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Broadband Connection complaints

Not Working Properly Plane and Not get after sale service

Machhi Ankush on 13 March 2016

Internet plane is not working properly and Not After sale service of the user. The get only Attaind the coustemer calls and get them to Procide there Request but the don't take imigate decision th...[Read full complaint]

Tikona is broadband service provider whose side business is fraud

Krishna Ghimire on 12 March 2016

This was my original Complaint : [Read full complaint]

Tikona Harassment! Threatening! Pathetic!

Navneet Singh on 11 March 2016

Hi There Tikona people are threatening me by sending the email mentioned below, I raise request to stop the connection but they didn't follow my instructions and keep continuing the services. I di...[Read full complaint]

Cheating by hathway broadband

Pavan on 10 March 2016

Hi, My name is pavan. In the month of November 015. I got a message from Hathway stayting that. If i make the payment for 3 month in advance payment i will get 1 month ex...[Read full complaint]

Cheated and Harassed by Tikona

Shantanu Ambulgekar on 10 March 2016

I took this Tikona connection in Kothrud, Pune. It seems that It was my worst day ever and that I realize after 8 months later. On 13-Jun-2015, I paid 2280 and took a connection of 4MBps speed. Si...[Read full complaint]

Tikona harassing subscribers

Richard Christopher on 06 March 2016

In the last quarter of 014, I subscribed for the Tikona internet services. Since February 015, the services were not operational. The connection...[Read full complaint]

Reliance broadband speed is very slow

Vinay Bhimani on 06 March 2016

my reliance broadband speed is very slow i have 4mbps plan but speed is only 2mbps i am complaint to reliance in last 20 to 25 days my complaint id is 8999

[Read full complaint]

Airtel Broadband location change - not yet completed after 15 days

Tom George on 05 March 2016

Hi, We have been using Airtel Broad Band for the past 3 years for our business operation. Our company is dependent on internet connectivity as we are working on a cloud-based accounting software, ...[Read full complaint]

For Bsnl Boradband Connection

Rajendra Salunke on 05 March 2016

bsnl is wrost borst broadband when i give new connection copmany says 100mb par second speed in my location but thats not happen in my area. a speed of in my area is 5to10 kb/s in other area 20mb/...[Read full complaint]

Tikona Network Problem & not refunding my payment

Vishesh Rajdev on 04 March 2016

Sir, Mera naam vishesh rajdev hai.. Main indore se hu... mera customer id - 5994 hai......Problem ye hai ki maine 8/feb ko Tikona company ka internet connection lagvaya t...[Read full complaint]

They updated my payment wrongly and now they are not responding

Kavinkumar P on 03 March 2016

User ID - 9049 Name - Kavinkumar P First of all Please don't opt for Tikona Digital Networks itself especially Tikona-Coimbatore. Such a worst service providers. Issue : ...[Read full complaint]

Reliance Broad Band is down

Ashar on 01 March 2016

My reliance broadband is down since 19th Feb 2016 and everytime I getting a new complaint number as my previous complaint is closed without getting my feed back. I was trying to get and senior per...[Read full complaint]

BSNL not giving me broadband connection

Viveka Kumar Chourasiya on 01 March 2016

i have applied in 10 october 2015 and still connection is not done . officer was making an excuse of cable is not available and when he surveyed requirement of 200 meter cable was found. this was ...[Read full complaint]

BSNL broadband bill issue

Raj Kumar on 29 February 2016

there is a bill issue related to your broadband services that i have using , my account no :- 5485 , i got the connection in dec of 015, there w...[Read full complaint]

Deactivation of my account and get my refund from tikona

Atul Kumar on 29 February 2016

Sir, I gave him for connect the broadband service. And they connected it. But, After, 3-4 net processing is not working . And, After 15 days later net were closed. And I say that thing but they ca...[Read full complaint]

Issues with Disconnection

Abhishek Kumar on 29 February 2016

I have requested for a permanent disconnection and deactivation for my account (USER ID : 52). The customer care executives provided me with false information about disco...[Read full complaint]

Money not refundable by You broadband

Amit Mane on 29 February 2016

I request you broadband for new internet connection, they filled there form by me, took check by me and told me they will give me connection in 7 days, I filled the form on 25 th of January, when ...[Read full complaint]

Sms alert not recieved

Ravi Shanker Shukla on 28 February 2016

My mobile no. 4918 was registered for sms alert on account of salary account/saving bank account no 3350 maintain in cgo complex new delhi. earl...[Read full complaint]

Spidigo Internet Service issues

Dhruvan Patel on 28 February 2016

I am using Spidigo Internet , I have been facing speed issues since 1 month. I have been complaining , all I get is a phone call which asks me if the issue is resolved ? and whatever I answer YES ...[Read full complaint]

Tikona disconnection

Raji Joseph on 26 February 2016

ID no. 7281 I have already given several complaint cell against your poor service several time. After recharging 10th January, every day there was some problem with your ...[Read full complaint]

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