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Tikona Harassment! Threatening! Pathetic!

Navneet Singh on 11 March 2016

Hi There Tikona people are threatening me by sending the email mentioned below, I raise request to stop the connection but they didn't follow my instructions and keep continuing the services. I di...[Read full complaint]

Cheating by hathway broadband

Pavan on 10 March 2016

Hi, My name is pavan. In the month of November 015. I got a message from Hathway stayting that. If i make the payment for 3 month in advance payment i will get 1 month ex...[Read full complaint]

Cheated and Harassed by Tikona

Shantanu Ambulgekar on 10 March 2016

I took this Tikona connection in Kothrud, Pune. It seems that It was my worst day ever and that I realize after 8 months later. On 13-Jun-2015, I paid 2280 and took a connection of 4MBps speed. Si...[Read full complaint]

Tikona harassing subscribers

Richard Christopher on 06 March 2016

In the last quarter of 014, I subscribed for the Tikona internet services. Since February 015, the services were not operational. The connection...[Read full complaint]

Reliance broadband speed is very slow

Vinay Bhimani on 06 March 2016

my reliance broadband speed is very slow i have 4mbps plan but speed is only 2mbps i am complaint to reliance in last 20 to 25 days my complaint id is 8999

[Read full complaint]

Airtel Broadband location change - not yet completed after 15 days

Tom George on 05 March 2016

Hi, We have been using Airtel Broad Band for the past 3 years for our business operation. Our company is dependent on internet connectivity as we are working on a cloud-based accounting software, ...[Read full complaint]

For Bsnl Boradband Connection

Rajendra Salunke on 05 March 2016

bsnl is wrost borst broadband when i give new connection copmany says 100mb par second speed in my location but thats not happen in my area. a speed of in my area is 5to10 kb/s in other area 20mb/...[Read full complaint]

Tikona Network Problem & not refunding my payment

Vishesh Rajdev on 04 March 2016

Sir, Mera naam vishesh rajdev hai.. Main indore se hu... mera customer id - 5994 hai......Problem ye hai ki maine 8/feb ko Tikona company ka internet connection lagvaya t...[Read full complaint]

They updated my payment wrongly and now they are not responding

Kavinkumar P on 03 March 2016

User ID - 9049 Name - Kavinkumar P First of all Please don't opt for Tikona Digital Networks itself especially Tikona-Coimbatore. Such a worst service providers. Issue : ...[Read full complaint]

Reliance Broad Band is down

Ashar on 01 March 2016

My reliance broadband is down since 19th Feb 2016 and everytime I getting a new complaint number as my previous complaint is closed without getting my feed back. I was trying to get and senior per...[Read full complaint]

BSNL not giving me broadband connection

Viveka Kumar Chourasiya on 01 March 2016

i have applied in 10 october 2015 and still connection is not done . officer was making an excuse of cable is not available and when he surveyed requirement of 200 meter cable was found. this was ...[Read full complaint]

BSNL broadband bill issue

Raj Kumar on 29 February 2016

there is a bill issue related to your broadband services that i have using , my account no :- 5485 , i got the connection in dec of 015, there w...[Read full complaint]

Deactivation of my account and get my refund from tikona

Atul Kumar on 29 February 2016

Sir, I gave him for connect the broadband service. And they connected it. But, After, 3-4 net processing is not working . And, After 15 days later net were closed. And I say that thing but they ca...[Read full complaint]

Issues with Disconnection

Abhishek Kumar on 29 February 2016

I have requested for a permanent disconnection and deactivation for my account (USER ID : 52). The customer care executives provided me with false information about disco...[Read full complaint]

Money not refundable by You broadband

Amit Mane on 29 February 2016

I request you broadband for new internet connection, they filled there form by me, took check by me and told me they will give me connection in 7 days, I filled the form on 25 th of January, when ...[Read full complaint]

Sms alert not recieved

Ravi Shanker Shukla on 28 February 2016

My mobile no. 4918 was registered for sms alert on account of salary account/saving bank account no 3350 maintain in cgo complex new delhi. earl...[Read full complaint]

Spidigo Internet Service issues

Dhruvan Patel on 28 February 2016

I am using Spidigo Internet , I have been facing speed issues since 1 month. I have been complaining , all I get is a phone call which asks me if the issue is resolved ? and whatever I answer YES ...[Read full complaint]

Tikona disconnection

Raji Joseph on 26 February 2016

ID no. 7281 I have already given several complaint cell against your poor service several time. After recharging 10th January, every day there was some problem with your ...[Read full complaint]

Tikona Cheating Customers !! Stay Away !

Dhiraj Arora on 26 February 2016

Tikona is the worst service provider. Stay Away !! User ID: 4121 I have been using their services for a while and they are not reliable and internet connection is not con...[Read full complaint]

No connectivity since almost a month

Prakash Mani Sharma on 26 February 2016

I have been complaining about my wimax connection for almost a month and every time I am given a new complaint number. When I complain again, I am informed that my problem has been solved, whereas...[Read full complaint]

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