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Syed Matloob.mohiuddin on 10 September 2012
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Nokia promo winning mail received

When I have received mail from nokia company (ie., @live.Com through no.+919716426900) (agar heart patient hota to spot death hoti. Aur nokia company mey milti (mental admi yehi word use karega ok next complaint to police ------?

Syed Matloob.

Please dont sent this type of messages to my number in future. If I received I will take legal action against the company.

Nokia India


this is scam. Please ignore it.

For further detail please visit this link : http:/Conversations.Nokia.Com/2012/03/08/The-nokia-lottery-isnt-real-dont-fall-for-it/


nokia india team

locating a nokia care centre (ncc) is very easy !

sms “ncc” & send it to 55555 within few seconds you will receive the list of nccs in that city.