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Driving license not received yet

Rasheed Shaikh on 04 January 2012

I have applied for two wheeler endorsement on my license as well change of address for the same.Already 2 months have passed but till date I have not received the same.On enquiry from postal dept....[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received

Ms. Negi on 04 January 2012

Hi, my parents have applied for aadhar card on 19/05/2011 but till now they have not received aadhar card. I have checked status as well, it is approved and printed but no action has been taken to...[Read full complaint]

Enrollment not taken at aadhar center in bhayander by wipro

Praful Patil on 04 January 2012

I praful patil reached at aadhar center in bhayander at bunderwadi school on navghar rd.I reached office at 11:30 am,but the supervisor informed that the forms and the appointment would be given o...[Read full complaint]

Aadhar card not received

Rajendrakrishna Chiranjilal Sharma on 04 January 2012

Aadhar enrollment no.1218/17672/01910 date;22/04/2011 16:46:18aadhar card abhi tak mila nahi hei.

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Adhar card not received yet

Lily Kasta on 04 January 2012

I have done my adhar card on 30 september 2011 with enrollment no & date as below - 0815 30/09/2011 15:50:05 but still I have not received my card

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Provident fund transfer pending

Rama Krishna on 04 January 2012

Claim ID : mhban110600034808 status : claim form 13 for transfer to new account number: against old member account no (mhban00484750000242399) has been approved. Payment is under process. I applie...[Read full complaint]

Pf not received even after one year of form submission

Vishal G. Ambekar on 04 January 2012

My epf account number is mh/ Knd/ 3639 164. I have submitted my withdrawal forms to pf office on 011. Today is the ann...[Read full complaint]

Epf not received

Ashesh Mehta on 03 January 2012

My ex-employer cms securities limited had submitted form 10c of my employee provident fund withdrawal duly signed by me for account number mhban002001900e0001273 on 18th june, 2011 at epf bandra o...[Read full complaint]

P.F withdrawal online status saying under process

Imtiyaj on 03 January 2012

Dear all, last year we send the request for p.F withdrawal from mumbai bandra office. But still we get the online status under process. Form submission : 29/March/2011 p.F account number :mh/43111...[Read full complaint]

Driving license not received

Pritam on 03 January 2012

I have applied for a permanent car license.Submitted my learning car license and permanent bike license for the same. But I am not receiving license till date.Also I have check the post office an ...[Read full complaint]

I have not received my aadhar card

Rohit Jain on 02 January 2012

My name is rohit jain, I have no received my aadhar card. I am apply from aug 2011 & my aadhar card ID is 071. Please send me my aadhar card on urgently basis. I have a n...[Read full complaint]

How to change the address in aadhar card?

K.vasavi on 02 January 2012

Please help me how to change the address in aadhar card.So many people are asking same question but there is no answer please help me.

[Read full complaint]

Adhar card issuance

Sambhaji Suresh Magadum on 01 January 2012

Hi team. I am the resident of sadalga city. Here the new adhar card scheme of government has been launched. But the people appointed on this are giving worst service. Employees are not well traine...[Read full complaint]

I have applied for voter card and I have not got my card yet

Wabhijot Singh Kahlon on 01 January 2012

I have applied for voter card in november .... they are not allotted to me yet .... please help me

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Aadhar Uid card not received

Ashok Kutty Shetty on 31 December 2011

Dear sir, I applied for my adhar card on 15th april'2011, my enrollment no. Is 1218/17795/01787dtd 15/04/2011 at 15:25:25 hrs at mira road, thane dist. Still I not not received my uid. Please advi...[Read full complaint]

Regarding voluntary retirement benefits from hscl

Masood Khan on 31 December 2011

I masood khan joinedas an electrian in the year1976.Employee no:65715, ihave rendered my service with utmost dedication for 26 years and retired through vrs in the year 002.[Read full complaint]

Incomplete address details on Aadhar card

Anurag Ramnaresh Upadhyay on 31 December 2011

My wife has received adhar card which has an incomplete address details inspite of giving all details correctly in application still the error has been made this card is valid for address proof if...[Read full complaint]

Not received Aadhar uid

Sumit Kumar on 30 December 2011

My aadhar enrollment number is 2022 on 011. From 18th october I am seeing the status "print letter has been generated by uidai,you will get your...[Read full complaint]

Epf withdrawal claim not yet received

Harish Chandra Upadhyay on 30 December 2011

I have submitted my pf withdrawal form to epfo bandra in jan 011. But till date I have not received my pf withdrawal claim. When I check my claim status on epfo website, ...[Read full complaint]

Selling of household goods at higher price by a government shop

Kiran on 29 December 2011

Dear sir I am the villager of this village and 1 government shop is there they are provide kerosine and oil in poor people but this shopkeeper all item taking from government in low cost and he is...[Read full complaint]

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