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Mohan Raj on 08 October 2012
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Case filed in delhi court by tikona

Hello grahak seva/Everyone, I am also one of the victim or torture and I had taken tikona's broadband connection in 012. However the speed and service not to mention the tech support was pathetic, no response to emails and the tech supp was always busy so I decided to disconnect my service. I had told them to disconnect the service on phone and also gave an email complaint too. However they only accepted my disconnection comp after 2-3 weeks. In the meanwhile I paid all the existing bills and was surprised to see another new bill for 851, they had also taken an advance amount of 449+tax. I never got an explanation or a refund and I lost track. Now after 6 months they called me a lawyer said that there is a case registered against me in delhi court and I have to appeal against it. Number: 4032 he is threatening me to pay up all the balance or I will have to appear in the court in delhi. Can some one tell me how to handle these people, they are irresponsible, money minded senseless company. Name: mohan raj service ID: 6619 bill number: b1- 9588 my location: bangalore thanks raj

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Pratik Somaiya

8441834032 no is karnataka cdma no and fraud do not give any money to this no and all this type or call are fake.

Its a fraud. They are cheater. This no is karnataka cdma no. I have done police inqiry regarding that

Raj Umang Shah

Hey I am also fscing D same problem

plz sugest a solution

Raj Umang Shah

Hey I am also facing D same problem

plz sugest a solution

and say how to take a legal action against it



please provide the below mentioned information in order to assist you better:

user ID:-


registered contact number:-

email us: -- tdnservices@tikona.In


tikona services


Dear friends

I received a similar call. Telling me that a case has already been filed against me in the delhi court.

At first I was taken aback. I have paid all my dues and the devices have already been returned to the company. I no more live in the flat.

Its a fraud.

I spoke to the customer care at tikona and made her to admit that this is just a strategy used by the collection dept. To gouge money out of customers.

Check out their legal notice at http:/Www.Grahakseva.Com/Topic/Tikona

the last line of this page says that the company will have all of its litigation only in mumbai courts.


a tikona hater! seriously I have never hated anything more than this company and its services.


Sry this is the website