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Electricity Board complaints

Powercut in Nallasopara East

Nilesh on 16 June 2013

Powercut in Nallsopara E on .13. There is powercut due to rain. I would like to understand does MSEB has any contingency plan in case of Rain? Why there is always powercu...[Read full complaint]

No power since 11pm

Anita Dhumal on 16 June 2013

there are no power in our half area since 11pm y'day.last weekend also the situation was same

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Torrent power open cable in front of my gate

Mansuri Sani on 15 June 2013

There is opened online cable of torrent power in front of my gate.We have complained alot but there is no result.Children often play there and it is dangerous to us.Torrent must keep the cable und...[Read full complaint]

Cable fault from electric pole.

Satish Girkar on 15 June 2013

I am satish Vijay girkar staying at Mumbai, my father, mother, living at mogare, post-rajwadi, tal-rajapur, dist-ratnagiri, Customer No.214220000150. this is commercial connection. we facing cable...[Read full complaint]

Electricity connection lost any time

Vinod Singh on 15 June 2013

I stay in ishwar nagar digha navi mumbai ward no:01 there are more problem of electricity any time connection lost plz slove this problem

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No Electricity w.e.f 14.06.13 morning

Harsimran Singh on 15 June 2013

I have lodge complaint vide no.877863 dated 6.13 at 6.30 AM but not any action taken by your organisation.I talk on your complaint center time to time on no.9646111212 bu...[Read full complaint]

For Electricity Bill

Sawitanand Singh on 15 June 2013

Dear sir, i have paid electric bill of 8919 of Smt. Usha Devi, dtd. 07/06/2013.Ref no of Internet banking is IGJ0427532.But my a/c was debited of Rs. 8...[Read full complaint]

Excess electric bill

Lalit M Tater on 15 June 2013

sir; my family went outside n my home was lock for 70 days when I reach here I received my electric bill n it was of 288 units n I paid 1700 rs of bill my home was locked n meter runs 288 units af...[Read full complaint]

Electricity bill on average basis

Charan Singh on 15 June 2013

Before shifting the meter in box when all seals are ok,now meter is running correctly but bill on avg basis. Pl check the old record of consu of units before shifting the meter and solv my problem...[Read full complaint]

More bill payment when less use Electricity

Monika Tadvi on 15 June 2013

Hello I m Monika .. Since last two or three month Our house electricity bill is more then we are using so ..Please make check the meter and investigate the meter ..and short it out immediately . ....[Read full complaint]

About load sheding

Patil Virendra on 15 June 2013

why load-shading continue in rainy season by 6 hours in gramin area near new panvel city

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Having no electricity

Vibhash Kumar on 15 June 2013

There is no electricity in my locality but they r not responding so plz see in thsmatter,14 june2013

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Fault in power supply line

Rakesh Kumar on 14 June 2013

Respected sir/madam, There is no electricity from last 3 days due to technical fault in our power Supply line. I have registered the complain through telephone helpline today and my complained no....[Read full complaint]

Electricity meter working improperly

Bojan Mathan on 14 June 2013

The EB Meter is running even switch off the connection. Hence I am paying more than Rs.1000 for the past more than one year. Hence this humble request Besides the neighboring house EB No.988 meter...[Read full complaint]

Disconnection of pole

Arvind Singh Sikarwar on 14 June 2013

Respect sir ; mera i v r s no. 5125 . Bill. 298. Meter no. 566037.Poll. No. 100. Name ; bhairodatt sharma santoshi mat...[Read full complaint]

Not recieved my Meter since last 1 year.

Santosh Chaudhary on 14 June 2013

Hi Sir/ Mam, I have applied for the new (Meter connection) on dated (May - 01- 12). I have gone multiple times to electricity office every time I get the same answer your...[Read full complaint]

Meter not sealed with new seal after checking

Bhola Nath on 14 June 2013

on 013, the meter checked by your employee by broken of seal of meter. After checking and recording data on last month bill, they left the meter without sealing, on quest...[Read full complaint]

Very low voltage supply and illegal thefting of electricity

Naven Kumar on 13 June 2013

1-low voltage supply specially during night hrs. 2-damaged main supply wire. 3-no new electricity meter changed in my lane . 4-street light always not in working condition.

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Electricity meter not working properly

Ajay Khanna on 13 June 2013

I was informed by meter reader on 09-JUNE-13 that meter is not working properly when he came for taking the meter reading. We lodge a complaint with nearby HSEB office on 10-JUNE-13, he neither pr...[Read full complaint]

For releasing transformer

Sourabh Suthar on 13 June 2013

dear sir, my self sourabh suthar and i belong to jalora village and this village in phalodi tahsil. sir my complaint is our domestic connection transformer lost last two week ago after that we wen...[Read full complaint]

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