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Electricity Board complaints

Electricity excess amount coming since one year

Jairam Mangilal Godara on 13 February 2013

Dear sir, this is inform you that i am residency address as following- village-Charwas, tashil -Sujangarh,Disit-Churu, Rajasthan i have a complain about my electricity bill coming too excess amoun...[Read full complaint]

MSEB prepaid recharge done for Rs. 1000 but token not generated

Suyog S Potdar on 13 February 2013

MSEB prepaid recharge done on 1 feb 2013 for Rs. 1000 but token not generated MSEB login id : 4046

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Voltage decreasing or increasing

Subhash on 12 February 2013

there is sparking problem in wires of our street due to which our residence voltage ups and down, our electrical appliance are not working properly due to this problem. adress- st .no7 new madhopu...[Read full complaint]

Msedcl wrong billing read

Mrs.alka Pawar on 12 February 2013

I purchased flat from vedant construction and took possesion on 01/01/2013.First light bill charged by msedcl rs.5174/-for jan-2013 builder took the bill for correction from msedcl but not correct...[Read full complaint]

Poor power supply for agriculture

Manohar Bhargava on 12 February 2013

I am 75 years old retired Air Force Officer and own a farm land at location above. I am constantly suffering from huge losses due crop failure due to non availability of power when required. I can...[Read full complaint]

Current meter reading faulty

Meena D Vishwakarma on 12 February 2013

my meter is working but electricity bill mention current reading faulty please do something my consumer no.001901063857

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Burst transformer complain

Devi Ram on 12 February 2013

i am writing this compliant after meeting with SDO of both feeders and EXN of Hathras. sub: FROM 06 month our transformer burst Dear Sir,i am Devi ram from village and post -shahwazpur Tehshil -Ko...[Read full complaint]

Burst transformer

Devi Ram on 11 February 2013

from Devi Ram Dear sir, my area transformer from which my and other 12 connection is connected is burst from 06 month and my connection no is-112268/0212 ,from six month i meet to both SDO(Gadaran...[Read full complaint]

Electricity supply only for 2 to 4 hours a day

Sameer on 10 February 2013

Respected sir, ,i am living in sector sigma-1,greater noida uttar pradesh ..i am really very frustrated with the supply of electricity in our area it is a daily and regular routine that the electr...[Read full complaint]

Not received any electricity bill

Rajkumar Ray on 10 February 2013

sir, i did not any elec. bill from 24/02/2012; became customer that year. address. at station road,subhash chowk, rajnagar, madhubani, bihar. mo. 856. meter no_137136. co...[Read full complaint]

Mseb department does not support to public

X Y Z on 10 February 2013

respcted people, the mseb department in pune support to agent to take extra charge from people for name change on electricity bill. the mseb department support agent to take ammount by helping the...[Read full complaint]

Repair/replace meter

Babulal D Jain on 10 February 2013

Respected sir/madam, with reference to above subject ,we kindly inform to you that from past 2/3 months our meter is not working properly & our meter reading h shown as bill zero.So pl send your e...[Read full complaint]

My private cable used as distribution box

Khushal Kishinchand Hemdev on 09 February 2013

KHUSHAL HEMDEV Block no. 265, Mulund Colony, Mulund (w), Mumbai – 082. DATE : 07/02/2013 TO, The Chief Engineer, Maharashtra State Electricity D...[Read full complaint]

PGVCL Unnecessary charges

Shyam Balwani on 09 February 2013

PGVCL is charging service charges on payment made by net banking, actually PGVCL is at benifit as it saves its' menpower, electricity etc. On the contarary company should give some discount,PGVCL ...[Read full complaint]

Electricity incorrect billing

Shyam Babu on 09 February 2013

dear sir the billing boy entered wrong measurement our meters final reading is 2602 but they entered 2909 due to this i got bill of 1950 rupees i can i get my correct bill

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Against Power Torrent, Agra

Prem Lata on 09 February 2013

Sir/Madam, My name is Prem Lata , Age 50 I am a Divorcee Living with my 20 years old daughter. On 4th Feb, 2013 0-12 boys entered my house saying that they are from Torre...[Read full complaint]

Harassment by JE, electricity, Gorakhpur

Sanjay Kumar on 08 February 2013

Before 10 days, electricity JE with other people came to my house and changed my old electric meter with the new one. But since then they are asking huge amount of money to give me the formal inst...[Read full complaint]

Arrears added on my electric bill from CESC

Atanu Ghosh on 08 February 2013

Consumer No.:- 4005 SRI ANIL KUMAR GHOSH 7/H/55 KAMARDANGA ROAD LP 69/2 KOLKATA 0046 My electric meter was not in use for couple after my father...[Read full complaint]

Mseb unused meter billing

Ramesh Poonamchand Bora on 08 February 2013

actually i am not using meter for01/09/2011, because of locked my home i recive bill as they say average bill so i am go to mseb office say them i m not using meter so i want minimum bill they say...[Read full complaint]

No action taken by J.E.

Vivek Mahajan on 08 February 2013

Sir, With a humble respect i want to describe a situation about damaged electricity pole situated very near to my house and the bottom of the pole is totally damaged almost falling down and every ...[Read full complaint]

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