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Electricity Board complaints

Increased bill each month from June 2014

Mr. Balkrishna Sakharam Patil on 19 September 2014

Consumer No 539, Billing Unit- 4375 Nalasopara (WEst) S/DN, Electricity Bill increased each month from June 014.

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Electricity Theft in E-Block

Unknown on 19 September 2014

Electric deptt. employee & JE both are engaged with electric theft in E-Block, S.lok-1, Gurgaon

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Bujli supply problem

Suraj Kumar on 19 September 2014

sir bina kahe lite saplai kat dete he or jo bijli chori karte he unka koi hal nahi karte unse kuchh pese le lete he or jo bill jama karte he unhe pareshan he . Vill khajuri Gokul Teh. khilchipur D...[Read full complaint]

For MSEDCL bill

Kavita Wadake on 19 September 2014

My consumer no . is 9217 and BU/Circle Code is 4261KALWA S/DN. I have paid August 2014 electricity bill online, and it is deducted from my bank account. I have requested ...[Read full complaint]

CSEB High Electricity Bill

Vishal Verma on 19 September 2014

I am residing in Hemu nagar colony,Bilaspur (C.G.),house no.542,ward no. 38,my electricity connection in that house is since 10 years ago and i have never received a bill of more than 2000 INR in ...[Read full complaint]

Incomplete fullfilment of Electricity

Ankit Sharma on 18 September 2014

Today on 014, the Safiabaad grid office of Jamalpur, district munger has only gave 15 minutes of electricity in the evening time. The electricity has been cut from the mo...[Read full complaint]

66 k.v route of electrical line from sahnewal to latala

Ranbir Singh on 18 September 2014

dear sir this is to bring to your kind notice that the above mentioned power line is being laid out of proper route we request you to kindly look in to the matter and take necessary action.in the ...[Read full complaint]

Frequent Power Outage in Mahavir Enclave-1

Malvika Singh on 18 September 2014

I've been living in Lane-4 Mahavir Enclave-1 for more than one year now and it has been but a constant torture when it comes to electricity supply. There has been frequent 8-10 hours daily power c...[Read full complaint]

Electricity bill very high as per usage

Shaweta Lakhanpal on 18 September 2014

We are tenants in h no 1002 first floor and second floor sector 42 b Chandigarh.we want to get our electricity meter checked for both floors as our electricity bill is not as per our consumption.w...[Read full complaint]

Complaint for high electricity bill

Mohammad Zameer on 17 September 2014

To, Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board, Near Surjit Barjatia Showroom, Lala Lajpathrai Colony, Raisen Road, Govindpura, Bhopal - 2026 Sub: Complaint regarding the high elec...[Read full complaint]

Low voltage complaint

Chhanda Banerjee on 17 September 2014

Respected,sir mein paschimbangal chakdaha nadia pin 1222 ka grahak hu.mera consumer id hai 7841 aur connection is naam pe hai chhanda banerjee.m...[Read full complaint]

High & Highest bill for the per month bill

Leena Lobo on 17 September 2014

Dear MSEB, This is with regards to my (Consumer No.000130001777) to my bill raised for period 22/07/14 to 22/08/14 & the bill amount for 30/- for current month. This is n...[Read full complaint]

High electricity bill with low usage

Parveenkhurana Khurana on 17 September 2014

Thing is this our meter is running fast this is notice when we went for holidays for three days after we came back 20 unit was consumsed I was surprised because everything was switch off then how ...[Read full complaint]

Regular power failure

Arihant Chhallani on 17 September 2014

We are writing this letter to inform you that we are facing regular power failures even though government assures 24hr electricity supply to Industries. It has been a major issue because it is not...[Read full complaint]

Display of meter numbers is not clear

Hari Chand on 16 September 2014

It has been problem since 1 year we are facing problem while seeing numbers on meter . I would request u to take some action towards it. Sriganganagar purani abadi. metre no.5965351 khata no.31033...[Read full complaint]

High Electricity Bill Without Meter Reading

Mukesh Kumar on 16 September 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Mukesh Kumar & I am operating my study abroad & Nutrition business in Kurukshetra. My Account number with Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited is K25TK161157A. W [Read full complaint]

Street light is not burning

A K Ray on 16 September 2014

There is no street light in 4 poles in between fire station square to m-75 for last 45 days.This road leads to sum hospital.Day before yesterday there was an accident in that area.Hope,this will b...[Read full complaint]

Wrong Bill for Punjab State Electricity Board

Mukesh Kumar on 16 September 2014

This is to inform you we recently change our house meter ownership to our name (Raj Kumari) from Ram Parkash that is old owner. As per new Bill our account number is J61CM500607F & Old account num...[Read full complaint]

Outer unit installed in the verharnda

Mns Pillai on 15 September 2014

once i complained about two months back about wrong installation of your ac product in my residence but even after complaint to your franchise nobody attended after two months ,what Panasonic what...[Read full complaint]

My house electric meter is working abnormally due to which bill is high

Ankur Verma on 15 September 2014

Due to incorrect meter reading from last three months my electricity bill is to high I.E., Rs.6007/-. So I tried to raise the issue to j.E of the electricity department in meerut. I went to electr...[Read full complaint]

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