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Santhosh Kumar on 05 October 2012
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Award 500,000 gbp , shell oil claim centre of uk

I recived a mail, has I mentioned bleow.. shell oil claim centre of uk 46 bush road, off stamford line pe92yp, liverpool england, united kingdom. Tell- + 5463 e-mail: @live.Co.Uk this is to inform you that your email address has won you five hundred thousand great british pounds 0.00 gbp) in the 2012 uk shell oil email award which was organized by uk shell oil company , every (1) yr. In uk. Uk shell oil company collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to worldwide e-mail- data base, and few from other e-mail providers. Six people are selected every one year to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the selected winners. Payment of prize and claim you as well as the other winner are therefore to receive a cash prize of 500, 000, 00 gbp) each from the total payout. Your prize awards has been insured with your e-mail address and will be transferred to your local bank account upon meeting our requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report winners shall be paid in accordance with his/Her settlement center. Uk shell prize award must be claimed no later than 30th days, from date of draw notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited. Stated below are your identification numbers: ticket winning number (uk/0147x4/74), reference number 3-4, serial number. 1-07 these numbers fall within the united kingdom location file, you‘re requested to contact our approved payment officer (dr. Jerry martins) in united kingdom and send the above winning identification numbers and below application form to him for payment of your fund for more details copy this below link and past it on your browser bar http:/Shellpetroleumpt.Hpage.Com/ Dr. Jerry martins, (payment officer) shell oil company payment department of united kingdom, contact no tel: 5463 e-mail: @live.Co.Uk you‘re required to fill in the below application form for claims 1. Full names: 2. Full home address: 3. Sex: 4. Nationality: 5. Age: 6. Current city: 7.Occupation: 8. Mobile number; 9. Account name: 10. Account numbers: 11. Bank name: 12.Winning e-mail address 13.Winning amount: I wish as the beneficiary, to claim and instruct that the above mentioned fund be handed over to me at the earliest I hope my application will be favorably granted by your good office. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation. Yours faithfully, sign… after this I filled the form and replied him ..after tow days I recived anthor mail like this... dear mr. A.Santhosh kumar. We gladly communicate with you online with the claims of your donation £500,000.00 gbp (five hundred thousand great british pounds sterling only) it will be a great joy of mine and that of my colleagues working under the award remittance office of uk shell oil company.Chapter, to work with you in good co-operation and understanding as we process the release of your donation award prize which is our major concern and assignment. We wish to bring to your notices that your cheque donation of £500,000.00 gbp (five hundred thousand great british pounds sterling only) and other supporting documents has been prepared in favor of your name to facilitate the clearance of the cheque once it is deposited at your home bank by you this documents includes the following: 1. A cheque valued to the sum of £500,000.00 gbp. 2. A donation certificate from uk shell oil company. 3. Clear source of funds certificates (C.S.F.C.) 4. United nations clearance letter. 5. Letter of affidavits from the london high court of justice, stating that the donation was received legally from the universal donation program, and duely signed by the legal attorney to european union (eu) uk. Important notice: your parcel containing documents and cheque have been securely sealed and packaged for security reasons which make in impossible for anyone to view until it has been delivered to you the beneficiary, be informed that all uk taxes and shipment fees has been paid by (board of directors of uk shell oil company). Therefor you will be required to pay for custom clearance charges to the custom clearance department in your country india to enable the clearance department registered the winning document and issue the clearance receipt on your name. Arrival information our transfer processing agent named “diplomat. "Mike luis" will be arriving in india on the 012. With the legal documents that comprises your winning prize., The entire board of (uk shell oil company) wishes to congratulates you, as you receive your winning prize, alongside with the legal documents that comprises your winning prize. Stated below are your identification numbers: ticket winning number (uk/0147x4/74), reference number 3-4, serial number. 1-07 note: uk shell oil company will be seeding you and two members of your family for a witness an invitation letter from uk, for the end of year promotional party held here in united kingdom by the board of directors. Dear viewers on 012, 11:05am I got an cal form a guy named mike luis, he said me that he had arrived today morning in new delhi & said he had brought the check of amount 0.00 gbp from u.K, so he said me to deposit rs ,000 as the check clearance charge, so that he wil clear it & transfer ,000 gbp to my account,then I said him right now I dont have that much of amount kindly send me the check in courier, I wil pay the check clearance amount & I wil transfer it to my account.. suddenly he cut of the call. And on 05/10/2012 recived another like this. Online e-banking department temporal account unit no. 6, sansad marg, janpath new delhi-110001, india. Date: 05/10/2012 CDD: /311 ________________________________________ dear valuable customer, welcome to reserve bank of india e-mail services, you are currently in contact with the online international remittance department (e-banking/Online wire transfer section). We have received a deposited bank draft of £500,000.00 from one diplomat mike luis from united kingdom regarding your shell award end of year promo. All formalities set for the transfer is under progress. First of all before the transfer commences, we need to convert the amount from british pounds into indian rupees which will amount to 4crore, 33lakh, 78thousand, 867hundred inr. To carry out this operation, you are required to deposit a conversion fees of 78,900/-Inr. This is in accordance to the monetary law guiding the financial institutes in india. Please reverse to us immediately with the fees so we can proceed with the conversion before we can make the transfer into your provided account. Diplomat mike luis contact number 6727 contact him immediately. After this I was checking the websites, I got this link, I saw the customers complaints on the page so I posted a complaint.

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Dhaval Zaveri



Rishi Sarswat

I also got the same mail from UK SHELL OIL CLAIM CENTER.

I won prize money n all.....ignored it....

Vivek Sharma

I also got this message Today. Thanks to you people who make to take right decision. I would also like to say friends don't believe in these type of messages First make confirmation through searching about them & then take the right decision..... Jaago Grahak Jaago

Aman Arora

Hi friends to i have got call from "SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMEN​T COMPANY OF ENGLAND"

he is in New Delhi Now.............. Dont worry I am going to Meet him as he has provide me his No also he is now at British High Commission office.

Let me C what the Man he is all about


aman arora


Dhanbeer Panwar

hi friends i also have got this mail i read to your valuable comments. when he arrived in new delhi then he call me and send me two messages and gave me a state bank of India A/C no. that is 32935706801 and the a/c holder name is ram bhadur. but I took right decision and jusz ignore It.......

Anil Kumar

Hi friends to i have got call from "SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMEN​T COMPANY OF ENGLAND"

he is in New Delhi Now.............. Dont worry I am going to Meet him as he has provide me his No 9582490636 also he is now at British High Commission office.

Let me C what the Man he is all about


aman arora

do u now he was already dead and that was an fake passport

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