pf department delhi

Arun Dutt on 16 February 2012

Hi, I resigned from niit smart serve ltd gurgaon in jan 2006.I filled the pf withdrawal form and it was sent to the pf dept. Nehru place for processing.Unfortunately my communication address in th...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received yet

Pedamallu Rangamani on 15 February 2012

Dear sir, I applied for aadhar card no 04/06/2011 almost 7 months are over when I check status it shows "print letter is generated " and card approved but no cared is received yet. Please he

[Read full complaint]

Reserve bank of india official payment notification lottery

Yakub Akbar Sayyed on 15 February 2012

Dear sir this is 'yakub akbar sayyed' who is an mumbaikar ( indian ) last few months I received many more fake award/Lottry emails, but last week I received a mail which from 'reserve bank bank of...[Read full complaint]

Non issue of aadhar card

Kalyani Vasudevan on 15 February 2012

Refer 320/ 2062 19/08/2011 08:28:49 its been six months since I went for my card registration in pune. No card and the status showed under proce...[Read full complaint]

I have not received the refund for assessment year 2006-07

Sanjay Kumar Mishra on 15 February 2012

Hi, I have file my return for the year -07) and till now I have not received the refund (rs. 10). I have visited 6-7 times to noida branch offic...[Read full complaint]

Pf not transferred from rpfc ( bandra)

Kanika Singh on 15 February 2012

Hi, this is to inform you that I have not received my pf from rpfc bandra .I worked with accenture (noida sec -62) .As per the organization ( accenture )my pf form was submitted on 20th oct 2011 t...[Read full complaint]

Not received adhar card

Barun Chandra Basak on 14 February 2012

Enrollment no. 8280 12/08/2011 12/28/54 not yet received adhar cerd please look at the matter

[Read full complaint]

Tds refund not received

Ranjan on 14 February 2012

I would like to state that till date I have not received my refund amount..detail for the same is mention below. Year amount 6-07 rs. 17/- [Read full complaint]

Delhi jal board wrong water bill

Rama Nagpal on 14 February 2012

My delhi jal board connection no is 0268 zone no. 16 sw 1. I was paying reading bill till april 008. An inflated bill rs.2370 was raised in may ...[Read full complaint]

Regarding Income tax refund

Bhabagrahi Panda on 14 February 2012

Dear sir, my pan no- alspp4988p not received the it refund for the year 9-10 sent on 17/02/2011 via speed post ref no ew514127243in .Pl. Change the address to this and se...[Read full complaint]

Delayed my Aadhar UID

Siddharth Saxena on 14 February 2012

Firtly let me I introduce myself I am siddharth saxena from 36' new M.L.A colony jwahar chowk bhopal M.P 2003 and I would like to inform you that I made my uid card on th...[Read full complaint]

Wrong billing from delhi jal board since april-2011

Parminder Kaur on 13 February 2012

Since last one year ,we are victims of wrong billing of delhi jal board.I am a resident of wz-27,first floor,sant nagar extention,tilak nagar,new delhi110018.My name is parminder kaur.Connection n...[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of IT refunds for assessment yr 2008-09 &2009-10

Lt Col(retd) Pradip Chandra Khound on 13 February 2012

1. Please refer to ghq ito intimation (D&cr no 001 006/Acknowledgement no 4108 756 assessment yr 2008/09.(Refund due rs 0/-) 2. Ghq ito acknowledgement dt 20 aug 2010(ass...[Read full complaint]

Non receipt of aadhar card

Gupteshwarnath Prajapati on 13 February 2012

Sir, I and my family have been enrolled for aadhaar card as per detailed given below: sl. Enrollment no. Date name 1. 0570 16/10/2011 08:48:32 kanak prajapati 2. [Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not yet received

Akshay Chavan on 12 February 2012

I have applied adhar card on 15/07/2011 16:05:11 and enrollment no is 522. When ever I used to check the status in website it used to state processed. But from past 1 mon...[Read full complaint]

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