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Bhushan on 25 July 2012
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Citrus check inns good 0r fraud

Hai guys can you please tell me is citrus check inns iso certified does it come under gov of india? is it valid to invest in this company?

Rahul Kumar.

Can I pay online payments of my holiday plans ?

if yes please give me details. Because I tired with stopping cube & far away office.

Suraj Patil

Hi one person is telling me to take a citrus check inn plan according to that I hv to pay 1000/- Rs. Per month multiply by 48 year = 48000/- And I will get 80 000/- After completion of 4 yr.. is that fraud? I want to know what it is?

Pravin Kale

Hi suraj

Citrus check inns is very good option to invest

if u pay 1000/ month for 4:years u pay 48000 and in return u get 78000 on 6th year and also accidental benefit of 80000(not payable at maturity

Aniprakash Tr

Pure frauds...

Sachin Shinde

i want to quit after continue for 2.5 years but getting answer as 30% capital will be deducted.