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Saumya Saxena on 23 May 2011
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Cheated by IBSN (india based us tax service consultant)

Hi, I filed my 2010 us tax returns with ibsn. They charged me $200 for this service which was duly paid online( control number :ibnibn000089660). They also made me sign "form 879" and post that confirmed by file has been submited to irs. During this period, the took my bank information to transfer the refund directly in my bank account. (Bank of america.). Now on, may 06 011, I recieved an email from one of their customer rep "misty sass-leach" stating my state refund check has been recieved and I need to pay $15 to recieve this in india. As per my understanding, I should have gotten the refund directly in my account. This has been the case for last 2 yearr. From that day, I have been continously trying to reach out to ibsn office to get this clarification. All their indian numbers provided on site are switched off and us numbers are not reachable!! I am having a horrifying experience to get my own money!! can anybody tell me what can be done in my case and what legal action can I take against ibsn for such neglect? thanks, saumya - @gmail.Com

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I am also cheated by ibsn. They charged me $310 for filing 2012 taxes which they never filed to irs. I queried irs several times and they never got my file. I called up all ibsn numbers million times and wrote several messages and escalation emails but completely frustrated with no response. They never returned my money and not returned my calls and emails. I had to paper file my taxes later paying $150 via another company. I cannot believe such a fraudulent company could exist loot people!


Sorry..I wanted to mean I filed through ibsn for 2010 taxes..

Abhishek Awana

I also faced same issue I'M still waiting to get refund from ibsn for tax filling fee that they charged me but I asked them not to file my 2010 tax return because ibsn estimated wrong numbers in tax return initial report and it didn't make sense to get tax filed through ibsn when I could get the same amount for returns myself.

Is there a way that we can escalate our issues to a higher level which can pressurize ibsn to take steps to look into our cases?


Abhishek I escalated the issue to the ceo and other email ids given on internet from ibsn but with no success.

No one from this fraud company care to respond. This company should be immediately shutdown by irs. If I would have stayed back in usa I would have filed a complain against them to irs. As an option if your return is for last year then you can call up your credit card phone number and lofge a dispute. This must be done within 6 months of the payment made.


I used ibsn to file my tax for the last 4 yrs. When I recieved an irs notice to contest my tax returns for 2 yrs ibsn asked for several docs to represent me and I send same to them. However till date I havent heard from them. Every time I try to call them they dont answer.Sometimes they keep telling me not to worry and someone will call back but no one does.

Its very frustating and dispite my getting 2 extensions from ibsn they dont reply nor does they let me contact their seniors. I am still trying


Ibsn took $300+ in 2010 to file my 2009 us tax returns but did not file my taxes. They are not responding to my email & their numbers are not working.