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Dinesh Kumar Shukla on 20 September 2012
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Illegal sale of lpg domestic gas cylinder

Sir, the above named shopkeeper is involved in illegal sale of domestic lpg gas cylinder @rs 00/- Of all company I.E. Indane, bp etc for the last so many years. The surrounding locality of the shop is very well known of the fact, however no resistance for the illegal sale of the lpg gas cylinder being taken by the locality due to high influence and dadagiri. As a citizen this sort of illegal sale is not proper and neither it should be encouraged by the society and hence, I have taken the pain to intimate the same to the authority for curbing and making the supply of lpg domestic cylinder in a transparent manner and in order. The matter can be well enquired and necessary direction and step as deemed fit by you may please be taken to make the society clean. It is requested that the enquiry be taken in disguise so as to get the full picture of the illegal sale of cyclinder. Anytime the domestic gas is available with the shopkeeper with extra money for your information if the time of request is off then the rate becomes more no cognizance has been taken by the indance/Bp authority to curb such illegal sale. With regards dk shukla