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Khaza Mahaboob on 04 August 2012
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Unlawful encroachment of gvmc road now 40 feet become 20 feet

Respected commissioner sir, I would like to bring to your kind notice regarding the unauthorized constructing a temple on main road "in the evil design cover of god " by two individuals namely mr.Krishna rao & mr.B.Appa rao on the main road premasamajam approach road . This two miscreants are involved and constructing temple without any document, permission or any authority by govt. Or gvmc mechanism and on the other hand the are proclaiming that they got permission for gvmc visakhapatnam . How ever I have got a landed bilding of dno- 30-6-43 , premasamajam road, dabagarden . Allipuram ward . Ward no-20, adjacent to the temple which is constructed on my western side boundary wall and they are covered almost my western side building by way of constructing temple if so I would lost ingress and aggress rights of my western side of my property , the road has almost covered by temple which is causing huge difficulty for traffic where particularly the area is covered and occupied by educational institution and because of the unauthorized temple the road curve towards schools has colsed for vicinity and so road accidents are prone and endangering to school childrens as well as traffic has become helter skelter at that temple curve. I pray your good authorities may probe the matter and may took appropriate steps against culprits whom where under the shade and glove with cover of "god"