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Electricity Board complaints

Power cut problems

Abhinav Dadhich on 26 May 2016

dear sir, im from tithora jagir teh jahazpur humre yha kbhi power cut ho jata h bina btye kitne gante power ni ata.call krke puche par line man kuch bahne mna ka try krta .power cut ki wajse pani ...[Read full complaint]

Against defective meter

Pottayilchenthamarakshan Nair on 26 May 2016

Customer No. 8800 -Bill Unit Kharghar-4795 Till July 2009 my meter reading was between 100 to 150 units. But after the conversion into electronic meter the meter reading ...[Read full complaint]

Electric board delay in resolving issue

Girish Sapra on 25 May 2016

on the last sunday afternoon 16), There was a problem in electricity. So, i have registered a complaint regarding this on 912. they have registe...[Read full complaint]

Electricity problem

Smita Rai on 24 May 2016

Electricity problem from 2 days this problem is always happens plz sir help us

[Read full complaint]

Electricity problem

Smita Rai on 24 May 2016

From two days electric has not come we are unable to concentrate our study due to electricity problem plz sir help us

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I have connected WBSEDCL domestic Meter but no yellow card issued

Pronab Kumar Mondal on 24 May 2016

I have connected WBSEDCL domestic Meter No 066425TB under Banipur (Habra ) by Rautara GP ARI, Mob No 6094 during July 015, but no yellow card is...[Read full complaint]

High electric bill

Jawaid Ahmed on 24 May 2016

Dear garhak Sujangarh electric wale every 2 month mei 500 ka extra amout Bill mei add kar k bhejte hain..jisme likha hota hai isthai shulk aur vidhuth shulk Meter off rehne pe bhi yeh charges ka b...[Read full complaint]

Electricity cut off

Veeram Gadhvi on 24 May 2016

This is all about electicity cut off. I am from a village Vadala, Kutch-Bhuj. Electricity cut off started from a week, every day GEB cut off the electricity in this village. Causing much problem i...[Read full complaint]

Service area tower electricity band hote hi netwark cjala jaata h what is this

Ashok Singh on 24 May 2016

Service area tawer ka network electricity band hote hi network band ho jata h. Ye dely 4-5 hours ka rutin h. Mene jab se reliance cdma sim liya h or jab se mai reliance se jufa hu tab se h. Daily ...[Read full complaint]

Bijli meter not reading

Manish Kumar on 24 May 2016

Dear sir am belong from rural area.electricity cash calection boy are not noted every month actually unit. he says that u will payable 105 for every months and in rear case he noted unit for makin...[Read full complaint]

Bijli katoti hetu

Manoj Goyal on 22 May 2016

dear sir i am live ward no 13 bhal mod rajgarh churu hamre mohle may raat kay samye light nahi rahti jo es garmi ko dhskte hui ak or tarnsfarmer ki suvidha karo raat k time load bhaut hi kam rahta...[Read full complaint]

Voltage not proper. Always up & down specially in night

Pardeep Kaushal on 22 May 2016

Our colony are facing voltage problem specially in night. Due to this problem we are facing many other issue. Serious issue for water. Due to low voltage water motor are not working. So water cris...[Read full complaint]

Mere gram guthlipur me light ki koi bhi suvidh nahi hai

Shivkumar Thenua on 22 May 2016

Krapya mare gram - guthlipur , thana-mursan , tahsil and disttic - hathras me light ki suvidha karne ki krapa Karen thanks

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Excess bill related

Hemantramadasbijwe Bijwe on 22 May 2016

I wish to launch complaints ,as excess reading of digital electric meter previously meter reading was daily 3/4 unit but suddenly it appear daily consumption of 14 to 15 unit we have a small famil...[Read full complaint]

Power cut off

Patel Jatish on 22 May 2016

My village is fartikui at Dabhoi devision & I have complain that there is sudden power cut off at night time or suddenly low power supply .from Dabhoi division no response for the same.

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Unprotected service can cause Death of Employees

Kiran Jadhav on 22 May 2016

Depo's or main switche on transformers are Open. Instead of Fuse, direct wires are used. The Box which included Fuses and other supplies are Open. This is dangorous for farmer who walks on road ne...[Read full complaint]

चालू हालत में होने के बावजूद औसत यूनिट के आधार पर विल

Brijesh Kumar on 21 May 2016

हमारा मीटर क्रमांक 4114 घरेलू ok सि्थति में होने के बावजूद लगातार औसत उपभोग के नाम पर 100 यूनिट का बिल भेजा जाता है गलत बिल होने के कारण जब कई बिलों का भुगतान नहीं किया त...[Read full complaint]

Not solve problem

Rishu on 21 May 2016

Dear sir i register my complete in night against this complete number 544. Still lights not come and complete is closed by ur emp. But not slove the problem so plz help u...[Read full complaint]

Faulty meter

Maya Babanrao Mohite on 20 May 2016

my meter is faulty its showing 3 to 4 units daily only for a single fan. i made a complaint to titwala office regarding that to Mr,Pawar he is a mannersless and so arrogant person who doesn't have...[Read full complaint]

Electricity problem

Navdeep Singh on 19 May 2016

last night, there was a fluctuation occured in the electricity systrm at my place which damages my laptop charger.

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