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Satish Kumar Garg on 18 July 2012
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Receipt clerk complaint of pvvnl, sect-62, noida

17th july, 2012 the general manager, p.V.V.N.L, b-34, sector-04, noida. Sub: complaint against mr. Mahender singh, receipt clerk of sector-62, noida for not accepting the payment for the electricity bill (copy of the bill enclosed). __________ Sir, I am a resident of prangan society, flat no:508, plot no:b-9/10, sector-62, noida. I received the said electricity bill on 16th july, 2012 with a due date on 20th july, 012. Accordingly, I made a cheque of the desired amount and went to deposit the same at your office at sector-62, noida on 17th july,2012 at 0.00 a.M. I presented the cheque along with the bill to the receipt clerk mr mahender singh. Mr. Mahender singh informed me that he is not able to accept the payment because the system shows that there was bounce cheque during the past one year and due to this he is unable to make the entry. He advised that I may have to deposit a D.D. At your p.V.V.N.L. Head office. On asking this I enquired from him the head office location. Mr. Mahender singh said he is not aware of this and it may be some where in sector-25, noida. On asking that for which month the cheque payment has been bounced mr. Mahender singh said that he does not know. As a loyal electricity consumer and timely payer of the bills of the electricity, I was worried and I went for searching p.V.V.N.L. Office in sector-25. However, with great difficulty one p.V.V.N.L. Office was located at sector-21, noida. On enquiring there regarding the bill payment problem, the sector-21, p.V.V.N.L. Office informed that now the p.V.V.N.L. Office is shifted to sector-4, noida. Accordingly, we arrived at sector-4, office of yours and met you. After listening and checking our bill you had kindly helped and informed that there is no such problem in accepting the bill payment. You immediately accepted the cheque for payment and promptly gave the receipt on the bill itself. I am staying in my flat at noida, sector-62 since 2003 and I have never defaulted even delayed any payment to the bills of p.V.V.N.L. I humbly introduce myself that I am working with indian oil corporation limited in the capacity of executive director. My office is located at scope complex, lodhi road, new delhi. I feel pained to inform you that due to the irresponsible behavior of mr. Mahender singh, receipt clerk of p.V.V.N.L., Sector-62, noida office, I was delayed to my office by 3 hours. May I request your goodself to look into the matter and take necessary action to improve the behavior of receipt clerks in order to avoid such harassment to the electricity consumers of your premium organization. Thanking you, yours faithfully, (satish kumar garg) encl: as above.



pvvnl should be thankful to sh. Satish kumar garg that he brought the regretable incident to the notice of the pvvnl authorities. They must realise the height of inconvenience caused to mr. Garg.Perhaps one person outof 1000 bring such incidents to the notice of higher ups.If some body else of lower stature would have been in his place he had to take full day leave from the office because non of his fault.

There is a great need to inculcate the feeling in the staff that consumers should always be welcomed by the organisation staff. If there would be no consumers there wil be no need of the staff. They should also feel that if the employee is not in a posion to give profit to the organisation organisation wil not be in a position to cotinue with his seat.Staff having customer friendly attitude should be deployed on the front desks.

Time to time top officials of pvvnl should also visit the counters as an ordinary citizen and experience the

behaviour of the front desk staff through 'surprise checks'


Pvvnl should act as a responsible organization and should act immediately against such mis-management and harassment of people who are making timely payment.

Ajit Singh

I stay in sector 62 noida and also faced same situation 6 months back but I did not have much time to take any action against this as I was not aware about the right person to escalate this issue. So I started paying bill throgh dds. Pvvnl representative informed me that one of my check got bounce so they can not accept bill payment through check. Although I maintained more than sufficient balance in my account aslo I check with bank about any entry related to check bounce but there was no such incident happened..this is really discusting & dissapointing that pvvnl appoint such people in their staff who tell lie and create unnecesary problems for us.