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Tanneru Madhu on 18 August 2012
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I'am not able to check my balance of mts mblaze

My mblaze 664) of andhra pradesh circle. Since many days am unable check my balance through the software provided by mts mblaze. When I called up to the customer care, they are saying me the procedure that "goto tool>>check my balance in hybrid mode", although am able to check my balance in the early days I.E., When I bought mblaze, but from several days, am unable to get the balance by the above told method. When I complained to customer care, they told me to uninstall and re-install that mblaze software, so that the problem will be resolved. But that really of no use, as I tried it for many times. I will be happy if some one resolve my problem.

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Dear customer care refer my comment posted on 09th jan. Your response is awaited. Kindly let me know how to check my mts balance.


I'M unable to check my mblaze balance either online or using a phone...online they display the error msg n on the phone everytime I'M told that I've entered the incorrect response...it is sooooo frustratin!!!!!!!

my number is 9135958851...bihar-jharkhand circle...


Solution : guys as we are using standard mblaze so they didn't give us the message and call facility in the default software. I suggest you to try another app so that you can see & delete ur messages.


>>> http:/Www.Mediafire.Com/?R526z47x4cab0t1

after installing set up these first >>>

settings for mblaze

phone: #777

user: internet@internet.Mtsindia.In

password: mts

chap: unticked

pap: unticked

use dns: unticked

dns: leave blank

alternate dns: leave blank

use static ip: unticked leave blank

mode: hybrid

connect when startup: unticked

auto re-connect: ticked

to know your accunt balance:

sms < bal > to 51230 without "< >".

To know your mobile number:

sms < num > to 51230 without "< >".


And yes uninstall the mblaze software first before installing the above software.

Hellohi ByeBye

Just go to the below link and download the patch....its from MTS India`s website itself..... Enjoy and thank me.....


Mamta Goyal

how to check my Mts data card balance