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Dp Arjunahi on 04 October 2012
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D2Hshop wrong supply of Fly mobile phone

An order for supply of fly mv262 mobile phone was given on 2012 to d2hshop and the booking person of d2hshop has booked another mobile phone fly pop s220 instead of fly mv262 vide booking no.500047393. D2hshop has send the wrong booked phone and the same has been received on 2012 vide invice #100032603 dated 012. I have given a online complaint to d2hshop on the same day and also done complaint by phone, my complaint ID.22043 dated 2012 but no response oranswer has been received from the d2hshop till today. D2hshop is required to be changed the wrong suppied mobile fly pop s220 with the correct mobile fly mv262 immediately. D.P. Arjunahi, mobile no.9958119912 & 2722


I purchage vox phone that are falty we are complain d2h C.Care ref no 9696 but no respones my complaint