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Broadband Connection complaints

Spidigo Internet Service issues

Dhruvan Patel on 28 February 2016

I am using Spidigo Internet , I have been facing speed issues since 1 month. I have been complaining , all I get is a phone call which asks me if the issue is resolved ? and whatever I answer YES ...[Read full complaint]

Tikona disconnection

Raji Joseph on 26 February 2016

ID no. 7281 I have already given several complaint cell against your poor service several time. After recharging 10th January, every day there was some problem with your ...[Read full complaint]

Tikona Cheating Customers !! Stay Away !

Dhiraj Arora on 26 February 2016

Tikona is the worst service provider. Stay Away !! User ID: 4121 I have been using their services for a while and they are not reliable and internet connection is not con...[Read full complaint]

No connectivity since almost a month

Prakash Mani Sharma on 26 February 2016

I have been complaining about my wimax connection for almost a month and every time I am given a new complaint number. When I complain again, I am informed that my problem has been solved, whereas...[Read full complaint]

For tikona internet service

Pradeep Kishan Wane on 24 February 2016

I pradeep wane... I got ticona internet wifi.. bt starting installation is incomplete So due to cant stat internet .. now 20 days gone no one cum to solve the problem ticona service.

[Read full complaint]

Wimax BSNL - No connectivity- from two days

Hari Srivastava on 24 February 2016

From 23/02/2016 connectivity of Wimax-BSNL has gone. user id EB10049614 A/c No.187868828

[Read full complaint]

I want to close my connect broadband

Sunny Kumar on 23 February 2016

Dear sir, I placed order from freedom 251 using sbi net banking.Money got deducted but no confirmation has been sent either by seller or cc avenue..Please look into the matter and update the statu...[Read full complaint]

Payment paid but service not received, Tikona not doing refund of my payment

Sourabh Rajput on 23 February 2016

I took new Tikona internet connection but it not working, User Id- 026. I did not use Tikona Internet even for single minutes. I called to customers care about this but t...[Read full complaint]

Hathway Account Deactivated

Rahul Jain on 23 February 2016

I am an existing Hathway customer A/C No - 871. I had activated my account last month with the payment of Rs 00/- Currently, my account is deact...[Read full complaint]

Reliance Broadband sending wrong bills for already paid and disconnected Broadband

James Ranjithkumar on 23 February 2016

Reliance Broadband sending wrong bills for already paid and disconnected Broadband Connection Sir, Ref: Reliance Broadband Subscriber ID - 074. My name is James Ranjith K...[Read full complaint]

No constant internet since 1 month

Sheetal on 21 February 2016

I have installed reliance broadband since last 2 months.the internet worked for only 15 days. I have logged complaint but they closed it saying that I was not available on phone. Which is a lie. I...[Read full complaint]

Reliance broaddband connection cancelled but harassing to make payment

Suhas R on 20 February 2016

Reliance Subscriber ID:397305525976 Last Mode of payment:Cash We have made the last payment in June 014. But the internet did not work for two months. i.e The internet di...[Read full complaint]

Joister broadband customer care does response

Sujay Ekal on 20 February 2016

I took a Joister connection 10 days ago, it worked very well till now,but now it doesn't give speed. My plan is 2mbps and I get only 20 bytes per second. I called customer care to resolve this pro...[Read full complaint]

Tikona Internet issue

Aqeela Saidd on 19 February 2016

I am using wifi of tikona it was very good in the beginning but now and it is extremely poor and the worst part is that we get no help from customer support whenever i use to call them my wifi sta...[Read full complaint]

For broadband connection

Ragavaraj Ganesan on 19 February 2016

I have given a new connection 3 weeks back and they didnt respond me about that . when i called customer care they are disconnecting the call abruptly and telling ur connection will be connected i...[Read full complaint]

Pathetic and frustrating service Hathway Broadband Internet

Pooja Deshmukh on 19 February 2016

I have applied for Broadband internet connection at Chinchwad to Mr. Kishore. I handed over the cheque of Rs.3300/- on14th Feb2016. I was told that I will get the connection on 15th Feb. But I did...[Read full complaint]

Harrasment From Tikona Lawyer

Jeni Thakkar on 18 February 2016

Hello Team, I was using the Tikona Broadband connection for the past 1 year at my residence, Ahmedabad. The service of the Tikona is so poor. Internet connectivity is not consistent always and in ...[Read full complaint]

Refund not received even after 2+ months of closing account

Vartika Shukla on 18 February 2016

User id 1204 I applied for tikona broadband in Kaggadaspura, Bengaluru and paid 2 months rental in advance. I got connection around 2nd december, 2015 but it hardly ever ...[Read full complaint]

Hathway Broadband - cheats

Deepak on 18 February 2016

My internet speed is yet to be restored even though its been 4 days since payment has been made for a top up. This is a chronic problem and is a blatant case of cheating the customer by collecting...[Read full complaint]

Issues with Disconnection Request

Subho S on 18 February 2016

Hi, I have been now facing problems from tikona broadband, as I have raised request for disconnection. I asked them to disconnect & deactivate my account, but they are not replying over mail and a...[Read full complaint]

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